Rust – Primitive Combat.

Rust – Primitive Combat. 1 -
Rust – Primitive Combat. 1 -

Guide for Rust – Primitive Combat.

A detailed guide explaining primitive combat and ways to become more proficient in it.


What is primitive combat?

Primitive combat is combat that involves bows, spears and any other weapons that don’t require tier two workbench and above. This doesn’t include double barrel shotguns and revolvers as they require bullets to be used.

What to use and not to use.


What not to use.

Compound bow
Wood spear
Stone spear
Nail gun

These are here because they simply don’t do enough damage for the crafting cost or they are to bulky to use in heated moments.

What to use.

Hunting bow

These two weapons have comparably high damage to weapons in tier 1 and are only outcla*sed by guns because of their low fire.


What not to use.
Fire arrow
Bone arrow
High velocity arrow

These ammo types either require blueprint or don’t do enough damage to justify their crafting requirements.

What to use
Wood arrow

These are cheat and do the most damage out of any arrow.

How to use said weapons.


Hunting Bow

This should be the first thing you should craft after you have a base set up or you plan to run super market/ gas station. If you in counter some one with a revolver or a double barrel strafe side to side in order to bait them into reloading. This will give you time in lay into them with a shot from the bow and this may kill them if you hit two heads shots or if they lack armor.


This should be crafted as soon as you get a tier 1 workbench as you have probably not gotten blueprints for guns yet. The strategy for this weapon is to get the drop on the opponent and land a head shot on them and then quick swap to the hunting bow for the finishing blow. If you miss your first shot, either find cover and reload or quick swap to the hunting bow and take them on from their.

Armor selection.

The most optimum and cheapest to make armor set for primal combat is by far full hide set, coupled with wood pants and the wolf headdress. if you cant easily ma*s produce wolf headdress than the wooden helmet would suffice. With the full set on the head will have a 30 percent projectile damage reduction and 60 percent melee damage reduction. The chest and the leg follows with both 25 percent projectile damage reduction and a 60 percent damage reduction in melee for the chest and a 55 percent for the legs. Also you will have 23 percent explosive resistance, 33 percent cold resistance, 27 percent radiation resistance, and 41 percent bite resistance.


Now you posses the knowledge that will help you succeed in early game wipe. So go join Rusty Moose Main and show that clan that offlined you, who they just messed with last wipe.

Written by TheHolyKing

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