Shattered Worlds – Walkthrough

Shattered Worlds – Walkthrough 19 -
Shattered Worlds – Walkthrough 19 -

Guide for Shattered Worlds – Walkthrough

Clear Kalindo Caves

Choose your mode. 
For this guide I will play in Hard-Mode. 

Kalindo Caves

Items (outskirts): items x1 
Items (Cave 1): Kalindo Iron Key, Kalindo Bra*s Key 
Items (Cave 2): items x1, Kalindo Iron Key x2, Kalindo Bra*s Key 
Items (Cave 3): items x1 
You can heal at that barrel. 
All items found are random exept equipment. 
Cave 1: Defeat the monsters. 
Then use the Kalindo Iron Key to open up the gate. 
Cave 2: open it with the Kalindo Bra*s Key and read the book. 
Use the next Iron Key at the middle gate. 
The blue chest is a mimik and you will be rewarded with an Anastasis Potion. 
With the 3rd Iron Key open the other gate. 
Cave 3: open it with the next Bra*s Key. 
Flip the switches to open the gates. 
Boss Alpha Ogre: Time to try out the skills. 

Speak to Persephone


Keithe Castle

Items (Prometheus’ Rooom): Void Smog 
Items (Persephone’s Room): locked chest 
Items (Kitchen): items x3 
Items (bath): items x2 
Items (corridors): items x2 
Items (east bas*ment): items x2 
Read the books. You might notice a ghostly animal when going to the throne room. 
In the dungeon you can push a button. 
Go further north. 

To Town!


Keithe Castle

Items (Dungeon): items x1 
Items (Dungeon 1): Gold x6, Potion x2, items x7 
Items (Dungeon 2): Gold x3, items x4, Void Blocker 
items (Dungeon 2 secret room): Crystal Shielding, Floating Stones 
Items (Dungeon 3): Gold x9, items x3, Thin Energy 
Items (Dungeon 4): 75 Gold x6, items x2, Blue Bolt 
Items (courtyard): items x5 
Meet Carba and obtain the Adventurer’s Notepad. It will turn to a shop then. 
You can use the Notepad to write down pa*swords or other hints. 
You can heal at the Ix Chel statue. 
Read the book. 
Dungeon 1: Random amounts of Gold are mostly lying on the ground or are hidden in those stone tiles. 
Push both red buttons. 
The blue chest contains a mimik and a Ruby. 
Dungeon 2: Look for the secret room. Check the questlog for other locations. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Push the red button. 
Dungeon 3: Push the red button to reach the last chest. 
Dungeon 4: You can heal at the Ix Chel statue for 150 Gold once to make it permamently. 
Right next to it is a skill tree portal (Skilled Adventurers Sidequest) and a bit further down Carba. 
Boss Darkened Garganta: Inflicting negative status effects is essential, especially poison. 
The blue chest contains a mimik and Flax Yellow Elixir. 
Once you leave you cannot turn back to dungeon 3. 
Leave to the south to unlock the Achievement "Go out of Keithe Castle". 
You will earn some EXP at the pond. 
Investigate the statues. You need there favor to open the chests. 


Your goal is to the south. 

Retrieve the Family Ring!


Dothe Town

Items (outside): Potent Potion (Thalea), items x5, Elixir A (little girl, west), Gold x1 
Items (in the houses): items x1 
Items (warehouse): items x15, 338 Gold x3 
Read the books. 
Praying at the altar will heal you. 
You need to pay 3000 Gold to the Chaak statue to have permamently access to the skill tree and you obtain the Illustrous Chrysoberyl. 
One of the books will start the "Place of Origin" side quest. Return to this NPC later. 


Your goal is to the NW. 

