Red Dead Online – How to Solve Connection problems

Red Dead Online – How to Solve Connection problems 1 -
Red Dead Online – How to Solve Connection problems 1 -

Guide for Red Dead Online – How to Solve Connection problems

This guide helps reduce disconnects and maybe remove them altogether. It helps remedy things like Error 0x20010006 and such but does not necessarily mean that you will never experience them anymore.



Be careful when changing your Router/modem settings. It might be best for you to contact your ISP and request their help with these possible fixes. If you decide to do it yourself and change something, you do it at your own risk and understanding.

Back up your router settings

Before doing anything, back up your settings so you can restore them if you do something wrong.
Input in the search field of your browser. There navigate to Basic, Backup. In Backup, click backup and choose a location where you want to save it.

I would advise creating a folder where you will store different router pre-sets to try out different settings to come back to them later. Make sure you label them under different folders.

There should also be a Restore button to locate the backup on your pc and perform a restore.

The user interface may vary on different devices.

Port Forwarding

First things first, which helps most people is Opening Ports for the game or rather Forwarding them.

Go to your router/modem by typing in the address field of your browser.
Input your pa*sword and login info, which is usually “admin” without quotes for both unless you or ISP changed them.

There, navigate to Port Forwarding or, in my case, just Forwarding, which I found under Advanced settings. There click on create IPv4 and fill out blank fields:

Red Dead Online - How to Solve Connection problems

Local IP should be the IP of your machine in your home network. Each PC and Device has a unique IP. Go to Open network and internet settings, change connection properties. It will show your network. Scroll Down to IPv4 Address; this is your local IP. Or uses the command prompt.

Local Start Port should be filled with a port that starts the range. If the port range is from 61455 to 61458, then you put here 61455. If you only have one port like 500 without a range, then just put 500

Local End Port is where the range ends, so If the port range is from 61455 to 61458, you put 61458. If you only have one port like 500 without a range, then just put 500

External IP is where you need to put your External (Public) IP if you have it; if you have ever-changing IP (Dynamic IP), just leave there. External IP is an IP that never changes, so contact your ISP to see if you have it or monitor if you have the same IP using Speed Test sites or Command Prompt.

External Start/End Port is the same as the Local ones.

The protocol is where you select the right protocol for the port.

Description if you have it is just something your router or you can fill out to describe the port

Enabled yes or no basically means if this setting is active or not

(Your router/modem UI may look slightly different to mine, the idea is the same)

The table below is how your result should look like, except you will have to add your Local IP and your External IP (if dynamic leaves but dynamic is bad). Just copy the ports from the table alongside their Protocol type and fill out your own table in the router; click apply.

Protocol is Prot

*External IP can look anything like this, and you can go to any test speed site to see whats yours or use a CMD command in windows, which you can also google to find out

It is also better to have an External IP rather than Dynamic IP because it lets you connect to more people; if you don’t have one, ask your provider to change it for you.

It might also be a good option to disable Upnp as it may add extra ports you do not need. Upnp I had under Advanced/Options as a tick. Upnp basically manages ports for gaming automatically but is not always correct.

There should also be no Port Filtering; if you have any ports filtered under the Port Filtering tab in advanced, the port’s ability to pa*s data can be limited, so just disable all of it for the ports you will use with RDR2.

Disable Wi-Fi

Wi-fi can somehow hurt your connection. Some people report that simply having no devices using their wi-fi helped them, like turning it off on their phone. Still, if you have a lot of devices, it may be a pain to disable them one by one, so instead, you can go to your router putting that in the search field of your internet browser.

There, find your wireless connection; mine was just called wireless and was one of the main tabs alongside advanced settings, basic settings, etc. The user interface may vary depending on your router.
There choose Disable instead of Enable and click apply. Don’t change any other settings here. Done. That way, you can come back here fast when you need to turn it on/off again.

Call Internet Service Provider ask if they block you from playing the game.

This is unlikely but possible; if the problem persists after Forwarding Ports, call them up and ask if they are blocking any of your ports, especially those we have opened. If they are, ask them to stop. Ask hope can you improve your connection to RDR:O and ask them if they have encountered this issue before. Ask them if they are limiting your connection to online games and peer to peer in any way; ask them to find out and improve your connection.

This is also a good chance to determine if you have a static external IP or a dynamic.

Additional things

Some people say that using a VPN helps them; I would highly recommend not to do this as it will probably break EULA or ToS with Rockstar.

You can also try to lower your firewall using the router again under advanced settings. Put it too low or disable it. This, however, can be dangerous. You can also add the game to the exclusion list of your anti-virus.

You can make your machine a DMZ host, which opens all ports, but this is extremely dangerous and therefore not advised at all as it leaves you open to the entire internet without any filtering that router provides as if you just connected it directly via cable.

You can create a Router button in your favorites bar, add your router to favorites and call it whatever you like for quick access.

You can also create a browser restart button the same way. for chrome, the address is “chrome://restart.”

Final Words

I hope I could help you and, if not completely cure the problem, make it at least more playable with fewer disconnects. I still suffer from the infamous error 0x20010006, but I feel like a lot less than before I did these fixes.

And if you are not sure how to fix this, consult an IT specialist, they should be able to do all these fixes for you.

Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed.

Please, have fun and enjoy and be well!

Written by ZER0_K%

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Red Dead Online – How to Solve Connection problems helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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