Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited – Solo Run Build

Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited – Solo Run Build 1 -
Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited – Solo Run Build 1 -
Playing solo/using only the protagonist is difficult but perfectly doable with proper planning in SoSC and SoSCR.
This is a build what i use in my Vita SoSCR playthrough.
if you looking for suffering, play solo and use this build to reduce those suffering.


About Solo Play

In SoSCR if you playing with only one party member, your character will level up so fast because they got all exp for themselves. all item for increasing stats given to a single character which makes that character strong. also random encounter enemies got fewer party member which makes this game doable to complete solo. so if you looking for fun by creating the most OP characters which able fight and cast magic at the same time, here is the build which i used to clear all SoSCR content in my vita. 

Protagonist General Setup

Race : Human 
Starting stat bonus : 10 point (Recommended 15 for easier early survivability by adding 5 more AGI) 
Starting Stat allocation : STR 3, VIT 5, AGI 2 
Starting Cla*s : Wizard 
Feature : Highly Observant (Innate Hunter’s Eye) 
Stat Allocation on level up : aim for 20 Agi first, then spread the stats so that your character well balanced 
Cla*s Progression : 
Wizard 2 > Samurai 8 > Knight 4 > Cleric 30 > Fighter 35 > Dancer 28 > Clocker 28 > Wizard 30 > Ninja 28 
Divinity : 
Flash Escape 
Holy Light I 
Black Wall I 
Dragon Fist I 
Soul Wall I 
Sword Bond I 
Holy Light II 
Dragon Fist II 
Soul Wall II 
Sword Bond II 
Dragon Fist III 
Soul Wall III 
Light Veil 

Early Game Build

Skills for Early Game 
Hunter’s Eye – Highly Observant 
Dual Wielding – Samurai 1 
Assault Slash 1 – Samurai 4 
Carnage Front – Samurai 8 
Hammer Soul – Knight 4 
Wand Soul – Cleric 1 
Holy Spirit – Cleric 26 
Early game notes 
Money : you gonna need to depends on items for survivability and cla*s changing cost a lot of money too so the main problem for early game is money. 
Armor : best way to make character in SOSC is by equiping armors with resistance effect. uh something like resist-humanoid, resist-beast, resist-undead and so on. idk what that name is but you know what i mean. so be sure to watch out for it. 
Weapon : early game weapon options is rather limited and upgrading cost small fortune so upgrading armors definitely no go. with that said there is a great shield which works as hammer to named Gillius Shield. dual wielding this shield grants tremendous defense and offense at the same time. also you might want to equip wand in your main hand of 2nd set of weapon just in case you need to guard counter some spellcaster. 
Combat : in combat you generally want to use Slash 1 for random encounters and use Carnage Front for tough enemies which you think you can dodge their attacks. but if those didnt works just be patient and spam guard counter. its a battle of endurance 
insta-kill enemies : since we didnt have holy spirit yet, be careful when fighting those kind of enemy. take them out first! 

End Game Build

Skills for End Game 
Hunter’s Eye – Highly Observant 
Trained Defense – Knight 1 
Holy Spirit – Cleric 26 
Learn Holy 5 – Cleric 30 
Genocide – Fighter 28 
God Arm – Fighter 35 
Weapon Trick – Dancer 6 
Miracle Song – Dancer 28 
Overclock – Clocker 28 
Master Cast – Wizard 27 
Learn Magic 5 – Wizard 30 
Evade Training – Ninja 1 
Assa*sin Dagger – Ninja 3 
Cicada Shell – Ninja 15 
Critical Hit – Ninja 28 
End game notes 
Weapon : Dual Wield 2 hand weapon melee in 1st set for hide 5x-critical hit combo and overclock-genocide combo. dual wield staff in 2nd set for overclock-master cast-magic combo. 1st set for melee guard counter and 2nd set for magic guard counter. 
Armor : the same like early build, make sure all your armor combined cover all type resistant. 
Combat strategy : battle usually started with your character in state of hiding, its better to buffing yourself with spell/or skills which doesnt cancel hide like master cast, and then when you hide alrdy for 4 turn use critical hit for big damage. generally you want to use genocide for damage dealing and save your mp for buff, heal, or need to clean up a lot of monsters at once. spamming guard counter is a good idea too if you think you can survive the onslaught. dont forget to alway buff yourself with Divine Armor buff and Divine Weapon buff you fight bosses using weapon based attacks. use dragon fist to reduce boss hit rate, use your holy light to keep yourself alive. 
Cursed equipment : some monsters gonna spam curse spell which is quite annoying and cursed armor means danger! highly chance you gonna die in next 2 turn. so be sure to remove the curse in your armor. cursed weapon is fine since you can use magic instead but still your magic damage reduced. 
by end game, your character will have maxed stats in all attribute if you pick all stat stones. 
post game works the same but with more grinding for stat stones and equipments. 


I have a lot of fun playing solo back then. definitely makes me feel like a chosen one fighting alone defeating bosses with sword, magic and divinity. i actually find playing solo is a lot more enjoyable than micro managing 6 characters. having one character allow me to play more recklessly in random encounters because i know well the limit of that character while having 6 characters we have to be careful because sometimes there is a lot higer level monsters mixed there which one shot one of our weaker characters. but fighting bosses solo is a lot more tense and dangerous especially when the bosses keep spawning minions. 
overall its very enjoyable experience which i plan to do again soon. 
i will update this once i did another solo playthrough. 

Written by Chupacadabra

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited – Solo Run Build. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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