Ring of Pain – A Comprehensive Guide to Speedrunning

Ring of Pain – A Comprehensive Guide to Speedrunning 1 - gameplaylists.com
Ring of Pain – A Comprehensive Guide to Speedrunning 1 - gameplaylists.com

The art to move fast when everyone is trying to kill your.


Even if you forget about the fact that speedruns are fast, the core concept you should be concerned with is how much time each room will take you. The more you spend time, the more souls can be earned, the more items can you buy, and the greater your chance of surviving the game.
But here's the real challenge. Speedrunning Ring of Pain involves constant decisions on-the-spot about how much you are willing or unable to risk killing extra enemies or going down unneeded exits. You want to be efficient so you will try to avoid special exits that don't count as part of your depth counter. This means you must limit the number and types of (chests,), you'll encounter, and how many souls, or you risk not being in a position to survive boss fight.
Also, because the item pool keeps growing with each update, there will always be more variance in which items are best, what are the worst, which items work well together and how much to gamble on the reroll. Even if you play flawlessly, you have to accept that luck will not always favor you.
When running, you want to prioritize stats and not specific item combos or build builds. (.). You can certainly pick up an item with the intent of getting all the parts of a copy. However, you should not be restricted to one strategy. If you do, you will likely go crazy restarting 100s or more times trying to get the pieces.
Finally, Orian34 created a few useful guides for official discord. I will be adding these to this guide.
– Creature Archive/Bestiary:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2840605620 – [steamcommunity.com]

General Game Planning

Floors 1 – 3: You'll typically be extremely poor on souls through your runs so kill as many enemies at once as possible. These floors will also give you the most complimentary mimics and should only take about 50-60 second.
– Floors 4+
You should find the closest exit in each room.
– Get as much loot as you can. It is better to focus on stats than item effects/combos.
– Focus on eliminating any other weaker than you, and then scrounge for stat boosts/potions.
Owl is the boss we will be fighting. It can beat 5 shadows in a matter of seconds and requires much less stats.
– We need to have around 20-30 stats throughout the board, with the possible exception of clarity and health (0-5). These numbers don't have to be set in stone. However, the less stats you have can make it more difficult to win.
Most importantly, avoid animation time. The timer doesn’t stop while the animations are being performed. You’ll be surprised at how long you waste waiting for things finish. It's easy to lose time when your enemies shoot (such as Bilebags and loomingbirds). You can prioritize them after you move into a new room. However, some (items are just as amazing as others).

Start Candles

Ring of Pain - A Comprehensive Guide to Speedrunning - Starting Candles - 5364D63
You can use any type of candle in a speedrun. However, I recommend using the Double Candle and starting with the "Axe", "Chugging Mask" items.
If you come up with a new strategy that works with the other candles, or items, be sure to try it and let us all know.

A Guide for Special Rooms

Special rooms do not immediately count towards the depth clock until you have completed them.
For example, if there are 2 or more loombirds in a room, and another special room right next to you (or if you feel like you are going mad), you can "reroll” the room you're currently in, by hoping that the special room is easier. It is better not to lose a few minutes in a special place than to restart a run.
Orian34's Bedroom Catalogue:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2282372245 – [steamcommunity.com]
I now have the following categories for the special rooms.
“Free Rooms” I consider a room a free one that gives you access very quickly to the next room exit. This makes it a low-risk investment and a low time investment. You can sometimes pa*s these in less than a second.

  • Shrines / Wishful– These room variants have an immediate exit on the left, have no enemies, have beneficial effects, and have an exit if your circumstances allow it. Tip. Use all three charges to wishful rooms. Often stats matter more than effects during a speedrun.
  • ???– The room where the darkness talks to you is one that counts towards the depth count. Tip. If you have movement keybinds you can use to quickly scroll through the dialogue and not lose any time.
  • Dark for days. This room is unfortunately very rare, but it is clearly intended for speedrunning. They can be used to cut down on time from the last run by as much as 30-60 seconds.
  • Crossroads It is a guaranteed standard exit in worst cases, but it gives you the chance to potentially find other valuable rooms.
  • Patience – Not many people are aware that patience is actually an area where you can collect free items, scroll, and mimics without having the Stone Shifters fight you. Once you've spawned in the room choose the direction with the most stat/item cards. Then, go to the exit. It is not difficult to do, but it can be tedious. You exit with the Stone Shifter awakening coin at 0-2.
  • Ravaged : Another rare room with a close exit and free items (. Sometimes you can get 1-2 common mimics free of charge and 1 rare mimic for free). If Sam is inflicting enough damage or possessing an explosion scroll, kill him to earn souls. Otherwise, you can leave him alone since you won’t be collecting the crown anyway.
  • Reprive Fast exit with some free stats/potions
  • Burial Ground is a room that you can avoid poisonbeads. It's easy to navigate and simple, but I wouldn't recommend ever opening any graves (except maybe one or two if you are willing gamble for some souls. You'll get a free duplicate if your depth count is below 3 and you can dig a grave for the legendary item, "Bone Pearls". This item isn't as powerful in speedruns but it might give you some stat cards.
  • Companions We will not be able to attend the miniboss event if there are 2 versions of the companions room.
    1. Sam is in the area and will offer the strong "Fur Coat” item. To save some time (you can skip the introduction with Sam. It is not necessary for him give you the item. Instead, kill all dogs/frops and then talk to him afterwards about giving it to you.
    2. The room is filled with potions, dogs and frogs. You can spam one direction in order to quickly clear the room. But you should never kill all the enemy. Always leave one miniboss so that they don't have the opportunity to spawn in your run.

