Red Dead Online – How to Rob Stores the Right Way

Red Dead Online – How to Rob Stores the Right Way 2 -
Red Dead Online – How to Rob Stores the Right Way 2 -

Guide for Red Dead Online – How to Rob Stores the Right Way

Just an easy guide letting you know how to easily rob stores and get away with it without firing a single shot, without Bounties and becoming Wanted


I will rob you, and nothing is going to happen. in the video, I already have a bounty of $125 before entering the shop. And it remains the same at the end of the video.

Cover your face with a bandana or a mask before entering a shop and always remember to keep social distance, 1.5 meters away from your victims, wear gloves or if you haven’t got them to wash your hands after managing money and register
Cover it, because if you leave the cashier standing or a witness manages to evade you, they still won’t know who you are, so you will be able to run, and the cops won’t know who you are. Just cut a corner or two, wait for the search out, and you are free to come back to rob other stores even after being witnessed when you are wearing a mask. The only thing not to do is not to be spotted by cops; they have X-Ray vision and immediately place you.

Approach the cashier and start robbing him

Once they open the register, you need to take the cashier out silently; there is no need to kill them, (with fists, the butt of a gun [to use gun butt you gotta left mouse click and then press F because if you press left click twice, you will shoot the clerk dead, the first attack positions the gun and the latter decides the outcome], or melee weapon – on pc with the left click of a mouse button). Take the money, loot the cashier, you can steal some items. If you are robbing a gun store, try to take out the cashier as fast as possible before they shoot. But their shots don’t always attract people or police. However, your shots often do.

Unfortunately, no matter how stealthy you are, once the cashier is out, it will trigger a script where a person will always enter the store, so you need to be ready for that and start telling the witness to withdraw their accusations.

You do not need to point your gun at the witness. Just tell them to forget 2-3 times and then defuse if they still hang about in fear (I suggest to hold the right mouse button to never let the witness out of sight.

You cannot come back to the store and loot the rest of it because it will be locked as soon as you leave it, but you can circle town into a different store and rob it as well. It would help if you avoided sheriffs because they would be notified about the robbery and become suspicious.

As you can see on the video, no shots were fired, and I walked away completely free and easy.

Red Dead Online - How to Rob Stores the Right Way

John Marston, the ancestor to Max Payne
Extra tips

In the end game, there is no police presence in the town of Armadillo, and there is a single store. You can rob it without any worries. You can slaughter people in the town without any witnesses and bounties. It is pretty fun.

Also, you can dump all your money into consumables and items and then go on a killing spree, rob as many trains and stores as you like without bothering to cover your face or hide, then spend it on something else and once you have $0 you can come up to any policeman taunt them and then surrender, or surrender to bounty hunters. All the money you have on you will be removed, and your bounty will be gone.

The highest possible bounty is $1500, and so if you turn yourself in with, for example, $1, $53, or $0, the money will be gone, and you will have no bounty on you.

Form of Art in videogaming

I love this game, truly. I love robbing trains and robbing stores, and stealing horses, robbing banks; the story is great, and there is just so much to do. Graphically it is really amazing. And it has so much hidden depth to it, like being able to do things not intended by devs. And it doesn’t force you to do things you don’t like.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do! And have the best day!

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