Roblox – Outlaster Codes (Updated May 2021)

Roblox – Outlaster Codes (Updated November 2020) 1 -
Roblox – Outlaster Codes (Updated November 2020) 1 -

All the Valid list for Outlaster Codes.
Our codes list is updated when a new code is come out for Roblox Outlaster Game by Peak Precision Studios that you can use to redeem for extra bonus in the game.
You can use the codes from our list to help you redeem to get some money when making a Robux purchase. Codes are a bit different in Outlaster, you don’t get anything free right away currently, instead you will get a bonus of money when you buy something with Robux.


Outlaster Codes – Full List Sorted by Valid and Expired:


Outlaster Valid Codes List

These codes will give you money with any Robux purchase (during the next 24 hours)

This list is all Valid, and new codes for Outlaster.

  • horns: code reward > Darkhorn Torch
  • gourds: code reward > Pumpkin Necklace
  • junglelife: code reward > 50 free Gems

We keep updating this list each time new codes are released! Make sure you bookmark this page to find them easy!

How to redeem the codes for Roblox Outlaster

To use the redeem codes on Roblox, Outlaster is very easy! You need to look for the Settings icon on your screen and click on it. On the menu, what is showing after you will see the “Promo Codes” option, which you need to click on it. You will be able now to see “Enter Code Here” copy and paste a code from our list and press the “Submit” or ENTER button. If the code is good, now you will receive the rewards on your game! Enjoy your bonus!

Outlaster Social Media List Channels:

  • Discord: Peak Precision Studios, the developers of Outlaster & Eviction Notice
  • Twitter:, Co-creator of Outlaster & Eviction Notice


Outlaster Expired Codes List

  • Release!: code reward > $2,500 Money included with your next Robux purchase!


Guide How to play Outlaster? Roblox Game made by Peak Precision Studios

Welcome to the game of Outlaster! Compete against other players in a battle for power and safety from elimination! Form alliances and find advantages to further yourself in the game and eliminate any threats standing in your way! Can you outlast all the rest and become the ultimate outlaster? Game Guide – How to Play

This game is brand new, so please stay patient with us as we fix all the bugs and issues that come up!
Make sure to give the games a thumbs up if you like it!
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