scram – The Guide to Scram

scram – The Guide to Scram 2 -
scram – The Guide to Scram 2 -

Guide for scram – The Guide to Scram

This is a guide to scram for beginners, intermediate players, and veterans

For Beginners

Scram can be jarring at first, it can appear as a game of questionable quality to some (actually most) 
But after you see past the parts you would rather be removed the base gameplay is actually pretty developed 
Scram has four different actual gamemodes which are the core of what makes up the game 
Evacuation – A zombie defense like game where you must defend from the mutants (for more info go see the clear instructions for evacuation guide) Right off the bat you will see similarities with csgo when playing evacuation, in the begging there is a buy round where you can get all sorts of different weapons, tools and maybe a bulletproof vest (on the zombie side you can get different types of zombies to use) 
War – Basically an infinite team deathmatch game (best gamemode for new players) the gamemode was early in the games start so it features a lot of very simple weapons new players will find easy to use 
Elimination – A deathmatch mode that should be taken out of the game 
Extermination – A glitched gamemode that requires a bit more work to be considered a gamemode, hunters must exterminate the hunted or the hunted must get a gun from the hunters armory and use it to eliminate all hunters 
Each can have specific maps or hybrid maps that can bend between gamemodes 
Puketown is the games best known arena, this map can be applied to almost any gamemode and still have interesting gameplay (I would consider puketown best for Elimination though) it features three color coded buildings (somewhat a theme in scrams maps) surrounding a middle area, the map also features a playground area one of the best parts of the map 
2house is basically the games 2fort featuring two houses and a semi-vertical layout with a middle area (the map is only available for the war gamemode) it also has some really good sniper duel positions just don’t forget to not camp in the house 
Playground is an abstract platformer type map and is basically the most vertical map in the game (it was made for elimination but I think it would be better in evacuation) 
Now for the two best maps in the game: 
Taking the silver medal is Barn 
An experiment by the developers to see how well terrain combat would do in scram, the map features two barns (only one of which you can enter, the other is where the evac helicopter arrives on the roof) and a small shack somewhat linking the two 
Barn allows for great and interesting gameplay not really seen anywhere else in scram because of its winding and rolling hills 
And taking the gold metal is Bandwagon the best map in the game 
Bandwagon is one of the most vertical maps in scram featuring three color coded buildings and multiple covered wagons in an almost western theme 
Thin and easy to fall off of platforms high up create some seriously good gameplay (so you better watch your recoil and your step) 
And ‘hidden’ secrets are dotted all over the arena like being able to crawl under one of the wagons and being able to climb on top of the same one as well allowing you to jump across the chain of wagons avoiding possible ammo draining encounters with the zombies below 
There are also multiple spots around the map in which a circle of barrels hide items and maybe even an evac radio 
Scram also features many bold game mechanics that make scram scram (except for maybe not being able to reload, i think that was just because the developers did not want to animate all the reload animations) 
Some mechanics are: 
– Recoil actually physically pushes you back, allowing you to jump in the air and fire your gun beneath you to jump even higher, or just straight up super jump with more powerful guns like shotguns and sniper rifles 
– You cannot reload, although it would be cool to you cannot, to get more ammo you must find an ammo box which will take a bit before it gives you ammo, the developers turned laziness into a very cool game mechanic which can control the flow of the game if used right 

Suggestions For Beginners

If you are a new player I suggest playing the war gamemode first, 
The war gamemode is a good intro to the unique mechanics of the game and will teach you a lot about the gunplay in the game 
If you want to you can set up a private server and 1v1 a friend for practice 
Or if there are no war servers up you can just start your own server (the scram server creation menu is easy to use) 
Once you feel that you mastered the gunplay feel free to do whatever but just know, 
Do not play evacuation first 
Now that you have learned what scram is, get out there on the battlefield and kill some enemy peasants 

How I Play The Game

Hello, this section is for intermediate players if you are new scroll up to the "For Beginners" section 
Otherwise keep reading because I am about to teach you how I play the game 
Now my favorite gamemode is evacuation, it is a very important gamemode in scram not really targeted but rather just generally good for intermediate and veteran players 
The gameplay is a lot more complex than the other modes (that is not to say it is hard to learn, it is just hard to master) 
Evacuation can turn off newer players because of its vein nature, a lot of the things you do in the gamemode will not affect the gameplay 

Some weapons to use:

I always like the m15 in evacuation and the m15 is clearly meant for that gamemode, I do not know why the m15 is in the war gamemode or elimination 
The m15 has a bayonet which increases it’s melee damage tremendously, but in exchage it’s only semi-automatic 
It is a very high risk high reward weapon which is the type of in depth look at scrams gameplay I like 
The riot shield (scriot shield) is also op and a very good weapon for evacuation (it is also only available for evacuation because when an update happens the new weapons only go to evacuation) 
It has a melee that does 110 dmg and the shield also does what a shield does; block attacks 
What I like to do is huddle next to the crate in the spawn barn in the map named Barn and fend off any attacking zombies (demonstrated by my friend Nebulizer below) 
scram - The Guide to Scram 
This can be applied to almost any map as well, you should also have a secondary weapon with it like an uzi (bulletproof vest is optional) 
The best weapon in the game however is the Grenade Launcher, 
added in the same update as the RPG (I will talk about that later) 
It holds six pineapple grenades and that’s it, that is the weapon 
So simple yet so complicated it is the best weapon in scram, it is a late game weapon though so make sure to rack up that bread 
Some good early game weapons are (not named as they are in game) 
– The Desert Eagle 
– The Glock 
– The Colt Rattlesnake 
– The Mac-10 

Some weapons to not use:

A weapon I see players using too much is the RPG 
It was added in the same update as the grenade launcher which was not a good idea because the grenade launcher is the better pick of the two 
Sure the RPG’s rockets explode instantly but most of the time large hoards of zombies breaking down your walls wont notice the rolling sound of an unpinned grenade before it explodes 
Don’t get an ak just don’t, at least in the evacuation gamemode 

5 Tips For Evacuation

Always get a bag of peanuts when you can, and never buy a jar of peanut butter unless you find one in the map 
Grenades are a lot more important than people think they are, always have one on hand 
When you can always buy a hammer, seriously help out your team and if someone is on low hp drop a heath pickup if you have one with the G key 
Pick up a zombie comrades weapon if it is a good weapon (especially if it is a machine gun) because if you are in a situation where there is a murdered player next to you, you are gonna need the extra firepower 
When you are playing zombie, it is a lot easier to get bread breaking down planks than if you were hunting players or even were a player, take advantage of that and try to rack up bread while being a zombie so the next round or the one after that you can get more kills and possibly get evac faster 

All in All

All in all, scram is a great game but still needs improvement 
And you can be part of that if you are a good upstanding player 

Written by HolyBoots

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about scram – The Guide to Scram helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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