Red Dead Online – All Moonshine Recipes

Red Dead Online – All Moonshine Recipes 1 -
Red Dead Online – All Moonshine Recipes 1 -

Guide for Red Dead Online – All Moonshine Recipes

All Moonshine Recipes (and How to Craft ’em)


Important Collectibles

Collectibles that is always good to have in abundance to craft level 3 shine

Absinthe – Caribbean Rum – Agarita – Creek Plum


All recipes require just one of each ingredient to make

Agarita Sunrise Moonshine ★★★ Canned Strawberries – Evergreen Huckleberry – Agarita
[Story completion required to unlock]

Poison Poppy’s Moonshine ★★★ Prairie Poppy – Absinthe – Oleander Sage
[Free-roam random encounter with 2 moonshiners guarding the recipe required to unlock]

Spiced Island Moonshine ★★★ Canned Apricots – Golden Currant – Caribbean Rum
[Level 12 role rank reward required to unlock]

Wild Creek Moonshine ★★★ Wild Mint – Vanilla Flower – Creek Plum
[Level 6 role rank reward required to unlock]

Berry Cobbler Moonshine ★★ Canned Peaches – Raspberry – Peach
[Level 2 role rank reward required to unlock] (My go-to moonshine, since you can buy Peach and Canned Peaches from the catalog, and Raspberry is the only bush growing berry in New Hanover)

Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine ★★ Apple – Blackberry – Vanilla Flower

Evergreen Moonshine ★★ Evergreen Huckleberry – Wintergreen Berry – Ginseng

Berry Mint Moonshine ★ Canned Strawberries – Blackberry – Wild Mint

Tropical Punch Moonshine ★ Canned Pineapples – Pear – Vanilla Flower

Wild Cider Moonshine ★ Apple – Ginseng – Currant
(easiest to make since you can buy all from Nazar/Catalogue)

Additional information

For large deliveries only: ★ = $206.25 | ★★ = $226.87 | ★★★ = 247.50

You can buy all flowers from Madam Nazar except Vanilla Flower. It can be found in the wild or looted.

Madam Nazar doesn’t sell berries at all. Those can be looted from moonshiners or picked in the wild.

★★★ recipes require at least 1 collectible item to be used in crafting

You can use the catalog to stock up on other items like tin cans or apples and pears.

Please, have fun and enjoy and be well!

Written by ZER0_K%

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Red Dead Online – All Moonshine Recipes. If there is anything you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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