Red Dead Online – Condor’s Egg or How to Easily Win $1000 a Day

Red Dead Online – Condor’s Egg or How to Easily Win $1000 a Day 6 -
Red Dead Online – Condor’s Egg or How to Easily Win $1000 a Day 6 -

Guide for Red Dead Online – Condor’s Egg or How to Easily Win $1000 a Day

Everything you need to know about Condor’s Egg: if you want to win Condor’s Egg event consistently and get 1000$ in a few minutes every day, this guide is for you. The best, easiest, and most optimal way to win the Condor’s Egg



So since the event is only once a day now (as opposed to being 3 times a day before naturalist update) and I cannot be bothered to play it anymore, I got bored and decided to spill the beans on how to win this event 99% of the time. I will share my personal knowledge about this event that I gathered over months of playing it. From a $100K that is shown in my character statistics, I would say that 80% came from this event, and I wasn’t even trying hard and was mainly enjoying this “race” event. Never really have I ground for money in this game.

I am sure this guide will make the event unwinnable for experienced Condor’s Egg runners or the majority of players if everyone possesses this secret knowledge.

I may also delete this guide in the future if they restore the number of times Condor’s Egg is being played, or I really want my easy money back. So be sure to learn from it now.

This guide may sound like it’s a lot, but it is really not that much information and things you have to do to succeed. You should get used to the things I write about fairly quickly and do it automatically when you play Condor’s Egg.

A little proof of that concept works

Red Dead Online - Condor's Egg or How to Easily Win 00 a Day

Requirements (for this guide to work for you)

– Collector role costs 15 gold bars and rank 4 in it to unlock events
– Rank 93
– $1050 to buy a bow (rank 10 weapon) for $124 and $895 for dynamite arrow pamphlet from a fence (also requires rank 93), then you need to craft 8 of them that requires 8 arrows 8 dynamite and 8 flight feathers
– A fast horse, like Arabian or Norfolk, for example
– 10 vulture eggs collected (so that you do not see them during the event)

Red Dead Online - Condor's Egg or How to Easily Win 00 a Day

– Bounty Hunter Sprint Eagle Eye ability is a plus, 15 gold for the role and level 7 in it to unlock
– If you have dynamite arrows, bring some regular dynamite too, just in case
– Explosive pistol/revolver bullets can be a back up if you run out of dynamite arrows/dynamite

Routes (in the most efficient order)

There are 3 maps that the event is played on. In this section, I will cover all Egg spawn points and tell you which route is the best route to win to pa*s spawn points that are close together 1st and only then go off to the farthest spawns.

I marked Egg spawn points with in-game marks and red crosses (because there are more eggs than the game allows you to mark points of interest). I suggest you remove all your PoI and mark all eggs that start with 1-4 so you can easily find them. Or place 1 marker in the vicinity of 2 eggs. I remember the spawn points by heart now.

New Austin
Red Dead Online - Condor's Egg or How to Easily Win 00 a Day

Tall Trees
Red Dead Online - Condor's Egg or How to Easily Win 00 a Day

Red Dead Online - Condor's Egg or How to Easily Win 00 a Day

So, it is straightforward. Just ride to 1 first, then to 2 and 3. Most times, the event will be over before you can get to 5 and 6. Either because someone not knowingly went to those farthest spawn points and got the Egg, or You or your competitor got the Egg from one of the first spawn points.

You do not want to go to 5 and 6 before you go to the ones I named 1, 2. 3.. etc., because 5 and 6 are spread too far between each other and the other spawn points. The 1st spawn points are grouped nicely and closely together, so it maximizes your win chances. If the egg is not at 1, then it will be at 2; if not 2, then 3. Very rarely, it will be somewhere else. And then you may still try to ride to 5 and 6 if you saw no egg on the very 1st spawn points, but it rarely happens that you win at this point.

Strategy: start of the event

This and the next sections cover how you will employ the tools given to you to win. use this to find when Condor’s Egg begins in your region.

I do not call this event a “race” for nothing. It is indeed, a race. With the routes outlined, there is a clear track you follow.