Abandoned Shack

Items (outside): items x5, Cottage Key x3 
Items (inside): items x2, Gold x1 
Items (bas*ment): Gold x2, items x3 
Carba will be right before the door. 
Investigate the door and find the Keys. 
Careful, beware of hidden monsters, but fight them all for the EXP and drops. 
Defeat the Ghost to obtain the Bas*ment Key. 
Boss Otherworldy Drop: Apply negative status effects. Weak to light and thunder. 
Return upstairs and meet the spirit. Karul will join your party and unlock the Achievement "A new, semi-transparent Ally". 
You obtain the Family Ring. 

Dothe Town

Deliver the Family Ring. 

A Priest in Chaac’s Temple


Dothe Town

Items (indoors): Items x1 
Read the books in the now open houses. 
One will start "A Mystic Place in Astus". 


Your goal is on the western peninsula. 

Chaac’s Temple

Items (outside): Gold x2, items x1 
Items (floor 1): Gold x4, items x2, Vortex 
items (room 1): Gold x1, items x2 
Items (room 2): Gold x1, items x1 
Items (secret room): items x4 
Flip the switch to open the 1st room. 
Push the blue button and flip the next switch. 
Enter the hole the ghost has come to find the super secret room #2 and unlock the Achievement "Chaac’s Temple Super Secret Room". 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
.Push the blue button and the gate will open. 
Some of those chests are Mimiks, dropping Elixir A and Magic Water x2. 
Find the switch. 
Boss Imp Magistratus: Avoid magic attacks as long as reflect is active. You will need Familiar Soil. 
Enter the last room. 

Important Meeting in Dothe Town

You have now the only chance to change the difficulty. 

Dothe Town

Find the Priest in the west district. 

Help the People!


Dothe Town

You unlock the Achievement "Agreement with Priest Jean". 
Read all books. 
New items: Phosphoric Bomb (Thalea) 
You will get EXP for fulfilling the next quest. 

  • Rebuild Chaac’s Shrine: Reward is Anastasis Potion + 5% Approval, Harbor Grey Elixir 
  • The Delivery Man: You need 200 Gold to buy the parcel. When getting the Strange Key in the inn, you fall asleep and dream. 
    Find the exit: You can either pay 100 Gold to the Baal Shamin Statue or find the exit yourself. 

    • SW: Gold x6, items x1 
    • NW & N: Items x5, Gold x4, to the exit (I recommend collecting everything and then do the donation). 
    • NE: Gold x3 
    • SE: Gold x7

    Mara gives you her Bas*ment Key. Defeat all rats! Gold x4, Rats x5, items x4. Reward: Recipe Book 
    Reward: Benefaction Apis + 5% Approval. Return the Recipe Book to obtain Oropous Medicine. 

  • Shadow Repeller: Find items x7, Gold x1 and Abyss. Flip the switch and defeat the shadows in that room. 
    Flip the next 2 switches. 
    Reach the next 2 switches. 
    Read the book and find the secret room with items x3 and Gold x8. 
    Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 

    Reward: Crimson Red Elixir + 4% Approval. 

  • Deadly Touches: That are blue flowers. Not all are agressive (but fighting earns EXP). Reward: Sapphire +8% Approval. 
  • Humble Donation: Donate 500 Gold to obtain +5% Approval.

"Filly Supplies": Unlocks the Filly Cavern. 

Filly Cavern

Items (outside): Items x4, Gold x1 
Read the book in the tent. Investigating the Baal Shamin Statue will start "Baal Shamin Statues". 
Donate a random amount of Gold to the Ix Chel statue. The chest is locked. 
Items (inside): Gold x6, items x3, Supplies x3, Second Chance, Cog Set 
Flip the switches and defeat the orcs. Those will drop a Small Metal Bar and Rusty Iron Key. 
Unlock the next gate and notice the defect switch. 
Get the Filly Iron Key and defeat the boss. 
Boss Orci Warrior Chief and Magijellia: get rid of the Jelly first and then use Spark and poison. Deal more damage per turn than he can regenerate. Eating will heal poison, so keep trying. 
Find the switch to open the locked chest with the Strange Orb. 
Now you can repair the broken switch. 
Defeat the last orcs, find the secret room and gather Ruby, Anastasis Potion, Potent Potion x2 and Nature’s Embrace. 
Find the secret room #2. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 

