Roblox – UNO Codes (Updated May 2021)

Roblox – UNO Codes 1 -
Roblox – UNO Codes 1 -

All the Valid list for Roblox UNO Codes.
Our codes list is updated when a new code is come out for Roblox UNO Game by Starchip12 that you can use to redeem for extra bonus in the game.
You can use the codes from our list to help you redeem for chips and skins! These codes won’t help you win games, but they’ll allow you to fancy up your cards and purchase some additional skins for your cards and tables.


Roblox UNO Codes – Full List Sorted by Valid and Expired:


Roblox UNO Valid Codes List

Earn free chips and also exclusive skins to play UNO and get higher chances of legendary
This list is all Valid, and new codes for Roblox UNO

Total Valid Codes: 2

  • halloweenplus4 – Earn the Bats skin and also 500 chips with this code
  • BrandNewUno – Earn the checkered skin and also 500 chips with this code

We keep updating this list each time new codes are released! Make sure you bookmark this page to find them easy!


How to redeem the codes for Roblox UNO

To use the redeem codes on Roblox, Roblox UNO is very easy! You need to look for the Settings icon on your screen and click on it. On the menu, what is showing after you will see the “Promo Codes” option, which you need to click on it. You will be able now to see “Enter Code Here” copy and paste a code from our list and press the “Submit” or ENTER button. If the code is good, now you will receive the rewards on your game! Enjoy your bonus!


Roblox UNO Social Media List Channels:

Roblox UNO don’t have any Social Channels


Roblox UNO Expired Codes List

No Expired Codes found for Roblox UNO!

Guide How to play Roblox UNO? Roblox Game made by Starchip12

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Update 1, Now live:

– The quickplay table now gives a reward of 200 Chips to the winner! (And 20 to the losers)
– Changed the entry fee of the Miami Beach (30>350) and Las Vegas Cardhouse (300>3,000) table!
– Added Twitter codes!
– Made ods of cases more rewarding! (Higher chances of Legendary!)
– Bug fixes!
Sit down around a beautiful table and play a game of Roblox Uno, the TRUE #1 Uno game on Roblox! Experience a beautiful refresh of the cards interface, earn custom card skins and tables, but don’t forget to play in leagues to win BIG! Truly the perfect Roblox game for a chill game night! Don’t forget to play with up to 10 people at the Party Table!
Follow the developers on Twitter!

Lead Game Developer (Front-End, Back-End, Building, User Interface, Logo Designs, Trailer) – starchip12
Modeler (Tables, Chests) – TheDreamDealer
Special thanks to ScottyMcPiper for helping out with the development!

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