RuneScape – The Madness of Saradomin

RuneScape – The Madness of Saradomin 93 -
RuneScape – The Madness of Saradomin 93 -

Guide for RuneScape – The Madness of Saradomin

Returning player or a current player that’s a little less knowledgeable on lore? Well, this guide is for you! Find out what you need to know and what you can do to #StopSaradomin.



RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - Intro

You love Saradomin so much. Back in the day, you had all his armors and all his titles. Saradomin is the ultimate good god, and everything he does is for the betterment of the world.

But then you read this guide and after catching up on current lore, figure out that you’re dealing with the all-time favorite trope of “Evil All Along,”; the big bad guy pretending to be the righteous hero.

You’ll learn quickly by reading this guide or playing current Runescape content that Saradomin maims, lies, and murders his way through any situation. Find out who you are truly dealing with in this encyclopedia of Saradomin lore and why you should think twice about siding with him in both Runescape and using his cards in Chronicles.

Don’t feel like reading? Well, here’s you a TL;DR
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Important Info to Know Going in

Below are the Tiers of Godhood from the RuneScape wiki. This is basically power levels and how the chart stands as of the present day.
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Also, below is a rough time frame of how old each god is; this helps show how, after this long, Saradomin constantly doesn’t learn his lesson. This was made a few years ago, so it’s been confirmed that Zamorak’s age is in the aeons section, and Bandos was a lot older than where he was placed.
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Saradomin’s Origins – Corruptable Control

“He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Very little is currently in a game about Saradomin’s Origins. What we do know is the Saradomin is from the human homeworld of Teragard. He happened upon the Crown Archival (The Locator), an elder artifact created by the elder gods used to find the locations of all the other artifacts, which with his exposure to it, lead Saradomin to become a god.

As a god, he took command of Teragard and set up a government system that would essentially run itself. After a while, Saradomin, identifying himself less and less like a human and more as a god, left Teragard seeing humans as a weak race and needed to find a race of creatures to fit his rule better. Since Saradomin’s departure, the houses in charge of Teragard have taken control of the population. They rule the people through fear and indoctrination of Saradomin’s image, as inquisitors roam the streets.
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The Naragi God Wars – Genocide of a Race

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - The Naragi God Wars - Genocide of a Race

Once upon a time, there was a planet called Naragun populated by a race called the Naragi. The Naragi were a peaceful race. The population was made up of diviners, butterfly catchers, and farmers. And then, Saradomin arrived.

Saradomin arrived as the Naragi capital of Askroth. Upon arriving, Saradomin met with a group of Diviners where Saradomin offered them the deal of a lifetime, fight and die in his name. Wow, such an amazing deal!

The diviners turned him down, and being the god of order and wisdom, Saradomin got angry(get used to this btw) decided to go to his full size and start what we in the lore community like to call “City-Stomping.” Saradomin went and started stomping buildings in the city, shooting energy blasts, and leveling everything in sight. He murdered anyone he could find men, women, the elderly, and even children.

Once the entire city lay destroyed, using his godly magic, Saradomin raised a fortress upon the ruins and immediately opened a portal allowing his human armies to arrive. Saradomin and his faction would spend the next few years genociding the Naragi. Naragi were killed simply for the diviners refusing Saradomin, and innocent civilians were murdered, and refugees were in constant danger even when leaving the refugee camps to search for food. For the first time, the Naragi had to take up arms and were slaughtered in the battle to Saradomin’s trained forces. During this time, Saradomin used the Crown Archival’s powers to locate nearby artifacts and only find Naragun dry. However, the Crown is a double-edged sword. The Crown Archival also sends out a homing beacon allowing anyone with an elder artifact to find the user.

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One day the Naragi foragers discovered a strange creature slaughtering Saradomin’s scouts; they approached it in an attempt to ally, just to be slaughtered themselves by the creature’s claws and bile. This creature that the Naragi named Airut was brought to the planet by the Crown Archival. Soon portals opened on Naragun with more and more Airut pouring out of them; it didn’t take long for the portals to become strong enough where the Airut Shaman was able to summon the boar god Tuska through.

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The Naragi had given up knowing that now they faced two gods. Many went back to their homes to die where they had lived their lives. At the same time, another group decided to gamble everything on getting Saradomin and Tuska to kill one another. They were soon able to lure Tuska straight to Saradomin.

Tuska crashed right through Saradomin’s fortress, and the two fought. The Airut had no problem decimating Saradomin’s armies, and Tuska’s power was too much. Saradomin would be forced to retreat. Soon enough, another god bounty hunter wielding the Elder Sword named Skargaroth arrived. The big game hunter had been attracted by Saradomin’s crown and looked forward to getting another shot at killing Tuska. Saradomin would lose one battle after another against these two gods and be forced to leave the planet, his forces destroyed, his plans crushed, and his life at risk, leaving the last of the Naragi to their fate.

The Last Day of the Naragi God Wars

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - The Last Day of the Naragi God Wars

On a simple farm, a father named Guthix tucked his daughter Aagi into bed in their cellar. Guthix grabbed a scavenged blade in the last attempt to defend his home, knowing he’d be slaughtered. Upon leaving the cellar, he found an army of Airut marching toward his home, followed by Tuska herself. Guthix hid his face in his hands, hoping that his death would be quick when suddenly a large crash was heard.
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The hulking god Skargaroth rose out of the dust.

The Airut and Tuska piled onto Skargaroth, biting and stabbing him, knowing that this god was out to kill Tuska from experience. As Skargaroth was overwhelmed, he gorged out one of Tuska’s eyes as the boar god gored him. Skargaroth screamed out, dropping his sword as he collapsed on Guthix’s home, the wreckage caving in and killing Aagi.

Guthix had just watched his daughter and home get taken away from him in an instant. Lost in rage, Guthix picked up the Elder Sword, which quickly filled him with divine energy, and as Tuska charged to finish off Skargaroth, Guthix buried the blade in Tuska’s remaining eye. The boar-god cried out as it lost the last of its vision (and due to her limited intelligence, unable to heal her vision). She quickly ran off, her Airut armies following quickly behind, knowing that Skargaroth would soon get up.

Skargaroth slowly tried to stagger away. Guthix’s people, his home, and his family had been destroyed by these beings calling themselves gods, and he wasn’t going to let this one getaway. He quickly buried the blade in Skargaroth’s back. Divine energy shot through Guthix, and with it, he saw the 12 Elder Artefacts. He realized his Sword and Saradomin’s Crown’s true potential and what it had done to his homeworld. Skargaroth turned to stone as his life faded from him; his existence would end here as godhood denies one access to an afterlife. Guthix became what he had hated, a god.

Guthix’s Journey and Gielinor’s First Age

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - Guthix's Journey and Gielinor's First Age

Guthix searches his homeworld. Saradomin and Tuska had killed all his people. He decided that his only option was to leave. He thrust his sword and cut open a portal leading into another world, and began his journey.

Guthix spent centuries exploring the universe. He found dead worlds, worlds ravaged by war, and peaceful planets and races. On a planet called Tarddiad, he found a goddess who was much stronger than him named Seren and developed a bond with her. She spent her time with a race called the Elves, and Guthix appreciated their peaceful ways. Guthix eventually left, continuing his journey.