Return to the tent to get the reward from Baal Shamin, the Naturic Mist. 
Deliver the Suppies and get Magic Water and Elixir B, +7% Approval. 
New houses and dialogues are unlocked, one of them is to be entered from behind. 
Items: Items x5, Eye Salve (NPC), Potion (NPC), Elleborium Elixir (NPC), Potent Potion (NPC) x3, Gold x1 
New quest: Milly Ogre 

Milly Cavern

Items (outside): Items x5, 
Items (cave 1): Gold x1, item x1 
Items (cave 2): items x3 
Items (cave 3): items x2 
Items (cave 4): items x1 
Items (cave 5): Anastasis Potion 
Items (locked cave): Gold x3, Hint to "Place to Origin" 
Flip the switches including cave 5 to open the locked cave.. 
The color of the slimes indicate their element. Attack with the opposite. 
You need to find a total of 15 treasures in the cave (currently you can only find 14)! 
Boss Titanic Ogre: inflict Poison, Muffle and other negative states. 

Dothe Town

Get your reward (Elleborium Elixir, Patronum Elixir, your approval should now be 42%) and unlock new quest "Chicken Pokes". 
You obtain Mayor’s Letter. Read it to unlock the "Pirate Meetup" and the eastern District. 

Help the People! Part 2


Dothe Town

Items: items x2 
Items (east district): items x1, 
Items (super secret room): 500 Gold 
Items (swamp): Bridge Part x3 
Items (pirate ship): Anastasis Potion (pirate) 
Items (Approval > 50%): Limber Potion (NPC), Oropous Medicins (NPC), Potent Potion (NPC) x2, Elixir A (NPC), Secret Invisible Potion (Thalea), items x1, Gold x1, 
Find the Super Secret Room #1 and start the same named quest.. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Repair the bridge in the swamp and read the book. 
Enter the pirate ship, unlock the Achievement "Our new, pirate Friend" and start "Pirate Questing". 
After that the pirates will talk to you. 
Other quests: 

