Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – How to Sekiro

Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – How to Sekiro 1 -
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – How to Sekiro 1 -

Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice – GOTY Edition – How to Sekiro


step 1 find your sword
step 2 die by first miniboss cuz you trying to play sekiro like you played dark souls
step 3 die in genichiro Ashina a boss fight
step 4 learn about exp and loot from enemies. Also, learn how to use a grappling hook
step 5 die a bunch of times and enjoy having dragon root essence and learn about unseen aid in first real miniboss cuz you have no clue how to deal with parylous attacks also cuz you still trying to play dark souls in sekiro
step 6 run away like a coward back to the idol to give Emma gourd seed instead progress like shinobi
step 7 grab bell for budda and unlock first skill three and shuriken prosthetic from sculptor
step 8 progress in Hirata until you will be killed several times by shinoby hunter cuz you have no clue how to mikiri counter
step 9 take a long break and progress through the game until you gonna be killed several times by chain ogre amazing hitbox
step 10 grab second gourd seed and give it back to Emma
step 11 die by Tanzen Yamauchi without grabbing idol under the bridge
step 12 die by headless and realize you weren’t supposed to be here yet
step 13 stab snake in the eye
step 14 try to fight with gyoubu oniwa without having a firecracker cuz you have no idea you miss them
step 15 use battle memory go realize you don’t have enough gold to buy another gourd seed from the merchant and talk with tengu
step 16 be jump scared by the blazing bull and die there
step 17 go read the guide where firecrackers and ax are and unlock second skill three and prosthetic upgrades from sculptor
step 18 beat bull and be happy
step 19 beat shinobi hunter and be happy
step 20 grab mist fathers and be killed by lone shadow mob
step 21 go fight with juzou drunkard and enjoy dark souls co-op mode
step 22 miss hidden prayer bead and say hello lady butterfly
step 23 rage quit ( phase 2 )
step 24 kill lady butterfly after taking a long break from the game and enjoy another battle memory
step 25 die by seven spear Ashina and lone shadow swordman
step 26 another rage quit after dying by general surrounded by guys with guns
step 27 beat seven spears lone swordman general and be happy to continue
step 28 be jump scared by flying tengu warriors
step 29 die by Ashina cross in 2 hits
step 30, another rage quit?
step 31 die by sichiman warrior
step 32 rage quit confirmed
step 33 learn perfect parry in Ashina cross fight
step 34 kill sichiman warrior with an anti-air deathblow
step 35 die hell ton of times by genichiro Ashina
step 36 beat genichiro and die in he’s the third phase by lightning
step 37 beat genichiro and talk with Kuros
step 38 talk with ishin
step 39 talk with Emma
step 40 give sake someone and use another battle memory

BRAVO, you are shinobi now.



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