Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Resource Manager Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Resource Manager Walkthrough 1 -
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Resource Manager Walkthrough 1 -

This guide will a*sist you in completing "Resource Manager" easily.

The Achievement Itself

To complete the achievement, (must be completed. However, at the very least, you have opened it 3 times in the story.
These are the main points
Before Lucas' Birthday Puzzle, Because he won’t let any items in with you.
You can start collecting your items when you complete the Lucas' Birthday puzzle.
Mia saves and you are freed from the ship.
You can sort of open the Item box. You can "Manage you Inventory" to move items out of the Item Box and into your inventory. This achievement is not counted against you if you die at certain points.
Note: You can't get any of your unlock items until after Lucas has Trap.

Story Items

It is important to include story items in the game. They can be dangerous, as the name suggests. Story Items can't ever be dropped. This is because it makes room for other items. But once you've grabbed a Story Item from the store, you can't lose it. The only way to dispose of it is through your Item Box.
When running, it is important not to grab these items.
Items you won't be using:
VHS Tapes: (2 Exceptions;)
Model Shotgun: You can grab it but not be required to use it.
Toy Hatchet — You can grab it for extra stabilizer but it's not required.
Scorpion Key: It is not necessary UNLESS you are looking for the Broken Shotgun as well as easier access to Main Hall
Items you WILL require:
Hatch Key: It disappears when you use it on the hatch so it doesn’t matter.
Dog Head Remedy – It's best if you grab them immediately before you put them in the front door.
Clock Pendulum- Required for White Dog Head Treatment
Statuettes: These are essential for puzzles. Make sure to only grab them when needed.
Dissection Room Key — It disappears when you use it so it doesn’t matter
Crank: You'll have this to last Jack's fight
Crow Key: You must carry this to progress.
Lantern – Required for The Lanternholder, disappears when used so that it doesn't count
D-Series Arm – You'll have it with you until Jack's final fight
Keycards-Suggest to insert one immediately into its slot before continuing.
Battery – But it'll almost immediately be used so it doesn’t matter
Eveline's Titin Sample/E Series Neucrotoxin can't be taken out of your inventory
Note for Ca*sette Tapes:
Ca*sette Tapes, if you are doing this on Madhouse count as Story Items. You can't remove them. I suggest only grabbing one to add to your inventory when you are going for savings.
Note for Weapons
You can't just drop any one of them.
Knife is what you need
G17 Handgun – You need
All Shotguns, You Don't Need
Chainsaw – You need to leave the processing zone
M19 Handgun – You don't need
Burner – You may need
Grenade Launcher — You don't want
P19 Machine gun – This isn't something you should need, but it is recommended to get as Mia
Remote Bombs- You don’t need them, but they can be removed


The game should only be played on Easy, since it's an easily mastered challenge (. If you prefer to take on more difficult challenges, I am happy to accept).
You don’t have to get everything.
Treasure photos may be discarded. If you are looking at them first, you don't need to keep them in your inventory.
DO NOT THROW OUT YOUR HERBS. You can use them to gain a bit of health.
Gunpowder turns 10 normal pistol rounds into 5 enhanced ones by combining them in the normal stock. You can also use this to temporarily gain extra power and to store gunpowder.
Use antique coins when possible as soon as you receive them.
Don't worry about missing certain weapons. They may appear later. For example, the grenade rocket will appear in the swamp house after you get there.
Magnum isn’t needed. Don’t grab it. It’s just going to waste space.
You can arrange your inventory to reorganize your inventory after Jack's Final Boss fight, but you won't need your item box.
It will only occupy space until you actually get it.
CASSETTE TAPES, DO NOT PICK IT UP UNTIL YOUR GOING OUT TO SAVE. However, you can carry ca*sette tapes outside of the areas they are found in. Because they count towards story items, you can't throw them.

The Simplest Area of Guest House

You can play the entire game here. You can grab every object without worrying about space.
It will be placed in the Item Box if you take anything here. It doesn't matter what you do here. (This allows you to grab the old coin from the VHS Section without any worries.)
I grabbed each item and it fit perfectly.
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Resource Manager Walkthrough - Guest House - The Simplest Area - 995F3A5
Otherwise, we can continue to move forward!

Baker's House

First Area (Dining Table/Kitchen):
You'll want a quick escape. To do this, you will first need to head to your hatch key. If you are playing on normal and easy you can run right past him. Grab your hatch key to be able access the hatch door before he catches up to you.
If you are playing on madhouse it is best to wait for him.
Garage Fight
You should immediately aim to obtain Ethan's Car Key and not try to grab the gun. You can run over jack and you'll still be fine.
Madhouse is a place where you will want to grab the lockpick or use the Car Key. The purpose of the achievement was to have zero inventory space. Many lockpick box locks will give you lots in your inventory.
GRAB THE HANDGUN. It won't let your progress any other way, but don't worry, it'll appear at the ladder so that you don't miss.
You won't be able to grab any old coins, just the statuete of an ox.
Next, grab a clock pendulum and the White Dog Head Relief. Then look upstairs at the Blue Dog Head Relief book and place them on the front door.
IF YOU ARE ON MADHOUSE, YOU CAN USE 3 ANTIQUE COINS TO SKIP PAST THE WOODEN STATUETTE SECTION. It's best to skip the magnum as (Jack may be looking for you before you get to that area. You will lose the magnum if it is grabbed, but that's okay).
Next, you need to go to your bathroom and grab a wooden statuete.

