Secret Of Magia – Walkthrough

Secret Of Magia – Walkthrough 13 -
Secret Of Magia – Walkthrough 13 -

Guide for Secret Of Magia – Walkthrough

This guide will help you to finish the game.


There doesn’t seem to be any text walkthrough yet so I decided to make one. There’s a helpful achievement guide here if you just need the achievement though. 


  • Do not kill any enemies if possible. Enemies scale with your level and you will have difficulty finishing the dungeons if you are leveled. 
  • If you need money, save your game, and gamble in the nearest pub. Load your save if you lose, and save if you win. Repeat. 
  • Swords that are dropped by bosses cost MP to cast. Make sure you have enough MP. Some boss’ skills will reduce your MP to 0.

In-game map: 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 



1. Dungeon of Flames


Your House

– Head downstairs. 
– Interact with the bookshelf to get 6x Book
– Exit the house. 

Mestrokia Village

– Head south to find a glowing torch(?). It’s a save point. Use it to save the game. 
– Interact with the well to the southeast and say “No” to get an achievement. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
Into the well 
You found the well where you discover your powers. 
– Enter the well this time. 

Secret Cave

– Follow the path and follow the tutorial until you exit the cave. 
If you don’t know how to equip the hookshot, press W, then Z to a*sign it to the first slot. Use shift to cast it. 
– Return to your home. 

Your House

– Select any cla*s that you want. 
– Exit the house. 

Mestrokia Village

– Head to the northeast area to find weapon sellers. Buy a weapon and gear there. 
– Head south to find a huge building. 
– Talk to the soldier with “!” mark standing in front of the door and accept the quest. 
– Head east until you see a building with cross mark. 
– Equip Shovel in your Tool slot. 
– Interact with the rock from the bottom side. 
– Walk to the shiny object to get Lunch
– Give it to the quest giver. 
Note: you can talk to one of the nuns in the building with cross mark to recover your HP. 
– Enter the building. 

The Guild

– Head to the east exit. 

Training Room

– Talk to your sensei and accept the quest. 
– Exit the village from the west exit. Just follow the path to the west outside of this building. 

Trosuth Path

– Head to the west exit. 
– Interact with the board outside the mine entrance. 
– Enter the mine. 

Trosuth Mine

– There are 4 exits here excluding the one where you came from. The northeast exit has a door with a save point. Interact with the unlit torch to activate it. 
– Return to the previous area. 
– Both east and west exits are dead end. 
– Head to the northwest exit. 
– Use your hookshot to reach the miner chief. 
– Talk to the chief. 
– Return to Mestrokia Village. 

Mestrokia Village

– Report your quest to your sensei in The Guild’s Training Room. 
– Buy some potions. 
– Return to Trosuth Mine. 

Trosuth Mine

– Return to the room with save point. 
– Use your newly-earned Dungeon Key from the previous quest to the door. 

Dungeon of Flames

Note: Make a separate save before you enter this dungeon. It will help if you have trouble with the boss. 
– Your goal is to defeat the big enemy in this area. Ignore the other enemies and focus on killing the monster. 
– Use the Fire Key that is dropped by the monster to unlock the door. 
– Heal and save with the unlit torch nearby. 

Boss: Deus Solis 
My level: 2 
I only have 169 HP left for this boss. The boss will throw some fireballs before it goes to the middle. Position yourself diagonally from the boss at this point and spam your attack, hoping that it’ll die before it kills you. To be fair, I’m not sure how to dodge the fireballs that the boss shots when it roams around – I just tank the damage. Equip your starter clothes if you haven’t already. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
If you still can’t beat it, you might want to buy some weapons and/or armors from the village. Make sure to load your save before doing it though since you need to defeat the big enemy in the previous room again if you return to the town – you might level up by defeating the mini-boss again and risk increasing the boss’ difficulty.

– Interact with the boss’ remnants to collect Elementum Ignis, Infernal Bow, and 30x Arrow
– Exit to Trosuth Path. 

2. Dungeon of Wind


Trosuth Path

– Feel free to return to Mestrokia Village to heal if you want. 
– Head to the east exit, then follow the path to the northwest exit. 

Furrensit Town

– The torch that you see nearby is a save point. 
– Head west until you see a church. 
– Talk to the guard nearby and accept the quest. 
– Head north from the save point to see a weapon shop. 
– Interact with the stone thingy (smelter?) to upgrade your weapon. You can buy the materials in Mestrokia Village. 
Note: If you need some money, save your game and head to the inn. Gamble your money by talking to the man with cards. If you lose, just reload your save. Do it until you have enough money. 
– Head all the way to the north to find an inn. 
– Rest at the inn for an achievement. Interact with the bed to sleep on it. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
Stayed at the inn 
You stayed at an inn and healed your party. 
– Exit to Trosuth Path. 

Trosuth Path

– Head to the east exit to find your wyvern. 
– Defeat it to get Moldoc Skull and 5x Moldoc’s Scale. These items will be used to open the dungeon in Mystic Mountains. 
– Return to Furrensit Town. 

Furrensit Town

– Talk to the quest giver near the church. 
– Go to Mestrokia Village. 

Mestrokia Village

– Talk to the armor seller and inquiry about the armor to get Scalite Torso
– Go to Furrensit Town’s north exit. 