Combat Rooms — These rooms are where it is inevitable to fight, so you will need to weigh the potential risks of entering them based primarily on your (health/good enough stats and).
It's a great place to take part in combat:

  • Ambush (depth 1-3 – It is a great place to get a one-of-a-kind item that is not available in the usual loot at your level. It is only possible to get in if your depth counter has less than 3. Although you will only receive a rare item at most, the room becomes more risky. You will almost never be over-stat'ed. This means that entering the room later in the run can often cause it to kill you.
  • Separation — A great room for those with a little time. Sometimes you can get lucky enough to bring the two Rockheads along with very little combat. This gives you the powerful legendary item "Blugeon" and netts you a few Souls.
  • Overwhelm — This may surprise a little because of the very dangerous nature Of Overwhelm Rooms and how they can quickly kill you. However, they can also be worth entering. You may be able to save your life by getting 1 or 2 of the higher rarity items free. Tip – Locate the loot quickly, kill any bilebags in your path, and pa*s the rest of them on. If you don’t feel like your chances of survival on the way to loot, you can use any close shuffle or simply head to exit asap.

Rooms That Take Too Much:

  • Instability There is too much animation in this room. You also have to consider the fact that wall creatures can spawn in the room and exits can be found on the opposite sides of the room.
  • Embrace Chaoseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This is a very hit-and-miss room. You can leave the area in 10 seconds, but your entire run will be ruined due to animation time and bad transformations.

Fine, but nothing exceptional – These rooms can be used to "reroll your current room". These rooms are generally best avoided due the time loss. However they can be used if you're in a bad place. It is better to lose 10 second than lose the entire run.

  • A Quick Approach
  • Aggression
  • Position to Strike
  • Chills
  • Volatile
  • Reckless
  • A Careful Maneuver


Beating the Boss

Hopefully you will have at least 20 to 30 stats in total by the time the flame is doused.

  • Note: If you have at least 1 or 2 solid poisons, you can also win with a lower attacking stat.

Begin phase 1. Clear the room of any wall creatures. Or, if Endurance is available, you'll be fine. To stun owl, you will need to bait him to a firehive. Ideal is to deal 250 damage and then the owl will awake from the stun.
Phase 2 will see the owl jump on the centre section of the room. This is where we can no more deal damage to him. If you're lucky, you might find a Standing Candle right in front. This will allow you to kill it and bring the Owl down.
If you get unlucky you will have to worry about Hatching enemies, which also spawn for two rounds. Due to their ability to upgrade older loombirds, they will eventually kill you. If you're fortunate, kill all hatchlings in order to stop them from upgrading and then return to Plan A. If you are unable or unwilling to kill all Hatchlings prior to their upgrade, you might be able to do so in combat. If not, you can deal with them then return back at Plan A. If not, we can go to the most dangerous but also the most time-consuming option.
Owls that are located in the centre of the room can also scream and deal damage to their enemies. This means that even though you are moving around in circles, the owl can use its screams to slow kill any upgraded loombirds. This is another reason why it is important that you kill all wall creatures. Once you are able to get the screams to deal with the loomingbirds eventually, you can go back to Plan A.

  • Tip 1 Owls will always approach people from the closest angle. After spawning, move the owl away from the direction it is heading.
  • Tip 2


Game Settings, Keybinds

You can only adjust the animation-speed settings. Also, you must turn on the "Show Timer" setting for official runs. It will show you your active time during a specific run in the top-right. This is helpful for knowing how you are doing without Livesplit. To make scanning the room between actions easier, I recommend turning off settings such as Screen Shake.
Screen Shake
Show Timer ON
Rapid Rerolls: ON
Fast Game Speed: ON
Confirm Before Quitting: OFF
The rest of the settings can be adjusted to your personal preference. I've left them as they are. However, if you find that your performance is worse than expected, feel free to change them.
Keybinds are more efficient than using mouse to move around. Although it takes some getting used to, you will soon notice a faster pace. These are keybinds I found to be most efficient.
Spellbook – 1 / mouse 5(If you have a programmeable mouse with additional buttons,)
Scroll: 2 / mouse 4
Pa*s Left: Q
Pa*s Right: 24362fe7ab01976a
Interact with the Left Card: A
Interact with Middle Card – S
Interact with RightCard: D
Reroll: W
Discard: Spacebar
It focuses on (with a/s/d) used for rerolling and items, and (with q/e) used for moving about. Spacebar was used to map discarding, but you can also switch it to shift if that is easier.

