Rathe: The Beginning – Spells and Abilities

Rathe: The Beginning – Spells and Abilities 1 - wpgameplay.com
Rathe: The Beginning – Spells and Abilities 1 - wpgameplay.com

Guide for Rathe: The Beginning – Spells and Abilities

This will be showing the available spells and abilities within the game. This is a work in progress.


Thief abilities in Rathe: The Beginning

NameCost mpTargetElementDescriptionSpecial Effects
dark star4one enemyDarkDark damage w/Decay chance33% decay chance
Sneak Attack8one enemynoneSneaky first strike w/Confuse chance50% Confuse chance
Shadow Jump1one enemyPsionicNo damage w/Instant death chance90% chance instant death
Jackpot20one enemyNoneSteal item w/Big damage
Snatch15one enemyNoneSteal gold
Assa*sinate18one enemyNoneBig damage w/Death chance65% Death chance
Battle Triage12CasterNoneHeal and Regen HPRegen 3 rounds
Mug20one enemyNoneSteal a lot of gold
Cheap Shot8one enemyNoneDamage w/MuteMute 3 rounds
Ninja Skills0Pa*siveNoneMaster small blade weaponsIncrease Dodge and Atk count
Smoke Escape0CasterNoneInstant run from battleCan’t run from bosses
Frost Knife3one enemyIceIce damage w/Frozen chance35% frozen chance 3 rounds
Stealth6CasterPsionicIncrease Dodge chanceDodge up 5 rounds
Lightning Knife3one enemyBoltBolt Damage w/Paralyze chance33% paralyze 4 rounds
Stone Dart3one enemyEarthEarth Damage w/Stone chance33% stone
Windy Dart3one enemyWindWind damage w/Sleep chance33% sleep 4 rounds
Flame Knife3one enemyFireFire damage w/Burn chance40% Burn 6 rounds
Power Throw0pa*siveNoneMaster thrown weaponsIncrease damage and ATK count
Plasma Star3one enemyPlasmaPlasma damage w/Mute chance33% Mute
Water Dart3one enemyWaterWater damage w/poison chance33% poison 6 rounds
Light Disc2one enemyLightLight damage w/Confuse chance33% Confuse 2 rounds


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