Eventually, he happened upon Gielinor. It was the perfect planet. Here Guthix found many of the elder artifacts and decided to keep them hidden. Although they are hidden, Guthix didn’t want this world to remain hidden. Guthix went to many of the worlds he visited and invited races that he found had neither a strong alignment to good nor evil to come to the world, including humans from Teragard. He’d also invite Seren and her Elves, who would reluctantly accept. Over the next 4000 years, the many races would live and expand, but Guthix would learn of another threat, the elder gods.

He learned that if the elder gods should wake up, they’d destroy everything. Guthix figured out a way to keep them asleep by altering the Anima Mundi (lifeforce) planet. With his experiences on Naragun and watching the races, he decided that mortals didn’t need gods and decided that he’d indefinitely sleep and asked Seren to join him. She told him that she’d think about it.

It wasn’t soon later that Saradomin and Zaros came to Gielinor. The latter of which, attracted by Seren and the Elder Gods’ proximity.

The Great Revision, The Five Elder Gods, and The Two Divine Aspects of Energy

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - The Great Revision, The Five Elder Gods, and The Two Divine Aspects of Energy

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So you’re probably asking yourself, “Why are you going over all this stuff about Seren, Guthix, and soon Zaros is a Saradomin guide?” Well, that’s easy. There’s something buried underground, well actually 4 things that can end the universe with the wave of their hands. These 3 gods are the only ones that know the true threat of the elder gods. Meanwhile, Saradomin has yet another temper tantrum and actively does things to wake them up sooner. So, Let’s start, shall we.
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The Elder Gods’ age is unknown. Trillions? Quadrillion? Quintilian? No one knows. All we know is the Elder Gods have cycles that Zaros refers to as “The Great Revision.” What happens is that the Elder Gods create a new universe, and once they create the perfect planet, they sleep underground till they’re ready to lay their eggs. The current Elder Gods either die or are reborn in these eggs, which hatch, feast on the Anima Mundi, kill the planet, and destroy the entire universe. Rinse and Repeat.

So, why hasn’t anyone stopped them? Cause Mah stopped mortal life from advancing previously, and they’re done after this revision. Mah didn’t fully make it into this Cycle, and because of that, Jas, Ful, Bik, and Wen couldn’t make the perfect planet. Jas gave up her egg this cycle to create the Stone of Jas and make the other 11 elder artifacts. After this cycle, only Ful, Bik, and Wen will be around who will definitely not create another perfect planet. So our story begins in our current cycle on the now-dead world of Freneskae.

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The five Elder Gods have killed Freneskae by feasting on it’s Anima Mundi. Mah, the weakest of the Elder Gods, is broken and stillborn. She has infinite power, but the mindset of a child. The other elder gods leave Freneskae to continue with the cycle. Over a long period of time, Mah claws her way out of the planet core to the top of a volcano. There she takes dark energy and creates a divine aspect using it, Zaros.

Zaros is created as a toy for Mah to play with and keep her company. Mah has to sleep for long periods of time due to the massive amount of energy she used to create Zaros. Zaros slowly learns how to control his powers by controlling the creatures Mah creates in her dreams. It doesn’t take Zaros long to start contemplating escape. His first escape attempt failed. Mah, in her limited intelligence, knew that Zaros would try again. Using another large portion of her power, she used light energy to create Seren, the divine aspect of light energy.
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The 2 divine aspects were given auras that would cloud one another’s thoughts and make them depend on one another. Overages this worked, but with another portion of Mah’s power used, she spent longer and longer times sleeping. Over the period of what Zaros describes as “Aeons,” The two figured out what they were doing to one another and stayed separated from one another during one of Mah’s naps.
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Zaros’s mind clear; he approached Seren, letting her know that he was leaving. He planned to find Mah’s sister and have them make him an Elder God. He left to explore the universe, observing countless planets, cheating the demon king out of an army, and bringing civilization to the feral Vampyre clans.

Mah woke up angry at his departure. She attempted to create a replacement for Zaros. She created a mortal race called The Dreams of Mah (which formed 3 tribes, The Chelon-Mah, The Mahserrat, and The Mahjarrat), and with this fell into a coma, her power mostly depleted. Mah would constantly slip in and out for this over time. Seren would attempt to have this race sacrifice one another to restore Mah’s power, but as that plan proceeded to show no results, Seren left the planet to search for the other Elder gods in an attempt for them to help Mah. On the way, Seren would find the Elves and decide to stay with them, and eventually meet Guthix.

The Second Age – The Age of Zaros

“[Saradomin] is self-righteous, seeing things only in extremes. It was from him that I first learned of the notions of good and evil. I dismiss such notions – there are only actions and consequences. We agreed to disagree. Everything to him is either black or white, but he himself exists in the grey. Ergo, he is a contradiction.”
-Zaros, Fate of the Gods

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While the First Age is happening, Saradomin finally does it. He finds his One True Race, the Icyene. A race of angel-like beings that, unlike those pesky Naragi, the Icyene willing sided with him. Saradomin discovered Gielinor and decided that it was time to take it for himself, now with his new race, he’d be able to become the one true God! Saradomin arrived in Gielinor on an island called Entrana and would set up his kingdom of the Eastern edge of the world, an area dubbed Hallowvale. He was on his path to greatness when someone came and threw a wrench in his gears.

Since Guthix fell asleep, many gods besides Saradomin had found Gielinor and made it their home. To the west of Saradomin’s kingdom, a portal opens up, and out walks a god followed by 100 demon followers, Zaros. Upon arriving, he hears of a local hydra god called Loarnab that preys upon the people. He and his Army decide to confront the monster.

To impress their new master, the demons decide to slay the god in his name. The battle goes on for over an hour, each time the demons cut off one head, the god sprouts two more, and now it has 12. With the army lying in ruins, Zaros decides he’s had enough and steps in. He grabs the beast’s attention, and it quickly charges at him.

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Zaros steps out of the way, and as soon as he does, tentacles sprout out of the beasts hide wrapped its limbs and tying its heads together. Soon the god lies before Zaros, completely incapacitated. Using the monster’s divine energy Zaros opens up a massive portal, and his legions begin marching through. The entire time the now finished god watching its heads turn to stone as its life drains from it.

Zaros’s mission was clear. He intends to unite the gods and kingdoms of this planet so that he may find a way to become an Elder God, and during Zaros’s time on Gielinor, he learned of the Great Revision and took it upon himself to find a way protect the universe. Most gods fought back, and they were soon subjugated or killed.

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The Second Age lasted 2000 years. The majority of which Zaros spent uniting the world. He brought technology, civilization, and culture to the primitive races of Gielinor. He spent time watching and learning, including watching Saradomin, the alien learned what morality really was(probably from watching Saradomin preach good and do evil, amirite?). Saradomin, meanwhile, was unable to do anything against Zaros. He, his forces, and the gods he had united under him were too powerful. Saradomin waited for the time when he’d be able to act.

During the late Second Age, Zaros did something he had yet to do, start a war. He attacked the nation of Kharidian, a god named Tumeken fought against him. As they slowly lost, his 2 demi-god children Icthlarin and Amascut, searched for a way to fight back. They discover the planet Freneskae, and upon arriving, meet with the Mahjarrat and bring them back to fight for them. Amascot discovers Mah on this journey, and soon upon waking her, the two hurried back with their new allies.

