Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – A basic Guide to defence tactics

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – A basic Guide to defence tactics 1 - gameplaylists.com
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – A basic Guide to defence tactics 1 - gameplaylists.com
This guide is aimed at giving you some tips and tricks for when you find yourself defending a point. This is specifically aimed at regular soldiers, but there will be a couple of paragraphs for commanders. I hope you enjoy!


SECTION ONE: Falling back and preparing defences

What better way to start a defence guide, than to start with the beginning of a defence!? 
When a match begins, and you find yourself on the defending team, the first thing to do is check your map, and find a good position to take up. The attackers aren’t going to just march in a line towards your team, they’re going to try and find the easiest way to enter the objective, preferably somewhere that your team isn’t paying attention to. This is where you come in. Check your map, see where everyone else is heading, and let the battle unfold. The first minute or so for the attackers is spent trying to get as close to the objective as possible, before the defending team is ready. This (As long as you keep a low profile) is a great opportunity for you to find a defensive position of your own. You want to make it seem like the area you’re in is undefended, so the best ambush spots are in a bush, under a vehicle, or in the attic of a house. Hopefully, your team has pulled their weight, and has held their ground. Now, you have to remain where you are until you either win the match, or get pushed back. 
If the enemy team takes the objective, they tend to let their guard down very quickly. This is a prime opportunity to teach them that they are never truly safe. Hide as close to the taken objective as you can, fix your bayonet, make sure you have grenades left, and load your rifle. Your current goal is to hold out (Obviously), but most importantly, make noise. Make A LOT of noise. You have to divert the enemy team’s attention for as long as possible, giving your team time to prepare their defence. If you find yourself being the only person left on an objective that’s about to be taken, then you have two choices: Hold out as long as possible and keep the enemy from advancing on the next objective, or (the less strategic but much more fun choice), prime a grenade and charge the enemy. It sounds weird, but it’s a good thing if you get killed. Most of the time, you’ll shoot an enemy, they’ll go down, and that’s the end of that. Grenades don’t despawn if you die, and they stay primed. Hopefully, you’ll go down, the enemy will put their guard down, and then BANG! Bits of people everywhere! If you’re lucky, you’ll get lucky and and kill a large group of people! Not only is it fun, so stupid it works, and makes sure the enemy stays worried… but it drives them mad in the chat! 

SECTION TWO: Organising your defence

This one is more for commanders, and not regular infantry. If you never play as the commander, skip to section 3. 
Whenever you get even a moment of downtime during a defence, it’s a great idea to rush to the nearest radio and call in a force respawn. You need as many people on that objective as possible! As your soldiers push to the objective, give them words of encouragement, either by chat or voice. It sounds stupid, but it boosts morale. If there’s two or more objectives, remember to stretch the team out evenly. If an objective is undefended or has very little people, tell your team to get over there when they respawn. 
As the battle unfolds, you might be tempted to run to the safety of your radio, and that’s because it’s a good idea. Get onto your radio, and call in a recon plane. This will greatly help out your soldiers on the battlefront. After you call it in, get off the radio and run to the objective. Now, your job is to give your soldiers a will to fight as the bullets whizz around them. Walk up and down the line, telling your soldiers not to give up (remember to keep your head down!), and redirect soldiers to a quieter locations if they’re in a bad situation. 
If the enemy makes it into the objective and they’re taking it, tell your soldiers to retreat, and (If you’re Vietnamese) tell them to begin placing traps at chokepoints and entrances. Once they’ve left the objective, call in an artillery strike on the objective. This not only drains them of tickets, but also gives your team time to catch their breath and get ready for another attack. 
Speaking of traps… 

SECTION THREE: Placing traps and Outwitting the Enemy

Time for my favourite section of the guide! 
Let’s create a scenario. There’s a player on the attacking team, who keeps sneaking around the back of the objective, and then tries to kill everyone from behind. He’s feeling pretty sneaky, he’s outwitting everyone, and he thinks he’s smarter than everyone. He’s sneaking into the objective, his bayonet fixed, and he spots his target. It’s the defending commander, sitting on his radio, totally distracted. He smirks, and begins slowly stalking towards him. He raises his bayonet, and suddenly… BOOOOOOM! He’s dead. What happened? Well, he was just killed by a well placed trap! 
Traps are an amazing tool to use while defending, and you can get REALLY creative with them. A great way to use them, which was shown in the scenario, is to trick your enemy. For example, you could place a punji stake at the bottom of some stairs, or plant a tripwire mine in front of an ammo supplier. If you’re a Sapper, you could run to an enemy vantage point (preferably a house or bunker), and place down one of your landmines in front of a window. Now, wait for someone to try and deploy their weapon, and watch the whole building blow up, taking everyone inside with it! 
Good players will always watch for traps and ambushes prior to entering combat, but will usually forget about them once they start being shot at. This is where people are most likely to fall for traps. While the enemy attacks one objective, go to the next one and place some traps at objects the enemy could potentially use as cover, specifically craters, sandbags, or even mounted machine guns! Eventually, someone will jump head first right into your Punji stakes, and will die before they even realise their mistake. 
If you find yourself defending an area with tunnels, that’s perfect for traps! The narrow space and the sharp turns means that you can place a trap anywhere and still get a kill. However, because tunnels are the best way to kill people with traps, you’ll have to get crafty, and place them in unexpected areas. For example, put an explosive trap at the bottom of a ladder, that takes you out of a tunnel, or put a punji trap right next to a sharp turn. Basically, put it where the enemy doesn’t expect it. 
Finally, you can actually place traps inside of VC squad tunnels. This is great, because some traps (Like the Punji board) have a telltale mound of soil, to give their potential victims a heads up. However, when you place a trap in a tunnel, there is literally no way to detect it. Even when the tunnel is destroyed, the wreckage will cover the trap! 

