Rust – How to Pick Up Doors

Rust – How to Pick Up Doors 1 -
Rust – How to Pick Up Doors 1 -

How to Pick Up Doors in Rust

Whether you need to upgrade your doors or they’re just swinging in the wrong direction, you can easily pick up and move any door in Rust, provided you own it. If you need to move a wooden, metal, or armored single or double door, simply walk up to the door in question, open it up, then hold E while standing in front of it. You will need to make sure the door is unlocked, so hold your cursor over the door’s lock and press E to unlock it, then hold E over it to pick it up. Once the door is open and unlocked, just hold E while looking at any part of the door and you can pick it up. 
This same process applies to other kinds of doors like garages and hatches for the most part. Same deal, open up the door, take off the lock. The only difference is that in order to remove the door from its frame, you’ll need to have a building hammer equipped. Once you’ve got that hammer equipped, then just hold E over the door to pick it up. 
Once you’ve got the door in your inventory, you can install it in a new frame anywhere you want. Just remember that if you’re replacing a single door with a double door, you’ll need to remove the frame and install a larger one. 

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