  • "Monster in the swamp": Find the skeleton, slime, footprints and read the book again. Next travel with the ship to Kabash (see below). After you return, use the Kabash Relic at the book in the swamp. 
    Boss Umbra Turbata: stick to magic attacks. 
    Report to unlock the Achievement "Misfortune in the swamp", obtain the Teleporting Infusion, 200 Gold and 8% Approval. 
  • "Scrolls of Knowledge": Unlocks the Crysalis Cavern 
    Items: Gold x6, items x3, Knowledge Scroll x8, Anastasis Potion 
    Here you have random encounters. Use it to grind and unlock more skills in the skill tree. 
    You can donate 300 Gold to the Baal Shamin Statue to get rid of the random encounters (not recommended until you are max level or want to unlock Ekino Town) or clear Folde Forest until the Fairy leaves Dothe Cavern. 
    Reward: Chrysalis Book, Crimson Red Elixir and your Approval Rate is now 52%, what unlocks more items, quests and locations. 
  • "The old Shrine": Unlocks the Old Chaac’s Shrine 
    Items (outside): Items x4, Gold x3 
    Items (cave 1): items x1, Gold x2, Magenta Crystal 
    Items (secret room): Gold x4, Azure Blue Elixir, 3 Potent Potion & 1 Anastasia Potion, 3 Magic Waters & 3 Elixir B, Orchid Purple Elixir 
    Items (southern cave): Gold x2, items x1, Cyan Crystal 
    Items (outside 2): Gold x3, Harbor Grey Elixir, Oropous Medicine 
    Flip the switches and find the secret room #8. 
    Once you have unlocked the southern cave, plunder it. 
    Return to the cave 1 and insert both crystals to flip the switch. 
    Reward: 3 Potent Potions, 2 Magic Waters, Approval Rate +5% 
  • Careful Treasure Hunting (Ship): Sail to Gorena: 
    Items (docks): Gold x3 
    Items (Gorena Castletown Ruins): Gold x11, Potent Potion (Wanda), Items x9 
    Items (Gorena underground Cavern): Items x6, Gold x7 
    Right at the docks are Carba and a altar for healing. 
    Push all buttons and defeat all Mimics (Demufflizer x3, Licorice Elxir, Potent Potion, 234 Gold, 156 Gold). 
    Boss Arca Tenebris: the alpha mimic and obtain 500 Gold. 
    Report to the hunters to obtain 800 Gold and Traversing Infusion. 
    Unlock the ladder and go down. 
  • "Sandy Monsters issue": Unlocks Kabash Outpost. 
    Items (outpost): Items x8 
    Items (Oasis Dungeon): Items x6, Gold x13, Anastasis Potion, Azure Blue Elixir 
    At the outpost you can heal at the altar of shop by Carba. 
    After collecting all information about the shadow monster enter the oasis. 
    Use Potions to lure the monsters x4. 
    Flip all switches and take the east stairs first. 
    Find the Golden Oil Lamp. 
    Boss Sand Djinn: Avoit magic as long a reflect is active. So inflict Poison and similar. Skill that can remove buffs are effective. 
    You obtain the Kabash Relic. 
    Report and obtain the Oasis Vortex, 300 Gold 
    Once you have finished both pirate quests, talk to the first mate to obtain the Proof o’ Pirate and unlock the Achievement "A Piratey Gift". 
  • Digging up Solutions (Approval >50%): Reward are Proof of Mining, unlocking the Achievement "Proof of Mining", 
    1. "Miner’s Revenge": Unlocks the Hulsu Mines. Rewards are Secret Invisible Potion, +8 Approval) 
      Reward: Earth Totem, + 8 Approval 
    2. "Mining Supplies": Reward are Twin Energy + 3 Approval. 
    3. "It’s a Miner’s Job": You obtain the "Hulsu Mining Tools". Rewards are 3 Potent Potions, 3 Magic Waters, +4 Approval
  • "Gardener’s Job" (Approval >50%): Unlocks Gargonda Cave. 
    1. "Essential Quest": Rewards are unlocking the Achievement "Helping out the botanists", Azure Blue Elixir, Jade Green Elixir

For those new locations see below. 

Help the People! Part 3


Lapale Forest

Items (map 1): items x4, Gold x6 (sorry, Steam guides bugged out) 
items (hut): Gold x2 
Items (map 2): Gold x9, Items x5, Icy Crystal, Lost Bag (read diary to trigger) 
Items (secret room #5): Potent Potion x2, Secret Invisible Potion 
Items (super secret room #3): Gold x4, Secret Invisible Potion 
Items (map 3): Gold x3, items x2, 
You might think you can survive with 3 party members, but I highly recommend getting another one. 
Reading the diary will reveal the name of your enemy: Mero. 
Investigate under the bed to find a Oropous Medicine and the "Mysterious Diary" quest. 
You need to figure out how to open Baal Shamin’s chest. 
Note: Focus on the chickeras and find the other pages of the diary. 
The Old Bag contains 3 Potent Potions, 3 Magic Waters and 4 Old.Botanical Potion, but for now don’t touch the bag!!! 
Find the Secret Room #5 and Super Secret Room #3. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Boss Chickera Youngling and 2 Chickera Spawn: Get rid of the mobs first (weak to lightning) but they will respawn with new ones. Apply as many negative stats as possible. After you defeat the Boss, another one spawns. 
You unlock the Achievement "Hard Pokes". 
Read the last diary to obtain a Copper Sapphire Ring and place his belonging (unopened Lost Bag + the Copper Sapphire Ring + Oropous Medicine) next to his corpse. 
When you go out, open Baal Shamin’s chest in the hut to obtain Jade Green Elixir and Harbor Grey Elixir. 
Tell the NPC at the entrance about your findings 
Report to Diego to obtain Flax Yellow Elixir, +8% Approval (currently 68 %). 

