Second Extinction™ – Tundra Megamap

Second Extinction™ – Tundra Megamap 18 -
Second Extinction™ – Tundra Megamap 18 -
This map contains the locations of almost every optional objective in the game. If you’re struggling to find a black box or need to complete a particular contract, this guide is for you.

The map also has a few fixes that aren’t on the in-game map, such as bridges and the Lata Plains south power station.



This megamap is intended to show every possible optional objective in the game. However, there are some rules that govern which of them will actually spawn during a mission The following entries are grouped by threat level. The icons in the megamap are tinted green, orange and red for their respective threat levels too. 

Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapInsertion/Extraction PointsAllAlways present. You cannot deploy in a high-threat area. The higher the threat level, the longer the raft will take to arrive. High-threat extraction points contain fewer equipment kits and if you wish to extract at one, it must be repaired first.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapCampsAllAlways present. In high-threat areas, they must be cleared of goo before activating, and will have fewer supplies.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapRadar RelaysAllAlways present. In high-threat areas, they must be cleared of goo before activating, and occasionally may need a fuse kit.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapSupply ContainersAllUp to 3 per region. Large containers that require four boosters are worth more research points than the smaller ones.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapClear LocationsAllPresent on expedition mode only. Always in the same named locations.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapRaptor TrapsLowOne per region.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapNesting GroundsLowOne per region.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapHollowsMediumOne per region.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapStranded DropshipsMediumOne per region.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapInfestations (burrows)HighOne per region.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapRexesHighUp to one per region, but not guaranteed.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapDropship WrecksHighOne per region. Each wreck is a*sociated with three possible black boxes, which are shown by dotted lines on the megamap.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapBlack BoxesHighLinked to specific dropship wreckages. May sometimes lie outside the boundaries of the region in which the wreck was found. Will never appear on the in-game map, even when found. Because of this, I’ve made a custom icon for it.
Second Extinction™ - Tundra MegamapEmergence EventsHighestAlways in the same place until the next world update. Active events are always visible on the world map anyway, but the different events are shown here for completeness since they cycle frequently.


The Map

The map is pretty large, at 2750×2750 pixels and just under 2MB (which is the maximum file size for Steam guides). 
If you want the large (5500×5500) version, you can get it – 
Second Extinction™ - Tundra Megamap 


The Megamap is the result of many dozens of playthroughs since pre-season 2. However, due to the randomness of objective spawns, and certain objectives only appearing in certain threat levels, there are still a few things missing! 
Based on what we currently know about the number of objectives in each region, I believe the following are missing: 

  • Aga Hills: 2 Rexes, 2 Infestations, 2 Dropship Wrecks, 6 Black Boxes (basically every high-threat objective) 
  • Altum Valley: 1 Rex 
  • Magna Metram: 1 Rex, 1 Stranded Dropship, 1 Hollow 
  • Nova Ridge: 1 Stranded Dropships, 2 Hollows 
  • Vultus Bay: 1 Raptor Trap, 1 Nesting Ground

Things I might consider adding in the future… 

  • Locations for ammo and equipment kits 
  • Additional details for each campaign mission

If you have older screenshots (prior to November 2020) showing things that are not currently on the map, then please send them to me too. They may not be conclusive on their own, but they can help narrow down future searches. 
My preferred method of communication is Discord. Join the – and you’ll find me there. 
If you find something new while in-game, please do the following to make your submission as useful as possible: 

  • Use the Steam screenshot feature or other screen grabbing tools. Don’t take a photo of your monitor! 
  • I need a screenshot of the map, at the highest or second-highest zoom level (use mousewheel to zoom in). It should also be centered on the item/objective. 
  • I will also need a screenshot of the item/objective in context. For small objects like supplies or black boxes, you should be standing a few meters away from it. For hollows, dropships and larger objects, the entire thing should be visible. Take the shots from whatever angle gives the best view of the surrounding landmarks, such as buildings and roads. 
  • Both your screenshots should be taken from the exact same location. You should not move or turn between taking the two! Example screenshots are below.

Second Extinction™ - Tundra Megamap 
Second Extinction™ - Tundra Megamap 


Many thanks to Ando for taking the time to find and document all the black boxes and work out their relationships with the wrecks. 

Written by RestrainedRaptor

This is all that we can say about Second Extinction™ – Tundra Megamap for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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