Upon seeing the Mahjarrat, Zaros knew exactly what they were; they were essentially a lesser version of himself. Icthlarin hated the Mahjarrat. He saw the beings as evil and had constant problems with the Mahjarrat Sliske stealing mortal souls to use as soldiers and toys. It was his family’s duty to guide the protect the souls of the dead and the underworld. Over time the relationship between the Mahjarrat and the Kharidian gods.

Zaros approached the Mahjarrat, offering them the chance to join him. He knew them all too well, with them being a replacement created for himself. Many of them did. He decided to put the Mahjarrat Azzanadra and Zamorak in charge of his kingdom. With many of the Mahjarrat now on his side, Tumeken was backed into a corner.

Like anyone backed into a corner, he decided to do a, “If I’m going down, I’m taking all of you with me.” With a huge explosion, he destroyed the lush lands of Kharidian, turning it into a desert and wiping out both sides’ forces. With the victory, Zaros realized that his kingdom and this destruction were not bringing him any closer to his goal, and he slowly started disappearing, leaving Zamorak and Azzanadra to run his kingdom. A long time passed. Zamorak grew tired of Zaros’s lack of involvement and decided it was time to get rid of him. Soon Zamorak discovered the Stone of Jas (Jas’s egg, also the elder artifact called The Catalyst) and used it to gain massive amounts of power.

A god far away from Zaros’s lands named Armadyl had left his staff (and elder artifact called The Siphon) with his human followers. Zamorak was able to have his network of spies steal the staff and deliver it within his grasp. With this and the Stone of Jas, he knew he’d be able to overthrow Zaros.

Zaros had had enough; he had decided to pass his kingdom to both Azzanadra and Zamorak and fully dedicate his time to finding a way to stop the Elder Gods and become one himself. He planned to use diplomacy with them. Before this could happen, Zaromorak, along with his allies fed up with Zaros’s rule, broke into the kingdom’s throne room and began a coup to get Zaros to leave the kingdom or die by his hands. Zaros appeared and ordered his men to kill the traitors. Zamorak was able to break past Zamorak’s men and tried attacking Zamorak with the Staff of Armadyl, but it was grabbed by Zaros, who then proceeded to invade Zamorak’s Mind.
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Zaros pulled both of them into Zamorak’s mind, where Zamorak had no power. Zaros decided to humiliate Zamorak before punishing him for his insubordination. Just then, Zamorak figured out how the Staff of Armadyl worked. He could see everything connected to Zaros, Nex, Char, and Mah, and he realized that he could move in the physical world. Zamorak knew from previous experience that the staff could transfer energy being two beings. He impaled the staff through Zaros’s chest, escaping his mind and almost killing Zaros.
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Zaros left his physical form as a way to avoid his death. His incorporeal form returning to Freneskae to regain the power he had lost. Zamorak fell unconscious and was whisked away by the Demons. He had promised them that if they helped him overthrow Zaros, he would, in-turn help them overthrow the ruling race on their homeworld, which Zaros had been all chummy with.

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Saradomin was able to acquire the Stone of Jas quickly. He used it and massively increased in power. At one point on the island of Entrana, a stone head awakened. The stone head was a mouthpiece for the elder gods started warning everyone of the Stone of Jas and the other elder artifacts misuse, and the misuse of them would lead to the elder gods awaking and destroy the universe. Saradomin being the level-headed person he is, decided to drown the bastard so that no one would find out about his plans for the Stone of Jas.

Soon Zamorak returned to Gielinor victorious in his campaign. He had become a god.

The Third Age – The God Wars

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - The Third Age - The God Wars

The Third Age starts like any good chapter in Saradomin’s backstory, with genocide. Azzanadra had held the kingdom together as best as he could, but with Zamorak’s return, many more Zarosians defected to him. Zamorak decided to crush the ones who resisted. Meanwhile, Saradomin, who was constantly denied by Zaros and his kingdom during the previous age, decided to get in on some of that. The two allied to finish off the Zarosians.

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Azzanadra’s forces held strong; many times, he sent his spies in to try to get the two factions to turn on one another with no success, although Zamorak and Saradomin’s genocide was met with great success. They quickly wiped out the Empire, all but the Capital city of Senntisten, which Azzanadra held firm. Soon enough, Saradomin decided he had enough of Zamorak to decided to backstab him like the ultimate good god he is, leading to their hatred for one another that persists to this day. The turn of events didn’t affect Zamorak. He fought against Saradomin and won one battle after another. Soon Saradomin had lost most of his kingdom.
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During this time, a god named Bandos arrived on Gielinor. He had known of Gielinor since the first age. He had kept constant tabs on it, knowing that it’d be the perfect world for him to use as a battlefield, but knew that both Guthix and Zaros were too strong and would be able to stop him without a second thought. Now with both of them gone, this just left Seren as the only god on the planet stronger than him, but he knew of her pacifism, which wouldn’t make her a threat. He arrived with his armies ready to get in on some of this action.
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Losing more and more every day, Saradomin approached Bandos and Armadyl, along with many other gods that are now dead or gone. He convinced them that he was the victim here, and Zamorak was evil and needed to be stopped!

img 5fab9b2f368a6 wpgameplay com
The god wars lasted 4000 years, and hundreds of billions of lives were lost. Saradomin even went and found new races, like the Centaurs, who he convinced to fight for him and lead to their near extinction. Bandos switched sides constantly in an attempt to keep the war going, and Saradomin backstabbed Armadyl on multiple occasions in an attempt to stay on top. Many people, including innocents, were killed, and then the final battle arrived.

The Destruction of Forinthry – Guthix Awakes

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - The Destruction of Forinthry - Guthix Awakes
The battle was fought. Zamorak was quickly overwhelmed by the 3 gods’ forces. Soon enough, Armadyl, Bandos, and Saradomin had Zamorak cornered with the Stone of Jas. Saradomin ordered Zamorak to surrender, but knowing Saradomin’s true nature, he refused. That’s when Zamorak decided to try to reason with Armadyl and Bandos. He told them that everything he did, he did for the betterment of the world, and Saradomin was a wolf in sheep’s clothes and was merely using them to get ahead. Unfortunately, Saradomin had his claws too deep in both of them. Armadyl, who starts questioning the situation, is quickly brought back in line by Saradomin. With no other options and like anyone backed into a corner, he decided to do a, “If I’m going down, I’m taking all of you with me.”

Zamorak using the Stone, created an explosion to take the 3 gods down with him. Zamorak underestimated the power, and the explosion was so massive it scarred a massive portion of the planet forever. When the dust cleared, all the gods were surprised they were all still alive, and Zamorak, Bandos, and Saradomin teleported away. Meanwhile, Armadyl fell to his knees after watching all of his people die in the explosion and being brought to the brink of extinction.

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He saw it all. Images flooded through his head of a god using the stone to cause massive destruction and the god that murdered his people antagonizing him. Enough was enough. This world didn’t need gods, and he had to stop this; he wasn’t going to let what happened to Naragun happen to Gielinor.