Gargonda Cave

Items (map 1): Items x8, Gold x11, Magic Essence x7, Azure Blue Elixir 
Items (secret room): Gold x6, Oropous Medicine, Anastasis Potion, 2 Elixir A, 2 Elixir B, 4 Potent Potions 
Items (map 2): Gold x18, items x7, Magic Essence x4 
Items (map 3): Gold x17, Magic Essence x6, Items x9, Flax Yellow Elixir 
Items (map 4): Gold x3 
Items (depths): Gold x4, Magic Essence x1, Magic Roots, Items x2 
Donate Gold to the Ix Chel Statue to have a healing point here. 
The Baal Shamin chest opens after opening all 15 Treasure Chests. 
Find Secret Room #6. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
The red orb at map 3 will heal the party once. 
At map 4 waits Carba and you need to find a switch behind tainted vine to open the gate. 
In the Depths is another red orb and the boss. 
Boss Man-Eater Matriarch and 2 Deadly Kissers: weak to fire, get rid of the mob first. Don’t Poison the boss, as it will absorb it for healing. 
Investigate the Pillar to earn some EXP. 

Huslu Mines

Items (outside): Huslu Bridge Part x2, Items x9, Part of "Place of Origin" 
Items (map 1): Items x7, Gold x4, Metal Bar Pair x2, Iron Ore x3, Stone x5, Plank Pair x2, Supply Chest x1 
Items (map 2): Iron Ore x4, Plank Pair x2, Supply Chest (Chimera), Gold x12, Metal Bar Pair x2, Supply Chest x2, Stone x3, Items x6, Pure Magic Crystal 
Items (map 3): Items x11, Iron Ore x3, Supply Chest x3, Gold x4, Stone x3, Emerald’s Durability 
Items (secret room): Flax Yellow Elixir, Orchid Purple Elixir, Aethercandle 
Items (map 4): Iron Ore x4, Stone x1, Supply Chest (monsters), items x8, Gold x3, Supply Chest 
Items (super secret room): 2 Potent Potions, 3 Cold Drinks, Anastasis Potion, 600 Gold 
Items (Cavern): Items x8, Gold x2 
Items (Depths): items x5, Gold x6, Anastasis Potion 
Repair the bridges and donate to the Ix Chel statue for healing. 
Repair the rails from east to west and ride the lore. 
You need to defeat all 15 monsters to open the Baal Shamin chest. 
The special monsters at map 2 are weak to water and ice, the others weak to earth and fire. 
This time repair the east rail first. 
Near the next map is a red orb. 
Find the Secret Room #7 and Super Secret Room #5. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
All additional iron ore or stones are rubble and counted as items. 
In the cavern is a red orb and Carba. 
Boss Infernal Cerberus: weak to water and negative states. 
On your way out, open the Baal Shamin Chest to obtain the Serenity. 

Dothe Town

Items (Approval >80%): Potent Potion (NPC), items x14, Gold x3, Aqua Flora Bomb (NPC), Crimson Red Elixir (NPC), Azure Blue Elixir (NPC), Jade Green Elixir (Thalea), Familiar Soil (NPC), Phosphoric Bomb (NPC) 

Help the People! Part 4


Folde Forest

Items (super secret room): Fairy Dust Line 
Random encounters until you donate 300 Gold to the Baal Shamin Statue or defeat all corrupt fairies (until then no random encounters). 
Find the Super Secret Room #4 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Return to Dothe Cavern and talk to the Fairy to obtain the Flax Yellow Elixir, 250 Gold, + 5 Approval. 
Note that the random encounters start again after the fairy has left. 
Return to Folde Forest. 
Boss Aetheric Fairy-Eater: weak to light and aether. 
You obtain the Fairy Key. 
Open the Ix Chel Chest to obtain the Purification Infusion. 

