Roblox – Blast Off Simulator Codes (Updated May 2021)

Roblox – Blast Off Simulator Codes 1 -
Roblox – Blast Off Simulator Codes 1 -

All the Valid list for Blast Off Simulator Codes.
Our codes list is updated when a new code is come out for Roblox Blast Off Simulator Game by that you can use to redeem for extra bonus in the game.


Blast Off Simulator Codes – Full List Sorted by Valid and Expired:


Blast Off Simulator Valid Codes List

Use the codes before they expire to get your game boost! Make sure you bookmark the page for new codes!
This list is all Valid, and new codes for Blast Off Simulator

Total Valid Codes: 1

  • 1423 – Satelite or Space Island door Code

We keep updating this list each time new codes are released! Make sure you bookmark this page to find them easy!


How to redeem the codes for Roblox Blast Off Simulator

To use the redeem codes on Roblox, the Blast Off Simulator is very easy! You need to look for the Settings icon on your screen and click on it. On the menu, what is showing after you will see the “Promo Codes” option, which you need to click on it. You will be able now to see “Enter Code Here” copy and paste a code from our list and press the “Submit” or ENTER button. If the code is good, now you will receive the rewards on your game! Enjoy your bonus!


Blast Off Simulator Social Media List Channels:

Blast Off Simulator doesn’t have any Social Channels


Blast Off Simulator Expired Codes List

No Expired Codes found for Blast Off Simulator!


Guide How to play Blast Off Simulator? Roblox Game made by MrChopFace

Shutdown = Update
The latest Version is v1.47, check your server in the bottom right of the screen.
Can you make it to the Rank Up Island!
3-2-1 Blast Off Sim is an Adventure Simulator where you gather up enough fuel to blast off on your rocket to do some pretty random island challenges.
The more fuel you add to the rocket, the higher you go and the more cash you earn
Upgrade your Rocket, FuelScoop, and Backpack
What’s new
Ranks! Make it to the new Rank Up Island to Rank Up!
Ranking Up Resets Prize Chests!
New Challenge Island!
New Rocket… yeah, is absolutely ma*sive!
Rockets now accelerate in a more “realistic” way
New FuelScoop and Backpack
Updates to come!
Fuel collecting robots that definitely are not pets (ok pets).
Please report bugs in-game if you find one and developers will fix it

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