Guthix teleported straight to the sight of the explosion. Using his massive power, he slammed a sword in the ground creating the Edicts of Guthix, a shield around the planet. The shield would keep any weaker god out. Guthix approached Armadyl, who was completely lost in his despair; he leads his people to Gielinor so that they could survive, but he had led them to destruction. Guthix saw how Armadyl had lost almost all of his people, just like himself, and told him what the Edicts were and how Armadyl would have to leave. Armadyl flew off and spent the next 2169 years roaming the universe, trying to find peace in himself.

Some gods like V left peaceful. Guthix approached Bandosx, and Guthix asked him to leave; he agrees to know that he can’t beat Guthix and gestured for his soldiers and follow. Guthix told him that his soldiers are staying, but Bandos is leaving. Bandos immediately attacked Guthix, but before he could reach Guthix, Guthix raised his hand, and Bandos immediately found himself in the middle of space.

Zamorak was banished as well. Guthix met with Saradomin, and he left peacefully, but Guthix felt like it was only because Saradomin knew he stood no chance. Guthix felt like Saradomin would always be trying to return.

The last god Guthix approached was Seren. She did her best to avoid the god wars, but they came to her. Guthix told her about the Edicts, and now she had two choices; she either had to leave or go to sleep like he was going to. Seren, unable to leave her elves, blew herself up in a rain of crystals so that she may remain in body with her elves. Guthix wept and went back to sleep.

The Fourth and Fifth Ages

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - The Fourth and Fifth Age

These Two Ages were the Age of Rebuilding and the Rise of Humans. While not much happens with Saradomin, his followers take control. Through crusades, subversive tactics, and propaganda, along with stealing and lying, they become the most numerous faction on the planet. They spread lies about their god’s greatness and the evilness of Zamorak while committing murders to get ahead.

During this time, you had crusades by Saradomin’s followers and even had blood rituals taught to them by Saradomin himself (why does the ultimate good god know blood rituals) used to keep others under control.
img 5fab9b4e6c238 wpgameplay com

A few bullet points to put here on what happens during this

  • Bandos finds a way to bypass the Edicts losing a Tier of power upon his defeat, putting him in line with Saradomin, Armadyl, and Zamorak.
  • The Zarosians reform under Azzanadra and make contact with Zaros.
  • The Temple of Lost Ancients unthaws, allowing 5 god generals to return and fight over a super-weapon, the god’s word.
  • The Fanatical and Genocidal Saradominist organization HAM is founded and defeated by the player.

This brings us to the current chapter in our story, where we ourselves are involved. The Sixth Age – The Madness of Saradomin.

The World Wakes – Mr. Saradomin’s Wild Ride

You fought dragons; you fought the Mahjarrat, you beat Bandos’s attempt to break through the Edicts, now it’s time for a quest that Mod Mark called “the most important one to date.”
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The quest starts with you meeting with the archeologist Orlando Smith. He’s discovered what he thinks is an old temple to Guthix. You make your way inside to find ancient relics, one of which is a broken sword cracking with energy(the Elder Sword). Soon the defenses of the temple are activated, and Orlando is killed. Once defeated, the Mahjarrat Sliske reveals himself and tells you what you’ve happened upon. This isn’t just an old temple, Guthix is asleep right under you, and now a beacon has gone out, alerting every single fanatic where they can find Guthix since without Guthix, the Edicts will fall, and their gods can return to Gielinor. Sliske and the Zarosians have a super awesome plan and need you to go inside and make your way to Guthix.

Seconds later, Armadyl, Zamorak, and Saradomin’s god wars dungeon generals arrive. The three have made a temporary alliance to kill Guthix. Kree’arra, Armadyl’s generals, is left behind to deal with you. Once beaten, he retreats, knowing he’s been bested.
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Zilyana and K’ril run into a roadblock up ahead. They find a door they’re not able to get past and leave in an attempt to find a way around. Upon solving the puzzle, the door unlocks, and you meet with the Guardians of Guthix; Juna, Death, Valluta, Fiara, Chaeldar, and Thaerisk. They make you an honorary member to get your help defending the temple against the generals’ assaults. You’re taken down below where you meet with the leader of the Guardians of Guthix, Cres. This meeting doesn’t last long as sounds of armor and shouting are heard throughout the several wings leading to the room; the armies are close.

You lead the forces first again General Grarrador, Bandos’s general, and once defeated fight the individual forces of K’ril and the Zamorak Mahjarrat; Zamouregal and Enakhra. Upon their defeat, sounds of battle echo through the room as Saradominist forces have walked right through the front door, attacking the Guardians from behind. Now you have to help Juna defend the final seal guarding Guthix’s resting spot.
img 5fab9b723d143 wpgameplay com
You defend Juna long enough to hold off the Saradominist forces till they’re completely defeated. Cres turns around to see Zilyana walk into the room, and doing what Saradominists do best, Zilyana proceeds to murder Cres in cold blood, thinking he’s Guthix.
img 5fab9b8239056 wpgameplay com
With Cres’s last words, he taunts Zilyana letting her know that she killed the wrong person. Just as she finishes him off, she turns around, shocked to see the Zarosians; Azzanadra, Nex, Char, Wahisietel, and Akthanakos enter the room. She’s done.
img 5fab9b91ac0fe wpgameplay com
The Zarosians let everyone know that the whole battle is over, the Saradominists and Guthixians are too weakened to do anything against them now, and there’s were going to be a little different plan. Azzanadra tells everyone that the Player had infiltrated their ranks successfully. The plan now was for them to enter Guthix’s chamber and negotiate with him to allow just Zaros to return, avoiding a whole nother god war completely. The player has a decision to make; Side with the Zarosians and talk Guthix into letting Zaro’s return, Side with Zilyana and kill Guthix, or side with the Guthixians and let Guthix remain asleep. No matter what you choose, the seal behind Juna is blown out, letting her know that an intruder has entered Guthix’s chamber. The Player rushes ahead and, to their surprise, finds Guthix fully awake.
img 5fab9ba8640b4 wpgameplay com
Seconds later, Sliske teleports right before Guthix with the Staff of Armadyl in hand. He turns around gives you the biggest ♥♥♥♥-eating grin possible, knowing he’s won.
img 5fab9bba810ea wpgameplay com
Using the Staff of Armadyl, he shoots a lightning bolt out, mortally wounding Guthix, and quickly teleports away.
img 5fab9bd292a08 wpgameplay com
Guthix calls to you to come to him; he’s dying and has to speak to with. Upon reaching him, he takes you inside his mind so that he has more time to talk to you. He takes you to his memories of Naragun as he had left them to show you the destruction Saradomin, Skargaroth, and Tuska brought upon his world.
img 5fab9be7c2e5e wpgameplay com
Guthix tells you that he could’ve stopped Sliske but decided not to know this world doesn’t need gods; it needed protectors. Using the last of his power, he makes you the World Guardian and gives you the ability to resist god magic.

It is over. My family wait for me. Remember… your purpose, Player…Forget me.
-Guthix’s last words

Guthix dies; though he joins his wife and daughter in death, he knows that he will not spend the rest of eternity with them as gods do not go to the afterlife.

You return to the real world, Guthix’s corpse is already petrified as his life has left his body.
img 5fab9bf7b12d8 wpgameplay com
The ceiling starts to crumble, Guthix’s body isn’t even cold yet, and a blue light appears. In the blue light, the ultimate good god, Saradomin, appears who proceeds to banish all the Zarosians in the room(Remember this part as it’ll be crucial in the next section).
img 5fab9c0b8accb wpgameplay com
Saradomin attempts to get rid of you(for some reason…) just to find out he can’t. Saradomin goes on about how noble Guthix was, and he didn’t deserve this(lie).

