Phasmophobia – How to get good at Basketball

Phasmophobia – How to get good at Basketball 1 -
Phasmophobia – How to get good at Basketball 1 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – How to get good at Basketball

This guide will help you on how to get good at Basketball in no time!


Getting gud

I’ll lead to your success from here with five easy steps:

Step 1:

Center your screen with the hoop, just like this:
img 5fa6cbcb177d8 wpgameplay com

Step 2:

Carefully pressing W to get near the ball:
img 5fa6cbddb031a wpgameplay com

Step 3:

Carefully press E to grab the ball:
img 5fa6cbeeb66f9 wpgameplay com

Step 4:

Carefully press S to go back to your original position. You must be in the exact spot. Otherwise, it will not work! and then look slightly up to the sky:
img 5fa6cbff45fde wpgameplay com

Step 5:

Now press G to throw the ball and hopefully get the point:
img 5fa6cc11c4b82 wpgameplay com

img 5fa6cc238e025 wpgameplay com

Being a God at basketball

Just place yourself below the hoop, and start pressing G and E with one second between each press
I hope this 4K – 60fps video helps you:

This is difficult to master, so be patient. You will be a millionaire soon enough.


Now that you mastered every single move, don’t be afraid to show your knowledge with those ghosts.
Show them who is the real deal and that you are not afraid of them hunting you!

Be brave and stay safe!

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