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Portal – Cheating with Commands 1 - gameplaylists.com
Portal – Cheating with Commands 1 - gameplaylists.com

So I discovered that you could create, delete, modify, and modify objects without ever having to use the console. You can even get achievements with the console not detecting cheats!
Commands like "ent_create portal_weight_box" and "sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1" can be executed through binding them to a key.
Almost every command without sv_cheats will run this way.
To use the binding command (if you don’t already know how):
bind “key” “command”
bind “c” “ch_createairboat”
Some things, including spawning Energy Pellets, noclip, or godmode, require that sv_cheats is 1. These are not required to attain achievements.
This makes it a lot easier to beat the challenges maps.
We hope this helps!


Written by derpbox

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