Red Dead Online – Fast Trader Leveling

Red Dead Online – Fast Trader Leveling 2 -
Red Dead Online – Fast Trader Leveling 2 -

Guide for Red Dead Online – Fast Trader Leveling

The guide explains how to lvl up Trader Role quickly and easily.


Scarlet Meadows

Position Camp in Scarlet Meadows
Keep re-spawning camp until it is located to the left of letters Rhodes on the map on a small peninsula for better and faster results (otherwise, it can go to other places besides Rhodes station)
Get 1 good made
Deliver one good, will always deliver to Rhodes station, it is very close
Make sure you have dynamite
Once missions start, blow up the cart
Pick up goods and put ’em on your fast steed
1-minute ride to the station
Mission complete 250 trader XP
Ride back, kill an animal on the way for resources (if you consistently shoot an animal on the way back, you will get at least 1 product when you finally return, making the cycle constant without having to wait a lot and without losing additional products for small fees)
Rinse repeat

You can also use explosive rounds to destroy the cart, shoot it around the wheel, and the products will fall out; there is a small chance they will be stuck under it with 0 ability to pick up. Then you can try to destroy the other wheel. There is still a chance it won’t work, but it works if you have no dynamite, especially because rockstar offers a lot of explosive rounds as gifts lately.

Red Dead Online - Fast Trader Leveling

for the full map – – select player camps and choose Scarlet Meadows

Please, have fun and enjoy and be well!

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