Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.2.1 (28 October 2020)

Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.2.1 (28 October 2020) 1 -
Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.2.1 (28 October 2020) 1 -

Rogue Legacy 2 – Patch v0.2.1 (28 October 2020)


We are releasing our first complete patch to the Far Shores Update. Many thanks to everyone who reported issues. Thanks to your help we’ve managed to address what we believe are a majority of the priority bugs in record time! This patch fixes the dreaded black screens that can occur when entering rooms in Axis Mundi, and having heirlooms not activate correctly.

As always, please feel free to report any issues you experience through our various channels (website, email, Discord, Twitter, or in-game).

  • The Cellar Door Dev Team



  • Added some missing boss music.
  • Community: Fixed bug where exiting a room would mess up the culling state of some props, resulting in them not working as intended (this was the cause of the inaccessible heirlooms).
  • Community: Attempted fix of rare MaterialBlock null reference error.
  • Fixed a bunch of scenarios where Enchantress was tracking costs using Equipment Ore instead of Red Aether.
  • Community: Fixed bug where sometimes entering Axis Mundi would result in a crash.
  • Community: Re-enabled autosync transforms as they were causing unreliable bounds calculations (and caused the softlock when exiting the northern Study).
  • Added more screen resolutions in the graphics settings.
  • Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes.
  • Buffed Offshore Banking Saving amount from 3% to 4%.
  • Community: Fixed being stuck underwater in a certain Heirloom.
  • Remade one of the heirlooms to fix issue with inconsistent passage.
  • Community: Fixed bug where cooking would trigger sentries.
  • Community: Fixed bug where player could kill themselves at the Docks.
  • Fixed bug where Focus stats were not being displayed correctly at the Blacksmith.
  • Community: Fixed bug where surviving Future Successor’s Bargain would lock all player movement.
  • Community: Fixed bug where unlocking the Forest Boss door always needed you to fulfill the requirements (instead of only needed it once).
  • Community: Tweaked some rooms to fix issue with people falling into water and dying.
  • Community: Fixed issue where entering certain biomes would halt music entirely.
  • Community: Fixed bug where collecting a coin immediately after picking up red aether or iron would cause the aether/iron’s HUD counter to jump to the number of coins collected.
  • Fixed bug where Bonus/Mandatory room placement could result in a stunted biome with no way out.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Flame Barrier spell would not open doors.
  • Community: Fixed bug where entering Castle was not resetting ammo or clearing ability cooldowns.
  • Community: Fixed bug where entering a room that was using a different biome type, compared to the biome it was actually in, would result in a crash (the black door crash).
  • Community: Fixed bug where Lifesteal was not behaving as intended.
  • Fixed bug where Soulsteal was not behaving as intended.
  • Community: Fixed a number of buggy rooms.
  • Community: Fixed bug where Associative Agnosia effect didn’t apply to heirloom enemies until they were hit.
  • Community: Fixed bug where you could still interact with non-interactable objects (like certain dummies).
  • Community: Camera tweaks made for Axis Mundi.
  • Community: Fixed a number of text issues (this will be an on-going thing).


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