The Ancient Forest

– Head to the east exit. 
– Interact with the glowing object (step on it before interacting with it) to get Strange Key
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
Found strange key 
You found the strange key to unlock a strange world. 
Do not enter the cave yet. There isn’t anything to do there. 
– Head to the north exit, then head to the west exit. 
You can’t enter the Temple yet since it requires you to be level 6. DO NOT raise your level for now. There’s another dungeon you can finish. 

Arbok Town

– Buy the Strange Gem from the woman nearby for 100f. This is used to unlock the dungeon in Catacombs. 
– The save point is the unlit torch south of this woman. 
– Return to the east exit. 

The Ancient Forest

– Head all the way to the north until you reach Oblivia. 
Note: The east exit before you enter Oblivia is Tree of Blessings, where you can donate some money to get charms. I found that the charms are temporary though so don’t bother doing it. 


– Upgrade your weapon in the weapon shop. 
– Head to the clinic (building with the cross sign) and ask to be healed by one of the nuns. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
Got Healed 
You used a nun’s magical powers to restore all of your health. 
– Enter the castle, the huge building, to the north. 

The Royal Castle

– Head downstairs. The “stairs” are the weird one that are in southeast and southwest corner. 

Royal Prison

– Talk to the man in the prison to the west and accept the quest. 
– Remember the cave in The Ancient Forest? Go there. If you forgot the place, just head all the way to the east from Furrensit Town’s north exit. The cave is in the next screen. 

Small Cave

– Head north to Bandit Camp. 

Bandit Camp

– Enter the northwest tent. 
– Interact with the shiny item. Take it to get Stolen Goods
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
– Return to the quest giver in Oblivia. If you forgot how to exit the cave, head south from the picture below. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
Note that the game is also a bit bugged. The quest giver isn’t the man with shadow cloak, but white-haired man on the prison’s west side. 


– Head to the west exit. 

Catacombs Entrance

– Enter the catacombs. Save using the unlit torch on the way to the dungeon. 

Dungeon of Wind

– The mini-boss that you must kill is the spider-like enemy to the northwest corner of the map. Beware of the teleporting enemies. If you have trouble in defeating the mini-boss, try not to use a tier III weapon (I used my tier II weapon for this and equipped the Gold Reinforced Shield sold in Oblivia). 
– Use the Dark Key to finish the boss. 

Boss: Florigan 
My level: 5 
The boss is surprisingly easier than the first one. It will spawn from either north, west, east, or south corner and launch a black ball. Strike it diagonally as usual and it will try to move to the middle after some point. Keep on slashing it until it dies. If the boss is still alive by the time it reaches the middle, make sure to position yourself diagonally from the boss to not take damage.

– Interact with the boss’ remnants to collect Elementum Spiritus and Soul Shatterer
– Return to Ancient Forest. 

3. Dungeon of Earth


The Ancient Forest

– Remember the Temple that requires you to be level 6 to enter? Head inside. It’s located on the southwest area. 

Old Temple

– Follow the path to enter an area full of chests. The first area might be a bit tricky. 
– Head to Oblivia’s east exit. 

Mystic Mountains

– Talk to the man and hire his service. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 
Got to the Mystic Mountains 
You have arrived at the Mystic Mountains, a terrifyingly mystical place. 
– Enter the cave and head upstairs. 
– Follow the path until you see a cave. Enter it. 

Dungeon of Earth

– The mini-boss is somewhere on the northwest area, south of the exit. It doesn’t move so it’s easy to kill. Just be careful of the other enemies, especially the one with blue-ish color since it runs very fast. 

Boss: Eagufilos 
My level: 7 
The boss is very easy to beat if you use the Soul Shatterer that you got from the previous boss. Just keep on slashing and the boss won’t be able to attack. The boss will be harder if you don’t use the sword, but it’s still doable. Make sure to avoid its attack since you might get stuck for a long time from its web. The boss can also poison you.

– Interact with the boss’ remnants to collect Elementum Terra and Spilegs Blade
– Return to Mystic Mountains. 

4. Dungeon of Frost


Mystic Mountains

– Head downstairs, to the north exit. 

Snowdrift Road

– Head to the north exit. 

Snowbank Town

– The save point is to the north. 
– Head to the northeast exit. 

Dungeon of Frost

– The mini-boss is reachable from the southeast corner, but beware, it’s quite hard to reach and beat. Buy a shield if you haven’t already and use it (hold S) until its color is inverted. You’re safe to hit it afterward. 

Boss: Deus Glacies 
My level: 7 
Just standby in the middle of the room and keep on hitting the boss until it dies. The boss might attack you at first but it will stop after a while. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 

– Interact with the boss’ remnants to collect Elementum Veneatis and Ice Blizek
– Return to Snowbank Town. 

5. Final Breath


Snowbank Town

– Head to the northwest exit. 

Final Breath

Boss: ??? 
My level: 8 
The boss has combination of all bosses attack that you have so far. The easiest way to finish this fight is to use Infernal Bow and attack from afar, one tile left or right of the boss. You might need to adjust your position whenever the boss casts the snowball-like attack, but it shouldn’t give you too much trouble. 
Secret Of Magia - Walkthrough 

Congrats for beating the game! 


Achievements Guide by redsoul41 


The game was very short since you must skip past the enemies to finish the game. If you haven’t noticed already, look at the content. The content becomes lesser after every dungeon, hahah. I couldn’t fit everything into one section though so I ended up splitting it into some parts, and some of them becomes too short because of that. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy the game! 

Written by aquatorrent

This is all that we can say about Secret Of Magia – Walkthrough for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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