The Sixth Age has begun.

The quest ends, but you begin your trip to Mr. Saradomin’s Wild Ride.
SPOILER: The ride never ends.

World Event 1: The Battle of Lumbridge – The Destruction of Lumbridge

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - World Event 1: The Battle of Lumbridge - The Destruction of Lumbridge

Many months later and suddenly, one day, a portal appears outside Lumbridge. It slowly gets bigger and bigger. People from all around gather, thinking their god will soon return to bring about peace.

It takes two weeks for this portal to form, and once formed, out pops Zamorak. K, let’s stop here for a second.

Since this time, we learned that portals from planet to planet take a while to open from gods. In Zamorak’s case, this instance, it took 2 weeks. Why the hell was Saradomin back before Guthix’s corpse was cold? This leads to the popular theory that even though Saradomin was all mopey about Guthix’s death, he was sitting right outside the Edicts trying to find a way in. When the beacon went off, he ordered Zilyana to murder Guthix. Let’s continue.
img 5fabab498cc8f wpgameplay com
Zamorak immediately begins blasting holes in the ground. The portion of Guthix’s energy that didn’t go to you and Sliske is buried here. Soon Saradomin appears, in his new form, and shoots a bolt of energy at Zamorak’s back(this tells you a lot about Saradomin if he thinks it’s honorable to attack someone with their back turned).
img 5fab9c3964119 wpgameplay com

img 5fab9c4ab95f8 wpgameplay com
The two gods clash, their energies blasting a huge crater in the ground, destroying the entirety of Lumbridge Forest and a large section of the city.
img 5fabab5a827f8 wpgameplay com
Once the dust clears, all of Guthix’s energy is fully revealed now.
img 5fab9c71a30c7 wpgameplay com
The two gods raise their bases from the ground, and as their armies clash, they exchange energy beams.
img 5fab9c8e45579 wpgameplay com
The battle lasted 10 weeks; each week, the gods would summon bigger and badder soldiers. The entire time Kara-Meir, the leader of the Godless, sat on the sidelines and did nothing and cried about how evil gods are. With the lack of the Saradomin lore we have now, the player base decided to side with Saradomin, and the battle was over. Saradomin absorbed Guthix’s energy and ascended a Tier in power to Tier 3 and proceeded to blast and wound Zamorak making him lose a Tier of power down to Tier 5. Before Saradomin could finish him, Moia teleported Zamorak to safety.
img 5fab9ca2f388d wpgameplay com
Saradomin teleports away, leaving the city that worships him in ruins. The people would have to rebuild on their own.

The Death of Chivalry – The One True Necromancer

“One does not insult a god without gaining a few broken bones. ”

img 5fab9a27e7158 wpgameplay com

While The Death of Chivalry came out during the Battle of Lumbridge, we’ve been told that it can occur either during or after on the timeline. The story is simple. The temple knight, Sir Owen, is told that he’s to go to the Edgeville Monastery and there he’d be given a mission there. That’s when you arrive.

Upon arriving, our old friend, Saradomin, appears. He informs both of you that the evil Black Knights on top of the hill have discovered a secret weapon, and he needs you to stop them. All you have to do is go in disguised and take the weapon. Simple right? Also, you can ask Saradomin about the Naragi here. Saradomin says that it’s his great shame, and he regrets it, but we’ll get to why that’s a lie down below and when we start talking about Tuska again.

Well, you successfully infiltrate the fortress and save a woman who’s locked up. At the end of a Saradominist tomb, you find the Wand of Resurrection, a Centaur horn with the magic ability to raise the dead. It’s guarded by a dead Centaur named Fern, who tells you that it was the horn of her sister who died using too much of her energy raising Saradomin’s troops from the dead during the god wars. When her sister died, Fern ripped her horn off in an attempt to keep up Saradomin’s righteous crusade, but sensing her true nature and intentions; the Centaurs have raised Zombified and immediately killed her.
img 5fab9cb7e00c9 wpgameplay com
You’re able to recover the wand, but Dawn, the woman you rescue, was evil all along! She takes the wand, kills Sir Owen, and resurrects him and the dead knights around you as zombies to kill you.

You battle and kill all the zombies and face off Dawn in an epic battle as she raises the dead around you. Eventually, you triumph and kill the evil witch. You go back to Sir Owen’s body and see Saradomin, the ultimate good god, waiting there. You try to raise Sir Owen, but it’s too late; Dawn’s magic won’t let you. That’s when Saradomin asks you for the wand. Here you can choose to give it, destroy it, or refuse.

Now you’ve played through the quest, heard Fern tell you how her sister died fighting for this man, she herself died from misusing the wand, and you watched Dawn raise an undead army to stop you, maybe it isn’t such a smart idea for someone like Saradomin to have this, or maybe it shouldn’t exist. Saradomin will understand, right?….right?
img 5fab9cc9853ba wpgameplay com

Saradomin goes, “The wand…NOW!”
img 5fab9ccd10426 wpgameplay com
You pull it back like, “You can’t have it, Saradomin! I’d have to be nuts to side with you.”
img 5fab9ce78035f wpgameplay com
That’s when the psychopath proceeds to give you a faceful of Defying World Guardian Frying.
img 5fab9d00bb06e wpgameplay com
You’re knocked back, unable to resist his powerfully. Guthix’s blessing helped, but not enough. The wand is knocked out of your hand.
img 5fab9d21dd5c1 wpgameplay com
You reach for the wand, but it’s too late. Saradomin telegrabs it and proceeds to use it to raise Sir Owen.
img 5fab9d35a725c wpgameplay com

img 5fab9d47cc1c8 wpgameplay com
Saradomin smiles smugly, knowing that once again, he was victorious.
img 5fab9d65aca23 wpgameplay com
You look and gasp in horror as you see, Sir Owen rise.
img 5fab9d7678975 wpgameplay com
The wand raises Sir Owen as a reflection of Saradomin’s own soul, a corrupt monster.
img 5fab9d87c47a4 wpgameplay com

img 5fab9d9d86c08 wpgameplay com

Now, what happens if you side with Saradomin? Same thing minus the defying world guardian frying. You can only kill so many Naragi children before you lose your virtuousness. In the above example, Saradomin once again loses his temper, and this time attacks the person put in charge of stopping people like him and puts forth the ultimatum of “last time.”

His plan was simple now, he and Sir Owen were going to take the wand the use it to bring his Centaurs back so that they could die again for him. This has yet to be continued…
img 5fab9da1363b5 wpgameplay com

Missing, Presumed Death – Sliske’s Game Begins

RuneScape - The Madness of Saradomin - Missing, Presumed Death - Sliske's Game Begins

img 5fab9da9016f9 wpgameplay com

Missing, Presumed Death starts with what can only be described as Karma. You find a Saradominist monks group, who all but one have been murdered(Where was Saradomin to protect them?). Upon investigating, you find that a group of Seren’s elves has murdered them, but they too have been murdered. It’s soon revealed that this looks to be the work of Sliske, and soon the god of the underworld, Icthlarin, arrives. He tells you Death is missing, and he’s having to both reap the souls of the dead and escort them to the afterlife. Soon enough, Wights rise and attack both of you.

img 5fab9daca3e41 wpgameplay com
You fight and easily beat them to reveal something sinister. An invitation box. It’s for Icthlarin, inviting to him Sliske’s ceremony where he will become a god. Icthlarin refuses to know that Sliske is up to no good, but it is soon revealed that Sliske was the one who kidnapped Death. Icthlarin reluctantly accepts, needing you to come with him. You open the box and are taken to the Empyrean Citadel, Armadyl’s throne room during the Second and Third Age.

