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Guide for Risk of Rain 2 – Run Rain Hell

this guide is build i thought of one day and quite simply did. its a build based on a lot of move speed and no need to attack. it works on any character and requires a few artifacts if it was to be build optimally. this build also only depends on running and using your equipment



This is the base of the build it procks all atack modifiers and is homing, global and very op. 
-1 Disposable Missile Launcher 

movement items

-15-25 Red Whips (depending on how strong your stomach is.) 
-3/4 Wax Quails 
-1 H3AD-5T v2 
-15+ Hopoo Feathers 
-4-10 Rose Buckler 

Health and Healing

The following items are there to make whatever the character is more tanky” however this health is based on over shielding and relies on killing enemies. The more you kill the more tanky” you become. 
-20+ Tougher Times 
-20 (max) Monster Tooth 
-5-10 Cautious Slug 
-20 (min) Personal Shield Generator (this is just to give the Topaz broach more "health" to shield over) 
-5-10 Medkit 
-20+ Topaz Broach 
-20+ Repulsion Armour Plate 
-5- 10 Leach Seeds 
-10+ Infusion 
-1 Mired Urn 
-1 Titanic Knurl 

Damage (without actualy attacking)

-20 Lens-Makers Gla*ses 
-20 Crowbar 
-20 Tri-Tip Dagger 
-10 Stun Grenade 
-10+ Armour Piercing Rounds 
-20 Atg Missile Mk. 1 
-20 Ukulele 
-20+ fuel cell 
-5 Razor Wire 
-2 Little disciple 
-2 Molten Perforator 
-2 Shatterspleen 
– (as many as you want) Willow Wisps ( the more the merrier) 

Legendary Items (red)

-2 Brilliant Behemoth 
-2 Ceremonial Dagger 
-2 Unstable Tesla Coil 
-2 57 Leaf Clover 
-1 Shatering Justice 

Written by chompie123

This is all that we can say about Risk of Rain 2 – Run Rain Hell for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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