Revenant March – *SPOILER WARNING* Ending Walkthrough

Revenant March – *SPOILER WARNING* Ending Walkthrough 1 -
Revenant March – *SPOILER WARNING* Ending Walkthrough 1 -

Guide for Revenant March – *SPOILER WARNING* Ending Walkthrough

After receiving some requests for a walkthrough, we’ve made a guide that provides one route to achieving Revenant March’s more difficult ending. We strongly recommend that first-time players finish the game at least once before reading this walkthrough, but this can help save time for those who are replaying and want to experience more sides of the story.

How Revenant March’s Ending System Works

Revenant March has multiple endings, but out of them, there are two main endings that contribute towards unlocking a bonus epilogue. Which main ending you get depends on whether you can earn the trust of certain characters, who may voice their disagreement with a certain, vital plan if they do not trust you enough (and you will need ALL of them to agree for the plan to be accepted). A choice you make will often make one character trust you more and another trust you less. There are also some choices that cause characters to completely close themselves off to you, locking you to one of the endings (main and otherwise) regardless of your other choices. 

Ending Walkthrough

There are multiple ways to achieve the more difficult ending in Revenant March, and it’s impossible to experience everything the game has to offer in just one playthrough. With that in mind, here is a walkthrough of the choices you can make to achieve the more difficult ending while also experiencing as much content as possible in a single playthrough: 
1. To talk. 
2. I’ll let you go. 
3. It depends. 
4. Everyone. 
5. It’s none of your business. 
6. I knew it. 
7. I’m not your enemy. 
8. I dropped it. 
9. An apple. 
10. We need more information. 
11. This is none of my business. 
12. The bigger picture? 
13. Lead the elder to safety. 
14. Sounds good. 
15. Great. 
16. Open the door. 
17. Are you sure? 
18. I need all the help I can get. 
19. I’ll tell you. 
20. You didn’t warn them? 
21. Let’s go then. 
22. I promise. 
23. What’s done is done. 
24. I’ll do it. 
25. No. 
26. I’m sorry. 
27. Sure. 
28. Do you like living here? 
29. Wait. 
30. Then I’ll tell you. 
31. He apologized. 
32. Shake her hand. 
33. Save him. 
34. Yes. 
35. This is a clue. 
36. I know you tried to help me. 
37. Good. 
38. It’s not your fault. 
39. . . . 
40. Let’s go. 
41. Okay. 
42. I’ll go to the tunnels. 
43. Of course. 
44. Search the stone. 
45. Search the ground. 
46. Search the walls. 
47. We should be protecting her. 
48. I can’t abandon Mera. 
49. Return the necklace. 
50. Return the parchment. 
51. Return the ring. 
52. Stop her. 
53. I can still be of use. 
54. I do. 
55. Leave the dagger. 
56. Good job. 
57. It does. 
58. About Mera . . . 
59. Stay. 
60. Right. 
61. Left. 
62. Left. 
63. Right. 
64. We have bigger problems. 
65. Hathka lied. 
66. Use the dagger. 
67. You can’t stand yourself. 
68. If you want to fight, then fight me fair. 
69. Yellow. 
70. Punch her. 
71. Brace. 
72. Stop. 
73. You did what you had to. 
74. Stop her. 
75. I have some questions. 
76. The gold. 
77. The Iron Boughs. 
78. The townspeople’s perception of me. 
79. The current mood. 
80. . . . 
81. . . . 
82. Let go. 
83. What do you need the gold for? 
84. It was Hathka’s order. 
85. Will you tell everyone the truth? 
86. What’s Peldra’s opinion? 
87. See Hathka. 
88. My payment? 

How to Unlock the Epilogue

You can unlock the bonus epilogue for Revenant March by completing both of the main endings of the game. A walkthrough for the more difficult ending to achieve is in the previous section. The second main ending is much easier to achieve. If you’re having trouble, you can lock yourself into this ending by choosing to let Tanith kill Hathka. 

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