Remnants – One great guide.

Remnants – One great guide. 1 -
Remnants – One great guide. 1 -

Guide for Remnants – One great guide.

This is a collection of all useful tips about everything.

Write your advice, observations in the comments! All this will be added to this guide!


Gla*s fragments  
Gla*s fragments can be obtained from gla*s jars (right click on the jar and press “scrap”) 
You need to craft “Yarp” (crafted from plant fiber), then put it in a fire and “fry” it. 
-Metal pipes 
Many people throw out the grill grate, but you can disa*semble it and get a pipe. 
-Metal scrap 
Most metal items can be disa*sembled and scrapped. 
-Skin, blood and fat 
Fall from the bodies of killed animals (including a rabbit) 
-Stone, sulfuric and iron ores 
Obtained from the corresponding color of boulders. If a stone can be picked up from the ground, or just start to hammer any rock, then sulfur and iron must be extracted from boulders (for sulfur they are yellowish, and for iron they are darker, black-brown). 
In theory, you can craft from sulfur and coal, but for the entire time of the game, I never found a blueprint. 
However, I knocked out a lot of gunpowder from zombies. 


So far I have found 3 ways to get the guns (besides knocking out in pvp) 
– Airdrop 
– Knock out zombies (It is easiest to knock out from them) 
– Knock out the key card from the robot (I do not know what it is called. If you tell me, I will be grateful) 
Just keep in mind, it is very tenacious and deadly damaging, but extremely slow. It took me almost 400 rounds of mq16 to kill him. You need to act on the hit-and-run principle (insert the clip, run back to a safe distance, insert the clip again, etc.) 
Know that buildings will not save you from it. He quickly demolishes them (by the way, you can abuse the free way of raiding neighbors). 
From it you will drop a key card to the chests, which are randomly scattered across the cards. They have delicious loot inside.) 


You can find a complete list of food on the official wiki: 
The easiest way to satisfy your hunger at the beginning of the game is insects. They are collected together with fibers, as well as when harvesting wood from living trees (green wood). They restore very little, but they are the easiest to find. 
Berrys, corn, watermelon, pumpkin mushrooms. 
They grow in different areas of the map. It is not easy to find, but it is possible. They restore much more than insects, but you are unlikely to be able to collect a lot of them. 
Loot from killed animals. It is fried at the stake, but you must make sure that it does not burn. 
There is also human meat. I do not recommend using it, there are many negative consequences. 
Trash cans with food 
They contain a variety of chocolate bars, canned food, bottled water and a can of cola. They spawn on various monuments. 
Does not restore satiety and thirst, but gives the effect of “curing diseases” (Which ones ??? I don’t know) 


Various Blueprints can be found in crates, airdrops, etc. 
However, not many people use the research bench. 
Only BUILDING BLOCKS can be explored on it. 
It is learned by default. 
For crafting requires a workbench as well as: 
-10 pipes 
-3 metal plates 
-20 gla*s fragments 
-15 paper 
Experience points that you have accumulated during the game are spent to study. 

Written by Vrach

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Remnants – One great guide.. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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