Dothe Town

Items (100 % Approval): Aetherhand Aspis (NPC), Harbor Grey Elixir (NPC), Anastasis Potion (NPC) x2, Oropous Medicine (NPC), Otherworld Grenade (Lopar) 
Since the Mining Quests the shrine has been rebuilt. 
In Diego’s house meet Dora for the "Fishy Figure" quest. 

Sahugain Camp

Items: Anastasis Potion, Patronum Elixir, Potent Potion, Oropous Medicine 
Read the notes and climb the tower. 
Boss Mage Commander Khaar: Have enough Demufflizer in stock. He has no weakness but try negative states. 
Read "Khaar’ Notes" and then find the 8 pages to obtain Khaar Notepages and the Demi-gemify Scroll. 
They trigger in order! 
"Save the Sahuagins!": Free all 15 Sahuagins and then leave the tower to obtain the Otherworld Drop and unlock the Achievement "Saved the Sahuagins". 
Report to Dora in Dothe Town to obtain the Golden Shielding. 

Seacoast Cottage Area

You have to complete all skill trees to unlock. 
Items: Gold x4, items x1, Part of "Mystic Place in Astus", Proof of Aetherweaving 
You need to have opened 8 Baal Shamin Chests to open this one. 
You need many money to unlock the final skills of the party (app. 5000 Gold each). 


How to unlock see the Infusion chapters. 
Items (town): items x13, Gold x16 
Items (catacombs 1): Gold x8, Items x2 
Items (catacombs 2): Gold x5, Items x4 
Items (Cavern, catacombs 2): Gold x4 
Items (catacombs 3): Gold x10, items x2 
Items (catacombs 4): Gold x12, items x6 
Items (super secret room): Gold x4, Ix Chel’s Blessing, Chaac’s Blessing, Baal Shamin’s Blessing (only once) 
Items (catacombs 5): Gold x15, items x6 
Items (secret room): items 4, Cosmic Comet 
Items (bas*ment): Gold x2, Items x1, Elleborium Elixir, Lost Ring 
Items (catacombs 6): Gold x11, items x4, Red Line Shield 
You have to defeat all 9 Monsters to open the Baal Shamin Chest. 
Talk to the ghost for "The Lost Ring". 
Get the Ectoplasmic Key and enter the catacombs. 
In the cavern of catacombs 2 waits Carba and you can donate to the Ix Chel statue for a healing point. 
Open the ghost chest! 
Find the Super Secret Room #6 and investigate the ghost barrel to obtain the Spiritual Key. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Return to town and open the 3rd ghost chest in one of the houses to open a spiritual gate. 
Find the Secret Room #9 and the ghost jar. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Return to catacombs 3 and open the ghost wooden chest to optain the Small Iron Key. 
With this open the bas*ment in the Ghost house. 
Return the Lost Ring to obtain Lucky Fanfare. 
Proceed further and unlock the Achievement "Tharsala Explorers". 
You need the Proof of the Pirate, of the Miner and of the Aetherweaver to proceed. ("The Three Proofs") 
"Commander’s Last Departure": Defeat Commander Theodore. He is weak to light and aether. He will use items to heal negative states. Keep your HP high, as he can hit you up to 4x. 
You obtain the Tharsala Protection. 
Open Baal Shamin’s Chest to obtain Crimson Red Elixir, Azure Blue Elixir and Flax Yellow Elixir. 

Dothe Town

Report to Priest Jean. 

Speak with Commander Myrgon


Dothe Town

You obtain the Aetherlance. 
Enter the barracks and talk to Commander Myrgon. 

