RuneScape – How To Maintain A Bond By Playing 15 Mins Per Day

RuneScape – How To Maintain A Bond By Playing 15 Mins Per Day 1 -
RuneScape – How To Maintain A Bond By Playing 15 Mins Per Day 1 -

Guide for RuneScape – How To Maintain A Bond By Playing 15 Mins Per Day

By running around to a few shops each, you can make 3.5m a day and easily maintain a bond. This guide will assist you.


A Quick Introduction

This guide will help guide you through a quick way to make money every single day. There are a few requirements for some of these, but I will make sure to highlight what those requirements are and how much you’ll be missing out on without those requirements.

Buying Runes

There are a few shops around the map that sell runes. Runes are always in high demand for training, Vis Wax, and high-level players looking to the boss. The runes we are looking to buy, as well as how many you can obtain, are:

  • Air Runes (7500)
  • Fire Runes (7500)
  • Soul Runes (300)

By buying all of these, you are expected to make around 2m. If you do that each day then that alone will fund a bond.

The Stores

*indicates there’s a requirement
Ali’s Discount Wares*
Location: Al Kharid
Requirements: Rogue Trader Quest
Sells: Air Runes(300), Fire Runes (300), Soul Runes (100)

Aubury’s Rune Shop
Location: Varrock
Requirements: None
Sells: Air Runes (330), Fire Runes (300)

Baba Yaga’s Magic Shop*
Location: Lunar Isles
Requirements: Lunar Diplomacy Quest
Sells: Air Runes (1,000), Fire Runes (1,000), Soul Runes (100)

Battle Runes*
Location: Low-Level Wilderness
Requirements: Abyss Miniquest (side note: This quest takes 5 mins and has no requirement)
Sells: Air Rune (1,000), Fire Rune (1,000)

Betty’s Magic Emporium
Location: Port Sarim
Requirements: None
Sells: Air Rune (300), Fire Rune (300)

Carwen Essencebinder Magical Runes Shop
Location: Burthorpe
Requirements: none
Sells: Air Rune (330), Fire rune (330)

Lundail’s Arena-side Rune Shop
Location: Mage Arena (Super Deep Wilderness)
Requirements: None
Sells: Air Rune (1,000), Fire Rune (1,000)

Magic Guild Store – Runes and Staves*
Location: Wizard Guilde (Yanille)
Requirements: Level 66 Magic
Sells: Air Rune (1,000), Fire Rune (1,000), Soul Rune (100)

Rune Shop (Anachronia)*
Location: Anachronia
Requirements: Must unlock Anachronia (no requirements) and upgrade your Town Hall to level 3
Sells: Air Rune (300), Fire Rune (300)

Tutab’s Magical Market
Location: Ape Atoll
Requirements: Must Start Monkey Madness
Sells: Air Rune (1,000), Fire Rune (1,000)

Void Knight Magic Store
Location: Void Knight’s Outpost (Take Boat from Port Sarim)
Requirements: None
Sells: Air Rune (1,000), Fire Rune (1,000)

Vis Wax

Vis Wax can only be done once per day at the Runecrafting Guild. The Runecrafting Guild is through a portal at the top of the Wizard’s Tower South of Draynor. You can use your Wick Hood (talk to Tim in North East Burthorpe) to teleport directly to the Wizard’s Tower.

Access to the Runecrafting Guild requires Level 50 Runecrafting. You can generally expect to make around 90-100 Vis Wax every day. You can get the combination each day by accessing the Friend’s Chat “vis wax FC,” and they’ll have it posted at the top of the member list.

Doing Vis Wax every day is an easy 1.2m per day.

Buying Vials of Water

Buying Vial of Water Packs is a speedy way to make some extra money. You can make around 500k by visiting the shops. There are more shops than what I’m posting, but they don’t sell very many, so it’s really not worth going to. Make sure to open the packs to get the Vials.

Shop Locations

Jatix’s Herblore Shop
Location: Taverly (next to the bank)
Requirements: None
Amount Sold: 40

The Lighthouse Store*
Location: The Lighthouse (southeast of Relikka)
Requirements: Horrors From the Deep Quest
Amount: 20

Meilyr Clan Store
Location: Prifddinas
Requirements: Plague’s End Quest
Amount: 40

Obli’s General Store
Location: Shilo Village
Requirements: Shilo Village Quest
Amount: 20

Making Empty Flasks

Making Empty Flasks each day can earn you around 900k per day.
There are 2 types of Flasks; Crystal Flasks and Potion Flasks. Both require you to have 89 Crafting and As a First Resort completed. To make Crystal Flasks, you must have Prifddinas unlocked.

To make the Potion Flasks, you must first mine the Sandstone. The Red Sandstone is located right outside of Oo’glog. It will give you 50 Red Sandstone, which must be taken to the Robust Glass Machine located in the middle of Oo’glog or the machine located in Prifddinas in the Ithell district. You can mine an additional 25 just outside of Sophanem if you’ve completed the Elite Desert Achievements.

To make the Crystal Flask, you must first mine the Crystal-flecked Sandstone, which is located in the Ithell District inside Prifddinas. Once you obtain the sandstone, you must convert it using it on the Robust Glass Machine next to the Sandstone or in the middle of Oo’glog. You can earn 50 per day. If you have 115 Dungeoneering, you can visit the Edimmu Resource Dungeon to mine an additional 25.

By Foxmcccloud

This is all that we can say about RuneScape – How To Maintain A Bond By Playing 15 Mins Per Day for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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