Item Tier List

This isn't a complete list, as not all items are good. This list focuses only on items that will significantly speed up a race, carry it, or make it worse. You don't necessarily have to memorize each item, but you should understand the general idea of which items are good and which are not. Although I tried my best to be thorough, you can still look at the item names and use Orian's link to see them.
I will also be finally getting into what I described earlier, which I call the "Itemstat point system" (ISPS). It is quite simple, but I found it the best way to decide quickly if an item merits your attention.
Item Stat Point System
This system revolves around you simply looking at all stats displayed on the top left of the card being offered to your eyes and adding them up. A card with overall stats that are +4 speed and 1 HP is being offered. This is an overall score, which you then compare to any item in that slot. Or an item you can get free of charge, since the space is empty. It's easy.
As a way to achieve consistent runs, you should also be focusing on stats and not hyper-specific items. With this priority, it's important to balance your stats.

  • (Attack = Speed Defence = HP Clarity)

Remember to avoid purchasing items with good "scores", as these can have an effect on your run. ("Grabby Hands", is a good example). You also need to not replace items that have run-carrying effects, unless you are absolutely certain.
The "Item Tier List".
Orian has kept a detailed tier list. This will give you an idea about what items are good, which are bad, how they unlock, and what item combinations you might stumble upon.
Orian34's Item Tierlist
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2263002231 – [steamcommunity.com]
This is his personal Tier List and should not be used as a guideline. It's not legal as it doesn't consider speedrunning. Also, everyone has different preferences about what they will agree to and not.
The CarriesTM (These items are what you will most often find to the be the best ways to beat your final boss. "Transcendence", and "Final Form", are the best options because they give you the extra stats which you need. If you have enough big poison or harmful items, you still have a good chance of beating the Owl while he's stunned. However, you'll need to be more cautious and ensure you have enough HP to survive Firebeads. Soul Hourgla*s can be the most risky, but you may be able to solo an owl with luck. It also has a high animation speed that could cause you to lose your time.

  • Transcendence Picking up "Bolster", or the "Backpack", item after a transcendence will give you a ma*sive boost, which will also carry
  • Final Form
  • Big Poison: Plague/Poison Sword/Toxin
  • Big Damage Flail/The Crow
  • Soul Hourgla*s

Semi-Carries. These items won’t carry you far, but they have enough power to dramatically increase your chances at survival.

  • Endurance/Ghostly
  • Rebirth : Free revive
  • Waging Rags
  • The Self-heal Items: Living Helmet/Living Corset/Ravenous/Blood Stone/Fairy – (not blood ritual)
  • Chugging Mask Ma*sive HP stat Potential
  • "Reveal all card" items: Neuron Sight/Visionary/Sight Sphere – plan ahead with perfect information
  • Exit-Phase/Create Exit/Shuffle: A shortcut out a time-consuming place
  • Soul Craft/Key– Get the most-needed items and souls free of charge

The Run Killers is an item that can cause major problems in your runs. This could be due to the item's insane animation time. You may have problems with (owl fight, making you waste firehives,), etc. Also, the item can have bad % chances effects, which can increase the risk of a run.
– Animation Heavy Items:

  • Vaulter
  • Fainting Token
  • Swapper

– Firebead Anti-Combos:

  • Glacier/Instability
  • Insatiable – it is possible to freeze firehives
  • Polearm
  • Knockback Items Inner Fury/Momentum/Metal Ox/Forceful
  • Banishing Mace
  • Any Spiked Item: Spiked Suit/Spiked/Spiked Shield + Poison Shield + Stone Caller/Suffocate/Crushing Concoction + Sadistic Will/Putrid incense

– Anything that is risky

  • Collateral Damage is a mess in owl fighting
  • Chaotic Unwear & Cursed Wand – no
  • Immolation– It is not worth it just for the fact that it mixes well with other substandard items
  • Grabby Hands/Maniacal – uncontrollable stat management
  • Giant's Club/Devourer You won't profit from stats
  • Soul Cannon — You will always be on edge of having no souls.

Iffy Items — These items are not always easy to find. They won’t be an immediate disaster and could even be useful for a run. You'll be taking a high risk by picking them up. They won't always have positive effects.

  • Splash Items: Chaos Flower/Screamer/Quaking Hammer/Thunderstep – can kill firehives
  • Void Portal: Can kill firehives
  • Freezing Aura — can you freeze firehives
  • Any "Spell Activation => Increase Stat" items. Quick Draw Gloves/Giants Wrap – You'll be running more than you're attacking
  • Sacrificial Cloth is the end of healing
  • Volcanic– Enemy movement animation times
  • Hungry sun– This is great with self-heal items as well as with volcanic, but can also be dangerous.
  • Dark Defiance– Risky transformation


Final Note

Ring of Pain is a game of chance and context. You are allowed to break any rules or disagree with the way I interpreted something. There are many people who use item combo build strategies that I do not recommend. However, you can still see them in the Medium/Hard difficulty levelruns. You can do anything, so enjoy it!
Orian for allowing me access to their guides. These guides are very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone who needs it.


Written by Jury

And here is the end of the post, i hope you enjoy Ring of Pain – A Comprehensive Guide to Speedrunning . If you believe we mistake something or we forget to add some content on the post let us know via Comment. The original post can be found here

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