Quetzalcoatl’s Cave


Quetzalcoatl’s Cave

Items (outskirts): Luminous Fragment x3, Jade Green Elixir 
Items (cave 1): Luminous Fragment x9, Gold x22, items x5, Magic Shield, Sunstones Runes 
Items (cave 2): Luminous Fragement x11, Gold x22, items x3 
Items (cave 3): Luminous Fragment x10, Gold x15, items x8, Part of "a Mystic Place in Astus" 
Items (secret room): Gold x4, Elleborium Elixir, Earth Sigil 
Items (cave 4): Uranium Lightning 
Donate to the Ix Chel statue to create a healing spot. 
You have to defeat 12 Monsters to open Baal Shamin’s chest. 
Use the Luminous Fragment to enter the cave and to reach chests. 
Once you have all parts of the "Mystic Place if Astus" you obtain the Secret Area Scroll. 
Find the Secret Room #10. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Boss Serpent Guardian: weak to darkness. 
Unlock the Achievement "Goddess’ Champions" and obtain Quetzalcoatl’s Orb. 
Unlock the Achievement "Explorer’s Treasure" when opening Baal Shamin’s chest and obtaining the Golden Drops. 

To Ekino Town


Astus’ Waterfall

Items: Azure Blue Elixir, Waterfall’s Resolve, Flax Yellow Elixir, Crimson Red Elixir, Orchid Purple Elixir, Jade Green Elixir, Gold x5, Harbor Grey Elixir, Patronum Elixir, Ancient Tree Magic 
At the foot of the waterfall you earn some EXP. 
Don’t forget the area SW of the waterfall. 
"Lost and Found": You obtain a Cyan-Magenta Crystal. 

Chaac’s Temple

Enter the altar room and use the Cyan-Magenta Crystal. 
Read the book and then use the Verdant Crystal and the Crimson Crystal to obtain the Lost Hammer. 

Astus’s Waterfall

Get a White Key and unlock the Achievement "The Lost Hammer". 

Keithe Castle

Use the White Key at Chaac’s Statue chest to obtain the Nemesis. 
Unlocks the Achievement "Chaac’s Statue Treasure" 

Ekino Town

The Quetzalcoatl Orb changes to Aethereater Orb. 

Ekino Mysteries


Ekino Town

Items (town): items x5 
Flip all switches. 
You have to defeat all 17 Monsters to open Baal Shamin’s chest. 
The machine needs 17 Z Coins to work. 

Ekino Catacombs

Items (catacombs 1): Z Coin x2, Gold x7, Z Coin (after machine) 
The machine needs 7 Z Coins to work. 
Items (Corridor): Z Coin x2, Gold x3 
The machine needs 3 Z Coins to work (wait until you have pilfered the east side of the room). 
Items (Room 1, east): Z Coin x2, Gold x1 
Items (Room 1): Z Coin x4, Gold x3 
Return to catacombs 1 and use the machine. 
Items (catacombs 2): Z Coin x9, Gold x6, items x2 
Both machines needs 5 Z Coins to work. (You should have those!) 
Do the southern machine first. 
Items (Cave): Z Coin x10, Gold x4 
Items (Super Secret Room): Elleborium Elixir, Oropous Medicine, White Key (when you have found all rooms). 
Find the Super Secret Room #8 and find the Ix Chel Statue there. 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Items (catacombs 3): Z Coin x5, Gold x6 
The machine needs 10 Z Coins to work. 
Items (catacombs 4): Z Coin x7, items x8, Gold x11, Behind the gate: Z Coin x2, Gold x2 
The machine A needs 7 Z Coins to work. 
The machine B needs 5 Z Coins to work. 
Items (catacombs 5): Z Coin x9, Gold x16, items x4, Behind the gate: 
Items (secret room): Secret Epiphany (all secret rooms found), items x6 
Find Secret Room #11 and unlock the Achievement "Secretseekers". 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
The machine needs 5 Z Coins to work. 
Items (Room 2): Z Coin x2, Gold x1, items x1 
Items (east stairs): items x3 
Down the west stairs are Carba, an Ix Chel Statue to donate to, a green gate and a teleporting vortex. 
Now you have the chance to do the Wishing Quest and find the chest to the White Key. 
Open the Baal Shamin chest to obtain the True Blockade. 

