Phasmophobia – Survival and detective Tips

Phasmophobia – Survival and detective Tips 2 -
Phasmophobia – Survival and detective Tips 2 -

Guide for Phasmophobia – Survival and detective Tips

Remember: This game is an Investigation detective type game, where you should try to figure things out and discover stuff on your own. However, if you played enough and want to know more or getting really stuck at specific things like how to hide properly or what to do when you only get 0-1 piece of evidence repeatedly, I may be able to help you.

A small guide about surviving and little things to think about when trying to ID the ghost/demon

(2/10/20) Release guide
(28/10/20) Updated guide section “Being Hunted” with smaller detailed info and “Story Time” with a mine video clip.


Lack of Evidence.

WARNING: Potential SPOILERS AHEAD, This game is designed for you to investigate and solve a mystery by trial and error, seeing what works and doesn’t figure things out. Game devs say you should try to find things out and discover yourself, but if you really want to, then look up stuff.


There will be a time you will probably get 1 or 2 pieces of evidence and take a good guess OR get nothing but have some activity happening, but you have no idea what it is… Well, that book has more info than “evidence.”

Take note of what is happening around you and the team, talk to one another, asking what it is doing. Some spirits will be increasingly aggressive without being provoked, and this can be, throwing stuff, opening doors, turning lights on and off, showing itself repeatedly, and scaring you. I call undocumented evidence because if you go to the list for evidence (written evidence), it will have specific selections. EMF Level 5, Ghostwriting, Orbs, Spirit Box, Freezing Temp.

If you have a single bit of evidence, USE that to help narrow down the suspects.

My team:
We were in school. We only had freezing temps and nothing else. The board told us, “it responds to anyone alone.” So we all left the room. We found the freezing temp for 20 minutes and got nothing; I and one other walked in and moved the spirit book, and one other than the door opened with it standing there!

We decided to get the ghost box while one member stays to try to get a response. We had lights flickering in the hallway, doors opening and closing as we made our way to the entrance, and finally, “Whisper” from a random room. We got the spirit box, and nothing, our motion detectors kept going off in the freezing temp once I arrived with the spirit box, nothing came through. Activity increased, but no hunt happened, lights flickered phone rings. That was it. We walked back to the van to see if we had anything left to use, and soon as we walked away, we heard it make sounds behind us twice in two hallways. One of the members got salt, went back, and left patches… Shortly after it showed itself again, there was a footstep in the salt. We decided it’s a banshee as it “stalks its prey.” and one Piece of written evidence is freezing temps. We returned to base and got it right.

The only way we could figure this out was by going through three lists.

  • What written Evidence do we currently have:
  • What Did it do and what matches it in terms of behavior
  • What is it not doing that others do in terms of behavior?

It helps list down to two choices sometimes.

Being Hunted.

You are being hunted, but what should you do, how do you “hide” and survive, what causes it to find you or see you?

I advise you to try to hide and try different methods and ideas yourself, but if you’re at a loss or don’t care about “spoils” regarding hiding, then here it is.

During hunts, it is important to reduce the chance of being spotted and heard.

Does it make a sound?
Yes: Turn it off.
No: Keep it on.

Does light up bright?
Yes: Turn it off.
No: Keep it on.

It can be heard when used to lure it to YOUR or a teammate’s position.
Talking or whispering will lure it to you.

Do you know the room the ghost is active in?
YES: Avoid it. (including hallways hiding spots)
No: Try and guess where it may come from and hide somewhere away from it.

Are you in a room with no place to hide, like a closet or locker?
YES: Find a corner of a room and hide. Try to find a place where you’re out of sight from where it may be walking.
No: Go in the locker or closet and close the door.

My Team:
In the Asylum, the team and I walk to the van to finish up, we know what it is, and it keeps hunting us repeatedly.
We were caught out in the hallway, dived into nearby rooms, closed the door, turned off all equipment, and stayed silent listening out for sounds of it, which was always near and took note of its direction and tried to keep away while moving to the truck.
We got caught in a big room, we all went to the corner of the room and heard it in the same room walking around.
We finally got to the exit, and it closed the door on one of us. That team member quickly moved into a room and closed the door. It was walking around near the door of the room he was in.

If we spoke at any time or had our equipment on, it would have gotten closer each time and possibly found one of us. If we used the radio when our one team member was hiding, it would have gotten him.

Are you in a hallway?
Yes: Run into a room and close the door, keep away from the door and hide using the question above.
No: Good, use question above.

Are you in a HUGE room like a school basketball court?
YES: Try to find a corner of the room or stay still away from any doors
No: Phew, use the questions above.

Are you in a tiny room with no place to hide like a bathroom?
Yes: Close the door and hope for the best OR try to exit and go into another bigger room.
No: Phew, Use the questions above.

Spoilers (Storytime)

This is based on in-game events. Please be warned; I will detail explain some things that WILL SPOIL the game in some way. If you DO NOT want ANY SPOILS, please stop reading now.

I and some friends decided to take a job by this homeowner who has been getting some ghostly activity.

We enter, going room to room. Someone calls over the radio, “I getting freezing temps here.”
I run over to the voice in the bedroom, and instantly level 3 EMF sounds strong at the door and stops in the room where it’s freezing. We all can see our breaths!
I placed one camera inside the room, and one outside the room pointed to the location we had an EMF level 3.

Returning to the van, grabbing the book and salt while a team member using the ghost box, “Adult.”
Is heard as I return with a book and salt. I decided to place one salt patch in the hallway, one in the room and outside the room by the door. “Leave” over the ghost box, the lights flicker, but nothing happens.

“So far, we only have Freezing Temps and voice on the radio thing. What could it be?” one member said
“Nothing friendly, evidence points to all dangerous ones,” another member replies.

I walk down the hallway. The lights start to flicker, someone else follows behind, leaving a member inside the house as the other is in the van watching the screen “No orbs, activity level spiking to 6.”

Lights flicker, and I’m standing at the doorway with a team member behind me
“I have a camera to take its picture.” they tell me
the member in the van calls on the radio, “leave the bedroom for now, and let’s talk about what to do.”
As this happens, I call out its name and shortly, “HUNT ME!”
It shows itself, and I fall back. As this happens, the front door SLAMS SHUT!

“OOOOOOOH, That freaking scared the hell out of me!” I screamed
“She really took your challenge!”
“I had no idea that I was really going to work!”
The door opens, and we have disturbed salt.
A team member enters, and the door shuts. “COME ON! IM NOT SCA..A.A…”

The door opens, our teammate’s body is there. I taunt it more as I stand back on the door. It slams the door shut, pushing me outside but not in a hunt. To scare us, I reopen the door, and we start throwing things in. It shows itself again, and we both step back outside door slams shut.

We look at the camera, and pictures are flying off walls, the tv is flashing on and off, the lights going nuts, we went back to base.

What was it….. I don’t remember apart from when I challenged it. Within a SECOND, it took my challenge, and it scared me where I ended up shaking for a while.

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