The Baker's Bas*ment

It is better to make one trip through the bas*ment before you go.
Open Tamara’s box (Farright) and Tamara’s hand print. Next, open Travis’ box and grab Travis' dissection key. You can pull the shutter gate open if you head over to Travis'.
To get steroids inside Jack's Den, you can grab the treasure image and look at.
There are also useful products to be had.
Next, move to the back of the bas*ment area to open the dissection. It should be an easy fight with Jack. Remember that the Chainsaw is extremely useful and will only temporarily take inventories slots.
Now you have Red Dog Head Relief.
You can now take out antique coins and put them in the cages.
If you're in madhouse, you can access the grenade-launcher, even though you don't actually need it.
You must immediately go to the Old House, where you will face Marguerite.

Old House

Follow the path from the front to the back. A small shack should be found near the Metal Statuette. YOU SHOULD GET IT UP, as well as one of the pieces to The Flamethrower.
You will then need to reach the opposite side to grab the other part to complete the flamethrower. Then you can head to the fireplace and burn it. You will then need to grab the statuete and make your way back towards the puzzle.
The crawlspace will be your next stop. Once you have found the Crank, you must go through it and grab it. To gain access, you must turn the crank and return to the left side of the home. Marguerite is going to attack you if your attempt to get to the front door fails. You must defeat her (temporarily,). Open the door, take a look at the briefcase, answer Zoe’s call, and then head to the rear to get the lantern.
Chase her and take her to the greenhouse. Prepare to kill her. After you have killed her, she'll grab your lantern and allow you to make it through to the Lantern doors to grab the D-Series arms. Zoe will force you to go to her trailer. Once you get there, however, you will discover that she has been kidnapped.

Return to the House

Lucas is keeping Zoe in the Barnyard. To enter, you must obtain 2 keycards. However, the snake key is required to proceed. Look in the fridge and locate the head of the cop. Once you have found it, head to his dissection room to retrieve the key.
The Red Keycard is located in bas*ment. However, it must be accessed through the master bedroom. You'll find a small storage room with a backpack. Next, correct the time to match the rest. The time is 10.15. You will be able to go under the bed to the Bas*ment Workshop. From there, you can put the Red Keycard inside the door. This is important to maintain extra inventory space.
The Attic is where you'll find the Blue Keycard. First, enter the Kid's Bedroom. Next, push the button on Trophy Lamp. To get the Blue Keycard go upstairs and complete a shadow puzzle. You can grab a toy axe and perform the shadow puzzle in the yard to obtain an extra stabilizer.
You must return to the yard, then open the barn's door and enter.
Do not forget that you have Crow Key and can access Jack's Den's Crow Door.

The Barn/Swamphouse

You'll have 50 times to listen to Lucas dumb speech. Next, go through a few rooms and hallways. Be careful because there are explosive wires. If you find the treasure picture in the Master Bedroom, you can move a mannequin head and grab a kit. You'll find an entry to a puzzle-room and Lucas will ask for you to enter a random Code. If you don’t move quickly enough, the spikes could crush you.
You must navigate through a barn to get to the Barn Fight. After that, you'll have the opportunity to kill a Boomer. From there, you can head up the elevator into a room with an (RIP Clancy). It will give you code 1408.
This is the first occasion you use the box. Lucas will make sure that you do not "cheat" by stopping you from entering the puzzle rooms.
You must solve his "Puzzle", but information is essential or you'll have to do it again and die just so that you can go through it again with additional information.
You must first go to the birthday cakes and place the candles on them. The water will eventually put it out. Lucas will show you how to put the candles on the cake. To light your candle, turn on the stove. A hallway of balloons leads to another entrance. The code for the lock is: LOSER.
You'll be able pull the valve open and close the water. Once the water has boiled, you will be able light the candle to decorate the cake. Lucas will then throw a bomb into the room to try to blow you out. To stop him, you'll need the wooden cover removed from the wall.
It will explode and leave you with a door you can go through to get to the D-Series skull. You can now grab the items you've already taken. (Do not pick up infinite ammo again.)
Before you continue on, you will need the D-Series Arm/D-Serieshead and Crank.
You will then walk over platforms and crank on two platforms before reaching the boathouse, where you can give Zoe D-Series arm and head to make an antidote.
Jack will then be your opponent. The fight should be easy if you have enough supplies. Look for the eyes and keep in mind that Jack is slow so you can evade or block him easily.

Molded Tape/Abandoned Schiff

This area is easy to navigate because Mia does not grab many items and always starts with a larger inventory. You'll need the fuse to get to the Laundry Room. Once you reach F3, Eveline will give a tape for you to play.
Play this tape area normaly, it doesn’t matter too much because you’ll be able to gather every item without worrying about space.
After this, you'll be playing as Mia again. The rest of the area should be fairly easy to complete. To create extra space, use F1 near the stairs/Laundryroom to apply a corrosive.
Survival knife is on F2 attached on a bench, pistol is in a nearby office near Elevator F1, while Submachine Gun can be found in the Captain's Office on F4. It requires a corrosion agent and is located in the cafeteria.
Corrosive can found in the paint puzzle room. You will get 3 of these.

Saltmines/Caves-The Final Stretch

Once you beat that ship, Ethan Winters will be under your control. If you make it to a swamp house, this will be your last chance to open the Item Box. Eveline’s Tissue Samples will always be with you.
The rest will be easy. Other than the fact that you can't get any additional materials from the Item Box. Grab them while you can!
This concludes the guide. You can look it up if you're looking for a standard game play walkthrough.
Thank you so much! I hope this helped with Resource Manager!


And here is the end of the post, i hope you enjoy Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Resource Manager Walkthrough . If you believe we mistake something or we forget to add some content on the post let us know via Comment. The original post can be found here

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