Sally Face – Walkthrough Episode One: Strange Neighbours

Sally Face – Walkthrough Episode One: Strange Neighbours 1 -
Sally Face – Walkthrough Episode One: Strange Neighbours 1 -

Guide for Sally Face – Walkthrough Episode One: Strange Neighbours

Full walkthrough for perfectionists such as myself (all secrets, achievements, side and main quests, etc.)

All Achievements

The Unknown – found the feet, the eye and the dark one. 
Metalhead – listened to Sanity’s Fall multiple times. 
House of The Wretched – completed the Gear Boy game. 
A Dark Secret – got Lisa to mention Larry’s secret. 
Go To Sleep – used sleep aid with the tea. 
Irritable Bowels – used old laxative with tea. 
Charley’s Pony – finished episode one. 

The Dream Sequence

The Hospital Room 

  1. Answer the phone 
  2. Go left and turn on the lights 
  3. Push drawers on the right side of the room 
  4. Pick up the key 
    • Press “Q” to access your inventory and check out the key you just found on the floor 
    • There is a number on the key: 5 (House of The Wretched 1.1/4)
  5. Exit the room

The Door Maze 

  1. There are 4 doors to choose from: “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”. 
    • Enter door “D”
  2. Now there are 4 more doors to choose from: “M”, “N”, “O” and “P”. 
    • At the right-most end of the room there is a number on the bottom left: 3 (House of The Wretched 1.2/4) 
    • Enter door “O”
  3. Last 4 doors to choose from: “E”, “F”, “G” and “H”. 
    • Enter door “G”

The Funeral 

  1. Walk to the end of the field 
  2. Talk to the dog 
    • There is a number is in the tree above the dog: 6 (House of The Wretched 1.3/4)
  3. Enter the grave of Diane Fisher 
    • Once you entered, on the bottom of the dirt wall there is the last number: 4 (House of The Wretched 1.4/4) 
    • Enter the code into the number pad: 5364. This will unlock the batteries. (House of The Wretched 1.5/4)

The Morgue 

  1. Go through the unlocked door 
  2. Walk to the right and talk to Sal’s dad 
  3. The 4th locker is going to open 
    • Interact with the 6th drawer to reveal someone’s feet (The Unknown 1/3)
  4. Interact with the wheeled stretcher and look at the corpse of Diane Fisher


Hello, I’m Your Neighbour

4th Floor 

  1. Enter Sal’s room 
    • Interact with Gizmo for some quick exposition
  2. Walk to the left and push the furniture out of the way 
    • Pick up the Gear Boy (House of The Wretched 2.1/4)
  3. Exit Sal’s room and walk left into the kitchen 
  4. Interact with the grocery bags to get batteries for the Gear Boy (House of The Wretched 2.2/4) 
  5. Enter dad’s room 
    • Talk to him for some exposition
  6. Exit the apartment 
    • Talk with the cop guarding the 403 door

3rd Floor 

  1. Talk to the janitor lady 
    • Her name is Lisa 
    • Get the bas*ment key card (by asking “Anything to do for fun?”)

2nd Floor 

  1. No one seems to be living in 201, 202 and 203 
  2. Enter 204 and talk to Charley 
    • Check out his “My Glitter Pony: Rainbow Spectacular” collection

1st Floor 

  1. Go to 101 and talk to Mrs. Gibson 
    • Try talking to her 3 times for some fun dialogue
  2. Try entering 103 and talk to Mr. Addison 
  3. Head all the way to the right and meet the detective


  1. Walk right 
    • Interact with the Lost and Found box to find a Gear Boy game 
    • Press “Q” and try to use the Gear Boy 
    • The game is all jacked up, so just quit for now (House of the Wretched 2.3/4)
  2. Head left and enter 1B 
    • Walk left into the kitchen (The Unknown 2/3)

5th Floor 

  1. Enter 504 (A Dark Secret 1/5) 
  2. Exit 504 and head left past 501 
    • Interact with a small hole behind the boards (The Unknown 3/3)


Junior Detective

New Friend 

  1. Go to 1B 
  2. Enter Larry’s room 
  3. Chat with Larry and use all of the dialogue options 
    • “I like your shirt.” (Metalhead 1/2)
  4. Interact with the radio on the dresser 
  5. Interact with Larry’s painting 
  6. Exit 1B

Ready, Set, Go! 