Firstly, when the event starts, I suggest you trot around with your horse, try to be to a side from other players, so you do not crash in them. They may go through dynamite to annoy people or to gain extra time. That is why you need to be on the move and far from the group to react and move your horse out of the way.

There is a 10-second timer before everyone rides off. I like to wait until it is 7 seconds and start moving by horse to the border of start, and by the time I reach it, the time is 5 seconds, and I can start riding off to my 1st egg spawn. 5 seconds is the exact amount of time the game kills you for being out of borders, and so you end up not being killed and have these 5 extra seconds against other players.
In New Austin, I sometimes miscalculated and had 1 extra second (I went out with 6 instead of 5) and sometimes got teleported by the game on death/respawn closer to the egg spawns than other players.

I suggest you do not attract unwanted attention from people when you are at the event’s start. Do not throw explosives and shout at them. Less likely they will do the same to you and stop you from gaining time.

Make sure your bow is set to dynamite, your revolver to explosive bullets, and thrown weapons have dynamite selected. Then holster all weapons, especially dynamite arrow, as it can be easily seen by players and cause aggression, especially during the race. If you like riding with a weapon out, get your revolver/pistol out.

Strategy: race, finding the egg

So once you’ve successfully gained 5 seconds on other players by false starting the race, as I mentioned above, you need to race to the 1st destination; remember to keep weapons holstered.
You can train to race on these routes in free roam. Some paths require you to go off-road, and if you are not careful, you can tumble with your horse, but they are absolutely the key to being the 1st to get the egg, so you need to learn to navigate them.

Be constantly using your sprint/gallop eagle eye. If you see there is no egg glowing, pass by to the next destination without stopping. It is a race; you are constantly on the move—no time to waste. Make sure you have 10 vultures eggs, so you do not mistake them for Condor’s Egg. Never sell vulture eggs. But you won’t need to if you win Condor all the time.

Condor’s Egg is usually located on a cliff, some sort of an edge, top, or a hill. You can also see a Condor flying above it sometimes. You don’t need to use binoculars because you can see collectibles just as far with an eagle eye.

Unholster your dynamite arrow bow only when you are about to get off the horse to attract less aggro and make people think you are no threat.

Okay, you are finally approaching the Egg. If nobody is around you, get the egg. If there are people very close to you. DONT!

They will shoot you off the cliff with dynamite arrows and pick the egg themselves, you won’t die, but you will not have enough time to get back up. Stay away from cliffs.

What you need to do is stall here. Let them be the ones who come to loot the egg and shoot them off with dynamite arrows. You can also try regular dynamite, but it takes longer to blow and is less accurate. It doesn’t explode on impact, and that means you can’t trigger it off walls.

Shoot the dynamite arrow to the side of a person, so they fall in the direction off the cliff’s edge. If you’ve kicked off everyone, it is time to get the egg.

You can also try using explosive bullets, but those are least effective, and you need to shoot the person in between the legs to tumble them; it works on horses too. You can push them with your body after for a minimal window. But I suggest trying to pick up the egg while they are getting up. Again, this is more of a desperate method if you started the event unprepared.

Sometimes, people see someone on edge trying to pick up the egg, they arrive a bit late, push them off with their horses, and then get off pick up the egg. So horses can also be used to tumble people. Also, since the latest update, you can lasso people everywhere. I do not know whether it is intended or not, but it may also work here.

All in all, with the knowledge I shared with you all, you can even win the event without the extra tools like dynamite arrow just by being quick and knowing where to go. Still, if you go into this event without a dynamite arrow, you are going there defenseless.

If this guide becomes viral, it will be hard to win by sheer knowledge of where to go, and you will be required to carry a dynamite arrow to have a fighting chance.

I always play this event with it because otherwise, I feel nak*d, and it is hurtful when you lose because you were shot off.

Oh, and one more thing. If you get an invite right on time and the event is over in like 1 minute, you can try to exit into free roam as fast as possible by navigating in the ESC menu. And be invited to try to win the Condor’s Egg again, as the events’ invites are active for like 3-5 minutes after the invites’ 1st wave.

By ZER0_K%

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