Outside you see all the gods’ followers, many of which trying to pick fights with one another(Especially Zilyana).
img 5fab9dc482d50 wpgameplay com

Although Icthlarin is allowed inside, you’re not, and decide to do something to get in. that’s when you search for another route. As you search, you’re able to get a glimpse of what’s going on inside.
img 5fab9dd8a1dd8 wpgameplay com
Bandos and Armadyl have both arrived back in Gielinor. All the gods bicker and argue over one another’ philosophies, while Saradomin, being the strongest in the room, attempts to bully the others. The others don’t stand for this and call him out on his ♥♥♥♥.

Eventually, you make your way to the throne room with an invitation. This is when Sliske reveals everything. The real reason he brought everyone here is that not only did he kill Guthix and has the Staff of Armadyl, but he’s also found the Stone of Jas. He intends to spice things up and tells everyone that they’re all going to play a little game….whoever kills the most gods will win the Stone of Jas. While some gods disagree, others like Bandos want to win it. Everyone’s going to have to get involved, even if they don’t want to. The gods start arguing again, and having enough of it; he decides to start the game. He attacks Icthlarin and releases the dragonkin he has caged in the room, which quickly becomes enraged by the sights of You, Sliske, Saradomin, and Zamorak.
img 5fab9dee36ab4 wpgameplay com
Saradomin being the great protector of the weak he is, is the second god to get his a*s out of the room, right after Zamorak, who’s standing right next to the dragonkin.

You can rescue Death, and both you and Icthlarin escape the Citadel. Now it’s only just a matter of time before someone makes a move.
img 5fabab796b2eb wpgameplay com

World Event 2: The Bird and the Beast – Rip or Be Ripped

With Sliske’s game declared, it was time for action. Bandos and Armadyl had decided they had had enough of one another. Bandos, tired of Armadyl’s hypocrisy, and Armadyl tired of Bandos’s warmongering, had decided enough was enough. They would duke it out to the death, and the survivor would be one step closer to winning the stone of jas. With the battle lines drawn, both gods appeared and summoned their armies and raise their towers. Armadyl making his appearance in a brand new form, like a phoenix risen from the ashes of his despair, ready to show the world that he won’t be pushed around any longer, and Bandos ready to show this world that goody-two-shoes fall before might. Both gods built god slayer weapons, and with it sent their armies out to battle…
img 5fab9e02c7651 wpgameplay com
But this is a guide about Saradomin, so we don’t care about that.

Players who teleported to the Falador loadstone were greeted once again by Kara-Meir, but with her, this time was an Icyene that looked a little different from every other Icyene. On this day, the lore community was left forever shaken as one fact was brought to light…Saradomin rips off wings.
img 5fab9e0bc5de9 wpgameplay com

Garlandia was a high ranked soldier in Saradomin’s armies on the Icyene homeworld of New Domina. At a feast, Saradomin asked her if she wanted to join his infantry or his bombardiers. When she told him that she had no intention to fight for him, he once again got angry and made an example of her by ripping off her wings in front of everyone. This was a death sentence for her people. She eventually made it to Gielinor and joined the Godless in an attempt to #StopSaradomin.

One thing was established in that world event…the lore community let our Saradominist friends know that their god’s dead next time he’s in a world event. Also, this happened to no one’s surprise.
img 5fab9e117af09 wpgameplay com

img 5fab9e30b787c wpgameplay com

World Event 3: Tuska Comes – Saradomin the Protector

“The ruin I brought to the Naragi is my greatest shame. Civilizations have risen and fallen, and still the actions of my past haunt me. And so they should, for regret begets wisdom, and I have much to regret. I was young and filled with a new and glorious power. I wore the Elder Crown, and thought it granted me the right to rule. In my arrogance, I did not anticipate the Naragi would refuse. I sought to make amends, when the beast and the hunter brought violence of their own. I fought against them for the same reason that I now battle Zamorak… To protect you. To remove a threat. As long as these invaders exist, your world shall never know peace.”
-Saradomin, The Death of Chivalry

“Your god’s dead next time he’s in a world event.”
-The Lore Community to our Saradominist Friends, World Event 2

With the death of Bandos, Sliske’s game had come to a screeching halt. There had been no one left that wanted to really fight. Zamorak was in hiding, Saradomin and Armadyl were MIA, then it happened. The Astromancers around Gielinor noticed something…A giant blind boar god charging towards Gielinor.
img 5fab9e3493b59 wpgameplay com
The Airut arrived quickly once the Edicts were down, and now their god Tuska was coming to Gielinor to do to it what she had done to many other countless worlds. Now the god crackled with energy; while blind, she had absorbed the Anima Mundi of so many worlds that she had become increasingly powerful and had developed World Guardian god immunity.

The four factions of Armadyl, the Godless, Saradomin, and Zamorak assembled, ready to put Tuska down. The factions had to gather Anima from around the islands orbiting Tuska and hurt the boar goddess. There were 30 days in the event; 16 wins from the 4 factions were required to beat Tuska, with the highest win % being the faction that killed Tuska, while if Tuska won 16 times, she would cause great damage to Gielinor (Soran had implied that Zaros would’ve stepped in and stopped her since he had returned soon after Bandos’s death). This never happened because Jagex introduced Deus Ex Machina crystals that made sure that Tuska never won again. The one time she did win after that was due to a bug.

The Saradominist faction last placed 29 out of the 30 days (They got next to last place the other day!). The #StopSaradomin hashtag had gained too much popularity with the player base tired of Saradomin’s genocide and temper tantrums. Saradomin himself, who was so very sorry for what he did to the Naragi and how he wanted to protect them from Tuska, was nowhere to be found to protect Gielinor. With the Godless faction winning 20 times due to the player base going “omg vorago!”, Vorago, an ancient being created by Gielinor’s Anima Mundi to protect the world, stepped in and killed Tuska.
img 5fab9e43663b7 wpgameplay com

Tuska fell to Gielinor alive but brain-dead at this point. Vorago was given a god kill in Sliske’s competition instead of the Godless because even Jagex knew that players didn’t want to side with the 2nd worst faction in the game, and they sided with Vorago cause “omg vorago!”

And for the first time, on day 31 of World Event 3, the entire Saradominist faction was completely and utterly defeated.

Sliske’s Countdown: Road to the Endgame

In 2016 We were told that the Stone of Jas storyline would be coming to an end with four quests:

  • Nomad’s Elegy
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Children of Mah
  • Sliske’s Endgame

Aside from the below, it is worth mentioning that during this time, the Dragonkin killed the god V by using the Elder Mirror on him, realizing that they soon mutate into mindless monsters if they achieve godhood.


