Sea of Thieves – Legend of Cursed Iron Guide

Sea of Thieves – Legend of Cursed Iron Guide 5 -
Sea of Thieves – Legend of Cursed Iron Guide 5 -

Guide for Sea of Thieves – Legend of Cursed Iron Guide

Don’t have any cool sounding titles and want one? Grinding commendations? Shift+tabbed to look at stuff while you were bored of your merchant runs? This is the guide for you, my friend!

The Guide Itself

Here is a near-guaranteed way of grinding out the Legend of Cursed iron achievement. 
Sea of Thieves - Legend of Cursed Iron Guide 
You will be wanting to buy an Order of Souls captain mission (not the ghost fleets, mind you, just the normal skeleton bounty missions.) You will want to scrounge through the barrels to find a green cursed ball. If you do not find one, then just hop to a different server until you find one or two. Once you have obtained a cursed ball and voyage, vote down the voyage and head towards where the quest takes you. 
Sea of Thieves - Legend of Cursed Iron Guide 
Once you have reached your bounty-mission spot, start killing skeletons. You will most likely want to wait until the last wave as that is where you will (probably) find the most skeletons. After you have the wave you want, lead the skeletons over to a beach-side spot where you have (hopefully) left your boat ready to fire upon the skeletons. Note that you will want to have your boat a little bit outwards from the beach or have the skeletons more up on the beach so you can reliably hit them with your cursed balls. 
Sea of Thieves - Legend of Cursed Iron Guide 
(Don’t ask why I have a ship-affecting cannonball, I couldn’t find any green ones.) 
When the skeletons are lined up and ready to be shot, equip a cursed cannonball into your cannon and unleash it upon them. I believe that if you shoot affected skeletons with normal cannonballs, it will not count toward the commendation, so try to swiftly snipe/blunder them, or, leading onto our next portion, use a keg. 
Sea of Thieves - Legend of Cursed Iron Guide 
Kegs are the fastest and most guaranteed way of killing skeletons. Do note that if you hit a keg with a cannonball, it counts towards the commendation. If you are a superstitious sort, you may try to swiftly say a prayer to ward off evil before you blow your powder keg on the skeletons. 

Afterthoughts and possible other ways to grind out the commendation

The aforementioned way to grind out the commendation is not definitely the best way to grind out the commendation, and while I have found it as the most reliable way to grind it out, but even if you make the best speed per bounty and get the most amount of skeletons you can with one cursed ball, progress will be slow. You will probably be making 5-6 kills per bounty, 4 or less if you’re unlucky. The whole point of a grind, after all, is to take time and patience for the rewards, no matter how meager. So, if you want to try to get the commendation with the utmost speed, even if these are not guaranteed ways to grind out the commendation, here are some bonus ways. 
Fort skellies 
Forts are a grand way to get as many skeletons as possible in one spot, and they come pre-packed with powder kegs to use, and while easy to server-hop and get a fort, a*suming you join a server and don’t hop, you have a 2/6 chance to have a skeleton fort up. To explain this number, I count Fort of Fortune and normal forts and I do not count krakens nor Fort of the Damned as krakens are dependent on there not being a world event and Fort of the Damned is possible to happen during a world event. I also count there not being a world event, giving you roughly a 33% chance to spawn in a server with an active fort, and I promised a near-guaranteed way of grinding. 
Ashen winds 
Ashen winds commonly spawns skeletons, however I am unsure of whether or not you can get commendation kills off of them, but if you can, they are very weak and can come in flocks near the later stages, the only problem is that your ashen lord will be chucking barrel-sized rocks at your ship for almost the whole time. The shortcoming of this way, much like the skeleton forts, is the chance of spawning in a server with an ashen winds up, 1/6 (or 16% for those who like numbers) is not a great chance. 
Skeleton ships 
I would not recommend skeleton ships as you will be able to hit only around 4-5 skeletons onboard at one spot, and you will get those numbers by having them all bunch up on someone onboard the skelly-ship, so you will have to have 2 people with one not being affected by the cursed cannonball, or get very lucky with a board immediately after your cursed cannonball is used. 
A cheese 
I have heard that you can stack cursed-balls on skellies, however I was unable to try this out myself, so for example if you stacked 4 curses on one skelly and killed it, you would get points for 4 kills. Assuming this is true and was never patched, then I would 100% advise for you to cheese the life out of this commendation because it is unreasonable and harsh to try and reliably do. 

Written by Huebo

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