  1. Go to 103 and get some tea from Addison (Irritable Bowels or Go to Sleep 1/3) 
  2. Go to 402 and head to the dad’s room 
    • Interact with Sal’s dad to find a quarter (House of the Wretched 3.1/4)
  3. Use the walkie talkie anywhere in 402

The Crime Scene 

  1. Exit the apartment and sneak into 403 (A Dark Secret 2/5) 
    • Examine the nightstand 
    • Examine the chalk outline 
    • Examine the ponies
  2. Talk to Larry 
    • “Play that Sanity’s Fall song again?” (Metalhead 2/2) 
    • Use all of the dialogue options (A Dark Secret 3/5)

Mother Knows Best 

  1. Go to the 3rd floor 
  2. Talk to Lisa 
    • “Do you need help?” (A Dark Secret 4.1/5) 
    • “I’ll keep him out of trouble.” (A Dark Secret 4.2/5) 
    • “He told me a dark secret.” (A Dark Secret 4.3/5)
  3. Head back down to 1B 
  4. Talk to Larry about the curse (A Dark Secret 5/5)



The Bathroom Ghost 

  1. Talk to Chug and use all dialogue options 
    • Trade him a quarter for the key (House of the Wretched 3.2/4)
  2. Go to 504 
  3. Enter the bathroom and chat with the ghost of Megan (House of the Wretched 3.3/4) 
  4. Exit the bathroom 
    • Talk to Chug
  5. Re-enter the bathroom 
  6. The Gear Boy will light up 
    • Press “Q” and use it 
    • Play the game (House of the Wretched 3.4/4)

House of the Wretched 

  1. Level 1: The Graveyard 
    • The Skeleton belongs to Megan, who has risen from the grave, driven by a desire to find answers behind her death. 
    • Go as far left as possible (beyond the screen) 
    • Interact with the “headstone” 
    • Use the key to unlock the gate on the right
  2. Level 2: The Courtyard 
    • Interact with the tree on left of the gate 
    • Go far left and interact with the fire pit 
    • Go far right 
    • Unlock the house door
  3. Level 3: The House 
    • Go right and interact with the first armchair 
    • Continue up the stairs
  4. Level 4: His Study 
    • Interact with the bookshelf farthest to the right side of the room 
    • Interact with the far left files 
    • Unlock the door
  5. Level 5: Her Room 
    • Interact with the chest 
    • Go right and enter room 504 
    • Enter the room to the left and interact with the corpse of Megan in the bathtub 
    • Exit the bathroom 
    • Unlock the door to the far right of the room 
    • There’s a dead body of Stacy on the bed 
    • Interact with the suicide note next to the Luke’s dead body hanging from the ceiling (House of the Wretched 4/4)


Breaking & Entering

WARNING! You can’t complete both Irritable Bowels and Go to Sleep in the same playthrough! 

  1. Irritable Bowels 2/3 
    • Take the laxative next to the toilet inside the 504 bathroom
  2. Go to Sleep 2/3 
    • Go to 402 and grab dad’s sleeping pills from the bathroom

Snitches Get Stitches 

  1. Go to 204 
  2. Talk to Charley 
    • “Be right back.”
  3. Charley will take Sal’s cup of Addison Tea 
    • If you used the laxative (Irritable Bowels 3/3) 
    • If you used the sleeping pills (Go to Sleep 3/3)
  4. Interact with the pony shelves 
  5. Exit 204 and head down to the 1st floor 
  6. Talk to the detective 
    • “I’ve got evidence!”
  7. Head right and leave the building 
  8. Keep going right 
  9. Look inside the van

Charley’s Pony (1/1) 

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This is all that we can say about Sally Face – Walkthrough Episode One: Strange Neighbours for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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