Nomad’s Elegy

Nomad is one of the most well know non-god characters in lore. He was once known as the hardest boss in-game and, during the sixth age, became a somewhat important character.

img 5fab9e5969978 wpgameplay com
Nomad had a rough life. At an early age, Nomad’s parents were cornered by a group of Saradominists, and doing what Saradominists do best, the group proceeded to murder the both of them, leaving him to fend for himself. Growing up, he was bullied and knew he would have to become stronger, and he did, but soon became the tormenter.

During the Fifth Age, Nomad tutored under a Tergard lord named Oreb and learned a lot about souls. He’d constantly jump to master, learning and to kill them once he was done. He’d jump to Lucien and eventually become his own as he became strong enough and realized the threat of people like Lucien. Still, the player and eventually Lucien would eventually defeat the nomad.

Once the gods returned, Nomad knew he had bigger problems to worry about than just powerful men. He knew how dangerous the gods were and their followers (especially Saradominists). When Zamorak tried to steal the stone of jas from Sliske, Nomad betrayed Zamorak to get the stone for himself but failed. He would eventually decide to do something about the gods.

Nomad’s Elegy starts with Nomad taking over the underworld for an unknown reason. As you assault Nomad’s defenses, you find that he’s allied himself to Guthixian zealots and has an intense hatred of the gods, intending to kill them all.

Eventually, you make your way to Nomad’s location, finding out what his plan is…
img 5fab9e699ce4b wpgameplay com
Nomad has used the souls of the dead to craft an artificial god in the likeness of Guthix, that he names Gielinor. After an intense battle. You’re given the choice of having Death or Icthlarin finish off Gielinor. You can also kill or spare Nomad. No matter what happens, Sliske arrives to take Nomad (or his corpse) away.


Kindred Spirits

With the death of Bandos, Sliske’s game had come to a screeching halt. Armadyl and Saradomin were missing, and Zamorak was in hiding. Seren and Zaros weren’t acting. The quest starts when you’re told that Sliske has been kidnapped and needs your aid. After a short bit, it’s revealed that he’s just bored and wants to play a game with you. The prize is the Staff of Armadyl, which he hopes you’ll use to spice up his game. He starts this game by killing our old Saradominist friend Brother Samwell from Missing, Presumed Death, making us question why Saradomin was still not protecting this poor man.
img 5fab9e87b4e78 wpgameplay com
For this game, you have to torture The Barrow Brothers. We learn a few juicy things
-Dharok never wanted to fight.
-Verac, while always acting like a devout follower of Saradomin, has always worshiped Zamorak.
And the juicy bits
-Ahrim, the oldest of the barrow brothers and the leader, was in love with a woman named Isolde. Isolde was in love with the youngest brother Gunthan. Since Ahrim couldn’t have, he asked Isolde to meet him in secret, and doing what Saradominists do best, Ahrim proceeded to murder her in cold blood and tell Gunthan that she ran off. During Ahrim’s torture in the quest, he is confronted with this memory. If he is not fully repentant upon finished, he will destroy her immortal soul to wipe her memory from Guthan’s memory.
-During the brothers’ early years training to be in Saradomin’s army, they had a Commander named Jaycliff who had a bully type attitude. One night, in a drunk stupor due to Isolde abandoning him, Gunthan decided to do what Saradominists do best and murder Jaycliff in cold blood, proving that Saradominists aren’t even safe from one another. Panicked at what has transpired, Gunthan was the one who made a deal with Sliske that would damn their souls.

In the next to last torture session, you accidentally break into a secret room. It is revealed that Sliske has had an obsession with you since the Second Age when a mysterious god named Xau’Tak told him a message with your name in it, many centuries before you would be born. It is also revealed that Sliske has an unknown master.

During the torture with Gunthan, Sliske finds out about this. A fight breaks out, and he Siphons a part of your soul off with the Staff of Armadyl and beats you to a pulp. He then claims Linza as one of his barrows wights as she had also made a deal with him. You and the survivors can escape and find out that the Barrows Brothers are now free of Sliske thanks to you and will help you shortly.


Children of Mah

CoM starts with the neutral Mahjarrat, Kharshai, asking for your help. It turns out that the Mahjarrat need to do another ritual for some reason as they’ve begun to lose their power again after only a few years, and normally this only happens every century. He is afraid that he will be sacrificed due to refusing to side with the Zarosians nor Zamorakians.

Upon arriving at the ritual site, the consensus is clear that Kharshai is to be sacrificed. Just as he’s about to, Zaros arrives and informs the Mahjarrat that something bigger is at work that needs to be dealt with and meet him on Freneskae and leaves. Zamorak then pops him and tells everyone not to trust Zaros and just to sacrifice Kharshai. The Mahjarrat all agree to go to Freneskae instead.

On Freneskae, the Mahjarrat Zemouregal captures Kharshai’s intent to sacrifice him so they can all go home. Alone, you try to navigate the planet and end up almost dying, just to be saved by Seren. Seren informs you that something big is going on, and she needed to be here.

You’re able to make your way to the location Zaros specified and find everyone there ready to sacrifice Kharshai. Zaros arrives and stops it, and explains to everyone that Mah is draining everyone’s’ power to save herself, and they need to stop her.

Just then, Zamorak arrives and tells everyone not to trust Zaros. Having had enough, Zamorak decides to attack Zaros. It ends exactly how you’d expect.
img 5fab9e8e6991b wpgameplay com
As Zamorak is about to die, he decides to do an “if I’m going down, I’m taking you with me!” and attempts to transfer his energy to all the Mahjarrat to foil Zaros’s plan. Zaros stops and makes a deal with Zamorak. Zaros needs everyone here. The two make a demonic contract. Zaros promises to cure the Mahjarrat of all of this forever; in exchange, Zamorak has to fulfill a future order during Sliske’s Summit. If either party were to fail on their end, then they would be destroyed.

Zaros sends you up to Mah, where you find Seren. The ritual everyone is doing below is about to wake Mah and Seren needs your help to calm her down. You enter her dreams and battle her nightmares. Nearing the end, you discover why Mah was born prematurely; an ice spike had been driven into her core, heavily imply that the Elder God Wen caused this to happen.

You leave the nightmares only for Seren to find out that Zaros’s ritual had left Mah drained and braindead. Seren kills Mah as a way of putting her body out of its misery. Seren goes down below and confronts Zaros on what he has done. While the two are arguing, Zamorak and the other Mahjarrat recognize Seren’s energy; she was the one who started all this ritual crap in the first place. She leaves as everyone starts to turn on her.

Sliske’s Endgame – Saradomin’s Secret and Utter Defeat

“I hear the crossing of swords and the warmth of light, then the coolness of shadow. These continue, light then shadow, until I pass.”
-Death seeing what happens next time Saradomin’s in a World Event.

img 5fab9e9e4f146 wpgameplay com

img 5fabab83cc203 wpgameplay com

img 5fab9ea9138d7 wpgameplay com

The eclipse of Gielinor’s sun signaled the start of Sliske’s Summit. With a start, the scoreboard for winning was left as such.

img 5fab9ead226c6 wpgameplay com

Your first task is to deliver an invitation to all of the gods. This is uneventful minus finding out Armadyl was g*y because 2016 was (Current year – 4). It only gets eventful when you deliver Saradomin’s invitation.
img 5fab9eb2aa81c wpgameplay com
He informs us of such great things as;
-Control is freedom.
-He gives us a graphic detail of ripping off Garlandia’s wings.
-He intends to subjugate the gods.
-He may have subjugated the Icyene by committing genocide on another race.

