Rogue’s Tale – 100% FTK deck and cheaper alternatives

Rogue’s Tale – 100% FTK deck and cheaper alternatives 3 -
Rogue’s Tale – 100% FTK deck and cheaper alternatives 3 -

Guide for Rogue’s Tale – 100% FTK deck and cheaper alternatives

A 100% first turn kill deck against any normal encounter for super fast dust farming. Cheaper alternatives (that are obviously slower) are also provided below.



Tragic: the Gathering is the built-in CCG unlocked by visiting the wizard in the outcast after finding your own Tragical Album. You can build a deck of 10 to 30 cards, and then try to fight through 52 groups of enemies by finding skull piles in dungeons.

The decks in this guide serve as fast and easy to pilot decks for quick dust farming. Remember that beating the final bossBebe the Frog(Tragical Level 52, or 38 if you’ve beat it before) will disable skull piles from spawning for the rest of the run, so try to intentionally lose if you want to keep grinding and have the 60 hp to spare.

Happy dust farming!

The 100% FTK (720 dust)

Rogue's Tale - 100% FTK deck and cheaper alternatives - The 100% FTK (720 dust)
Card numbers:
70. 136, 155, 200, 217, 226, 227, 233, 237, 248

Game plan:
Equip Amulet of Domination and draw every card of the deck through card draw cards. Keep Sweeping Blow, Plane Shift, Wand of Scripting, Wand of Channeling and Scroll of Ender in your hand for the combo, you should also have at least one Wand of Shifting left over.

The combo:
1. Wand of Channeling to make Sweeping Blow cost 0.
2. Wand of Scripting to copy the 0 cost Sweeping Blow.
3. Sweeping Blow x2, Plane Shift to draw them back, Sweeping Blow x2.
4. Cast Scroll of Ender to take your extra turn, and do step 3 again.

If your encounter has a 120 health, 3 armor monster (e.g. Infernal, Cave Bear, Drake), it should live with only 9 hp remaining. Then cast Wand of Shifting to draw Sweeping Blows a third and final time (costing 2), and cast one final Sweeping Blow to kill it on your first turn.


Amulet of Domination does absolutely nothing if you’re killing everything turn 1, but it’s to guarantee a win against the final bossBebe the Frog. Feel free to replace it with any card to save 80 dust, or replace with Unholy Power to make the deck even faster.

Potion of Swiftness and Scroll of Knowledge don’t need to be upgraded for this deck to be 100% consistent, saving another 40 dust, but it’s faster to play the deck if they are since you won’t be clicking a card to discard after playing Potion of Swiftness.

While this deck can’t possibly beat the final boss in one turn thanks to the friction mechanic (otherwise it’ll literally deal infinite damage), you can FTKYourself by drawing 20 cards with no cards left in your deck c:

Unupgraded Perma Charm (340 dust)

Rogue's Tale - 100% FTK deck and cheaper alternatives - Unupgraded Perma Charm (340 dust)
Card numbers:
47. 50, 106, 145, 185, 190, 207, 223, 226, 227

Game plan:
Essentially the same plan as the FTK, except the burst potential is much lower and it cannot perform a FTK at all (but it’ll still win 100% of the time, since all enemies will be charm locked).

Note the substitution of Heroic Charge + Potion of Energy as a replacement for a second Wand of Shifting.

The maximum burst of this alt is 48 AoE + 9 (Sweeping Edge x2, Plane Shift, Heroic Charge, Sweeping Edge x2).

Heroic Charge can be replaced by (and is a strictly better version of) upgraded Swing.

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