Red Dead Online – How to Destroy Player Vehicles Efficiently

Red Dead Online – How to Destroy Player Vehicles Efficiently 3 -
Red Dead Online – How to Destroy Player Vehicles Efficiently 3 -

Guide for Red Dead Online – How to Destroy Player Vehicles Efficiently

This guide aims to help players defend themselves against attackers by disabling their transportation means (player vehicle) in Red Dead Online.


Please, be mindful

Use in self-defense, against people who attack you.

Important: the costs of protecting yourself

Important, Killing a player horse or any vehicle (except Npc Mission wagons and Moonshine wagons) even in self-defense will result in a 4.00 Dollar fee. Hence, if you want to use this tactic actively, you have to spend your cash before going in free roam. I usually stock up on ammo, dynamite and try to buy items that I want, like clothes or upgrades, if I have a lot of money to bring it down and not waste it. Because if you kill many horses, it is a considerable sum. 10 horses will cost you 40 dollars, and if you kill 100, it will be $400.

Keep your money below $4, and it will never be used, but you can spend it on fast travel if you need it. I suggest you always keep some animal parts, flowers, collectibles, and jewelry as a bank for when you need a larger sum of money for more fast travels or a small purchase so you can exchange it with a butcher/doctor/madam Nazar, or a fence.


Horses are the mains means of transportation. Disabling them is easy.

You can use a shotgun with standard ammo to get a 1 hit kill from up close or a sniper rifle with express ammo for 1 hit kill from a distance. You can only buy express ammo from a vendor. To disable a player for a long time so he cannot use a horse longer only wound the animal but never finished it. It will add extra 30 seconds on top of 2 minutes re-spawn timer.

You can also use dynamite to kill horses, but it can be tricky if they are on the move, so you have to time it right.

Using fire bottles is not recommended.

Wagons, Trader Wagons, Hunter Wagons

If a player is riding a wagon, or doing a wagon NPC mission, or doing a trader mission, or collecting hunting supplies and decides to attack you, whether for fun or in fear of you shooting first, there is a way for you to stop the player from following you, and or attacking you by disabling the vehicle.

For this to be effective, you need to either have DYNAMITE (or dynamite arrow) and blow up the wagon, which will render it useless and thus unable to follow (destroying its wheels). Dynamite can be bought in a max stack of 8 at a fence $1 each or during a showdown mission. Dynamite is generally harder to use as you either throw it on a stationary vehicle or time the attack right. Next, the best thing is the dynamite arrow; it is a dynamite flying stick that goes in a straight direction with a much better faster speed and explodes on contact.

DYNAMITE ARROWS seem to be the most effective, and you can carry 8 of them at a time. One dynamite arrow can be enough to disable a vehicle if you shoot it in between the side wheels so that both of them fall off or if you shoot behind the horses so that the horses become freed from the wagon. ALWAYS aim your arrows under the wagon or to the lower parts of it. I can confirm hitting an upper part of a trader wagon during a steal mission, and it did no damage to the wagon.

DYNAMITE ARROWS are made out of arrow, dynamite, and flight feathers per dynamite arrow. You can stock up on arrows from the catalog, buy dynamite from a showdown or a fence, and feathers can be looted from most birds like crows and geese/ducks, or purchased an entire stack of 30 at madam Nazar. You will also need to buy the pamphlet from a fence for $895. I advise you to craft 8 arrows right in front of the fence and buy 8 more for backup, so you do not need to travel back. I also advise you not to waste dynamite arrows unless a vehicle that needs destroying or a trade delivery will be passing by. You won’t be able to take the goods, or someone will be attacking you on a vehicle.

You can also use EXPLOSIVE AMMUNITION, which can be crafted with a pamphlet which can be purchased from a fence [Explosive Slug Pamphlet $950 for shotgun; Express Explosive Pamphlet $1000 for revolvers, pistols, repeaters, and rifles, the best choice for your money] (using animal fat from animals like bison, bear, duck, goose, boar, and others combined with express bullets (1 fat per 1 express bullet or shotgun pellet for shotgun). To disable a cart/wagon, you need to shoot it in the wheel, or to be more specific, in the center of it, at the disc that attaches it to the shaft. (image included below)

Red Dead Online - How to Destroy Player Vehicles Efficiently

You can also try using INCENDIARY SLUGS for shotgun or fire bottles, but those need time to work 1st. The wagon needs to catch fire and then spread to the wheel, or you can aim directly at the wheel, and it will fall off. If you fire 4/5 slugs into a wagon, it will most likely burn in its entirety. Pump shotgun has the best range for this, but with 2 sawed offs, you can almost instantly fire off 4 shots to a devastating effect.

However, if you have INCENDIARY SLUGS shooting at the wheel might make it fall off immediately. Fire arrows will also work for this. Sometimes you will need to shoot a few slugs into the wagon’s rear and front to let it catch fire evenly. The amount of ammo you spend to burn something can vary depending on your luck, but fire leaves a dot effect but does not always fully destroy the vehicle. However, it can be enjoyable to watch it slowly burn after. Fire can sometimes be easier because you do not need to aim too much as it should spread over the entire vehicle, unlike when you use explosive ammo, you risk just damaging the frame.

Red Dead Online - How to Destroy Player Vehicles Efficiently

Incendiary slug pamphlet can also be bought from a fence for $950.

As a side note, you can, of course, also try going for the horses, but wagon horses seem to be the most damage withstanding horses, so it may sometimes be hard.

Tip: you can also buy a stronger dynamite recipe pamphlet from a “volatile dynamite” fence for $785. The explosion is bigger and stronger, but it requires high-velocity rifle ammo and animal fat to make.

Moonshine Wagon

Sometimes even Moonshiners get spooked or overconfident when they come across players, much like in the section above, and you will also need to find a way to disable them. All the same, tricks work on the moonshiner’s wagon, however, it seems that it has reinforced back wheels (Larger wheels), I shot 6 explosive rounds into them, and they wouldn’t go off. So the trick with moonshiners is to destroy the front wheels to disable the wagon.

Sometimes a wagon will still function without a single wheel, so you will need to destroy both front wheels or both back wheels or both side wheels for it to stop functioning. A cue that it has stopped will be horses unhitching from wagons and running off.

Another valid strategy is to attack the moonshine bottles from behind the wagon. It will either make the owner switch his priorities and stop chasing you, or whole together disable the wagon. They can be destroyed with any ammo type.

Final Words

I hope I’ve made it clear to you how to be effective at disabling players who try to harm you. Be mindful, nice, and use these advanced techniques in self-defense.

Please, have fun and enjoy and be well!

By ZER0_K%

This is all that we can say about Red Dead Online – How to Destroy Player Vehicles Efficiently for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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