Once all invitations are given out, all the gods and either escort show up to the Summit.

There, Brassica Prime and Marimbo drop out (mostly because they exist to be joke gods). He starts it by giving the player a chance to score a free god kill by summoning Nomad, who’s now a barrow wight and was given the fragment of your soul to gain world guardian immunity. Upon beating him, you have 5 points to give to a god of your choice or keep for yourself. Also, the Dragonkin will be invited in for killing V, mostly to cause Chaos.

Now, Sliske’s true game begins. All contestants will be put in a maze. The number of points will put you further ahead. The first person to reach the end of the two-level maze wins the Stone of Jas. The first person to reach the second maze has the opportunity to banish the followers of one god. Also, due to some unforeseen force, the gods lose their power and their godhood!

Inside the Maze, Icthlarin and Death are instantly eliminated as they start to revert to what they were before getting their powers, a dog, and a dying man. Death can see the future death of anyone in the maze since they are all now mortal. Here, he sees what happens to Saradomin next time he’s in a world event. Both maze levels are full of petty squabblings between the gods, but they all know that killing one another would lead to them playing the game Sliske wants them playing, and they don’t.

As mentioned earlier, the first person that reaches the second level of the maze gets to banish another god’s escort. There is a hidden timer hidden mathematical formula (which goes off of points) for this, but it goes off of points. If you don’t reach the second level before the timer expires, then a god gets chosen depending on the formula. The gods select others based on their grudges. Armadyl selects Zamorak for what happened to Forinthry. Seren selects Zaros since she doesn’t want him to complete his ultimate goal. And the main reason I’m telling this, Zaros selects Saradomins. Sliske asks why, as there is no reason to, but Zaros won’t answer. Sliske figures there is something more going on here.

For gameplay reasons, it’s impossible for another but the player to complete the maze’s second level. Once you do, you find another god waiting on the final level. It’s either Armadyl, Zamorak, or Saradomin. There is another formula at work here that goes off original points and subtracting points if they had their escort banished. Most of the time, it’s Armadyl. Sliske will tell you and the god that for the final portion, you’re going to race for the stone.

Once the race is over, Sliske will congratulate the winner and hand over the Stone of Jas. Just then, Zaros will teleport in, which confuses Sliske as everyone should’ve been banished. Let’s say Zamorak, Armadyl, or Saradomin won. Well, remember that deal he made with Zamorak in the last Section? Yep, hand over the stone! Also, he locked Saradomin and Armadyl in with contracts of their own! Saradomin views Zaros as evil. Well, Zaros ended up finding Saradomin’s daughter and took her hostage. Their deal was Saradomin’s daughter for the stone. The ultimate good God is willing to turn over the most powerful artifact to someone he views as evil for his daughter! So much for principles.

Seren will then teleport in, confusing Sliske, and tell Zaros that she stole Saradomin’s daughter from him, meaning that Seren has to get the stone or else Zaros dies. If Armadyl or Zamorak win, then Zaros will be handed the stone, no matter Seren’s pleas. If the player wins, it will lead to Zaro’s and Seren threatening them to hand over the stone.

No matter who wins, the Dragonkin Kerapac swoops in, holding the Elder Mirror. Kerapac yells at everyone for playing games with the chains that bind him and his people and proceeds to destroy the Stone of Jas using the mirror.
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The chamber collapses, and everyone finds themselves in the area below. Sliske panics as he thinks his master will be furious that the Stone of Jas is now destroyed. Now starts a multi-part boss fight.
-The first phase starts with Sliske opening portals and summoning numerous Barrows Wights. Seren and Zaros help in dispatching them.
-The next phase starts with Sliske summoning the Barrows Brothers to help him. They will immediately refuse to serve him anymore and start killing the few Wights still escaping. Sliske will summon Nomad, Linza, and Gregorovic to fight you since they are still under his control.
-The final phase has Sliske fighting you himself.

Upon winning the battle, the player attempts to finish off Sliske by impaling him with the Staff of Armadyl while he’s down. He gets up and starts fighting back. Despite his attempts, he ends up impaled anyway. He laughs as he impales the other end into the player. His energy transfers to the player, his body turning to the stone have another god dies.

Upon his death, the player, Zaros, and Seren are teleported to a new area. Here, they’re met by a new being. A being that refers to Sliske as its Emissary. A being that doesn’t know what the concepts of death, war, nor races are.
img 5fab9ec6859b2 wpgameplay com
The Elder God Jas.

Zaros demands that he be made an Elder God, and Jas refuses to say that he could never reach the status. He leaves and promises to prove her wrong. Seren and Zaros are teleported out. Jas explains to the player that mortal life is a mistake, and it’s time for the Great Revision. If the player wants to save the world, they need to convince the other Elder Gods to spare the planet. Then, she will listen.

The player is teleported out, and then, along with Seren, Linza, and Icthlarin, have a conversation. The Elder gods are waking up. Also, Nomad is now running around with World Guardian Powers. Meanwhile, Saradomin is just mopping around.

Desperate Times – Where’s Saradomin?

After the events of Sliske’s Endgame, things went mostly silent for a while. The only real notable thing that happened was Saradomin’s assault on Daemonheim. He proved that #Saradoministlivesdontmatter once again threw wave after wave of his own men at a weaker god to finish him and failed.
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The Dragonkin were meanwhile plotting what to do next since they were now free of the Elder Gods. As the World Guardian and Allies dealt with Xau’Tak’s Ambassador, they schemed that it was time to attack the elder gods.

Desperate Measure starts with Armadyl and Seren organizing a meeting to save Gielinor and the entire universe from the Elder Gods. Are you familiar with Where’s Waldo? Well, Where’s Saradomin?
img 5fabab87d8d00 wpgameplay com
I see 2 Ultimate Good Gods, a wing-ripper, and a warmonger. But, I don’t see ‘The Ultimate Good God,’ the wing-ripper, the warmonger himself. So, the meeting to save the universe was missing Saradomin. At least he sent his crony!

The sides all bicker on what to do; eventually, Kerapac busts in with his own idea; just kill the Elder Gods. He plans to use the Elder Artefacts to put the Elder Gods to sleep, permanently. Since no one else has a better idea, this is the one everyone goes with.

Eventually, the player, Kerapac, and the rest of the group reach the Elder Needle. Kerapac sends you into the needle while he fights off the guardian. In there, you meet with Guthix’s memory and discover that Guthix let Sliske kill him and knew all the events that transpired were destined.

Upon leaving, you find out Kerapac’s true plan. His true plan is to turn Gielinor into a bomb and blow up the Elder Gods with it. He impaled the Elder Needle with the Staff of Armadyl and siphoned its power, turning into the guardian and flying off. The quest ends with everyone wondering where Saradomin is.
img 5fab9ee806a1c wpgameplay com
Kerapac’s plan would eventually be foiled without the help of Saradomin.

Final Thoughts

I’m hungry. Think I’m going to eat. I’m thinking Ravioli.

Remember Saradominists: Ravioli, Ravioli, your god’s dead next World Eventioli.

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