SECTION FOUR: Holding the line

The situation you’ll find yourself in the most while defending, is being stuck in the objective, unable to get to a good position, and the whole enemy team is charging at breakneck speed, bayonets fixed. Now what!? Well, since this situation can change for you depending on your cla*s, and because it’s such a common situation, I’ll give you a short guide of what to do, from cla*s to cla*s. Here we go! 
RIFLEMAN: Load a fresh magazine, and get to the edge of the objective ASAP. Once you’re there, fix your bayonet, switch to semi auto mode, and then begin running from cover to cover. Every time you get to a new piece of cover, jump up and fire a round at the closest enemy, and then run to the next piece of cover. Continue this until you either die, or the enemy gets into the objective. 
SCOUT: This one is fairly simple. Hide in a room/house/bunker and place a tripwire mine, then fire in the general direction of the enemy, to draw their attention to you (It sounds really dumb but bear with me). Once they’re shooting at you and trying to flush you out, throw a smoke down at your feet (PLEASE bear with me), fix your bayonet, and hide in a corner next to the entrance where the trap is. After it goes off, pick off the other enemies with your bayonet. 
MG: Find a building with a small window, and then deploy your machine gun. If enemies start coming towards you, hold your fire and aim up (Aiming up while deployed will hide you), and wait for about 10 – 20 seconds. Then, pop back up and mow down the unsuspecting enemies! 
SNIPER: Instead of being on the point, try to sneak as far into the enemy lines as you can. Once their, hide somewhere low to the ground and begin picking off high value targets (Like Flamethrowers, Commanders, MGs, and other snipers). If you get spotted and the enemy knows where you are, relocate to somewhere just as dense. Remember that your goal is to hold off the enemies that can easily take a point, and remain unseen while doing so. 
RADIOMAN: Just pick another cla*s. 
SAPPER: This one is great for defence. If you’re playing as the Vietnamese, use the close range capabilities to either act as a bodyguard for important players like the commander or machine gunner, or you could stalk up and down the line, using the SMG to destroy enemies trying to capture the objective. If you’re an American, you have one of the coolest weapons in the game at your disposal: The flamethrower! Don’t let the stubby appearance fool you. This weapon has a crazy range that allows you to completely wipe a room of enemies! 
RPG: This one is much better for attacking, but it can also be used against transport helicopters and large groups of enemies. If you see a group of attackers rallying up in a room, feel free to jump around the corner and fire a rocket in there! Apart from that, there isn’t much else to do with RPGs when defending. 

FINAL SECTION: Running out of reinforcements

let’s set one final scene: You and your team are holed up in a house, ready for the next a*sault of enemies. All of a sudden, the announcer goes “Last Stand, No Surrender!”. As the first few players start to go down, you think one thing to yourself. How are we going to win this!? 
Well, if you’ve done your job correctly, the enemy shouldn’t have too many reinforcements left either. This means that you still have a chance at victory! As the enemy attacks, you have to make survival your main goal. Not kills, SURVIVAL. The longer you last, the better. If you’re a commander, figure out the location of the enemy spawn and call in Artillery. Drain the enemy of their points as much as you can. If you have a Sniper rifle or an MG, hide somewhere that has an overview of a wide open area. If you’re anyone else, hide in a corner, preferably with your bayonet fixed. Try to hide somewhere underneath a bed or behind a large object (This will make you a little safer from grenades, as it will absorb the blast). 
Another (but much more dangerous tactic), is to be braver than your enemies expect. Run headlong into the battlefield and mow down everyone in sight! I like to call this “The Call of Duty tactic” because it feels like playing a CoD campaign, in one of those last stand moments. If nobody notices you, you could pretend to be a part of the enemy team, wait for a group of people to run past, and then mow them down! After that, hide in some foliage and start looking for the commander. When you do find him, be sure to stab him in the back for good measure! 


We’ve now reached the end of the article. 
I hope this article has helped you to adopt some new tactics for when you find yourself on the defending team, and maybe even helps you get a win! Feel free to comment your own tactics that you use on the attackers if you have any good ones! Just remember, Place traps, be braver than most, get creative, and most of all… 

Written by PaleoAli24

This is all that we can say about Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – A basic Guide to defence tactics for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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