Seacoast Cottage

Use the White Key to open Baal Shamin’s chest to obtain another White Key. 

Keithe Castle

Use the White Key to open Baal Shamin’s chest to obtain the Divine Aspis and unlock the Achievement "Baal Shamin’s Statue Treasure". 
Use the White Key to open Ix Chel’s chest to obtain Divine Wings and unlock the Achievement "Ix Chel’s Statue Treasure". 

Ekino Catacombs

Proceed at Room 2, eastern stairs. 
Items (catacombs 6): Z Coin x1, Gold x5 
Boss Galar’s Spirit and Malaver’s Order: Defeat the Order first. Galar is immune to aether, earth, water but weak to light. Dispel the Regeneration asap and apply negative states. 
You unlock the Achievement "Difficult Duo". 
Items (To the Depths): Z Coin x4 
Items (Depths): Z Coin x3 
Boss Otherworld Essence: weak to light. Easier than Galar. 
The Aethereater Orb changes to the Cleansing Orb. 

Ekino Town

Pay the 16 Z Coins and talk to the ghost jar for "Helping the Slimey Spirit". 
Town: 2x 
Catacombs 1: 2x 
Corridor: 1x 
Catacombs 2: 2x 
Cavern: 2x 
Catacombs 3: 2x 
Catacombs 4: 3x 
Catacombs 5: 2x+ (You need only 15) 
Reward: Spiritual Green Key and Achievement "The Unfortunate Spirit". 
Use it in the Room 2, western stairs to obtain the Otherworld’s Embrace. 

The Siblings Confortation (Confrontation)


Keithe Castle

Just head north. 
If you have missed Secret Room #1, now you have the chance. 
Boss Malaver: weak to light. Apply negative states. 

Essential Dark Times


Keithe Castle

Items: Patronum Elixir, Harbor Grey Elixir 

Jarah’s Residence

Items: Gold x9, Items x4, Aetheric Synchronization 
Items (otherworld): Gold x5 
Investigate the residence and read all notes. 
Boss Dark Warlord Jahar: weak to light and aether. 

Sanksara’s Residence

Items: Gold x9 
Items (otherworld): Gold x3 
Read all books and Prometheus will learn Divine Break. 
Boss Dark Mother Sanksara: weak to light and aether. Defeat her before she uses her ultimate spell. 
The Cleansing Orb changes to the Orb of Clairvoyance. 

Keithe Castle

Go to Persephone. 

Venture Forth!

Note: Your only chance to grind some more levels are the Chrysalis Cavern, as long as you haven’t donated to Baal Shamin and drinking the Secret Invisible Potions (you should have 9). 
The last skill is learned by Prometheus at level 17. 

Keithe Castle – Otherworld

Final Boss Lord Malaver: weak to light, aether, earth. 


Take the Altis Crown to unlock the Achievements "The Crowntakers" and "Hardcore Crowntakers". 

Traversing Infusion Locations


Dothe Swamp

Magic De-Aetherizer 

Dothe Town, west district

Dothe Cavern (random encounters, donate 300 Gold to Baal Shamin to get rid of that or clear Folde Forest). 
Gold x15, items x8, 
Secret Room #4 with Ix Chel Blessing, Chaac’s blessing and Baal Shamin’s blessing (only once). 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Reach the end of the cavern and collect Gold x4, find a Ix Chel Statue, and start "The Sick Fairy". Heal her with the Magic De-Aetherizier and accept "Cleansing the Forest", what unlocks the Folde Forest. 

Milly Cavern

Cavern 4, Aetheric Treasure and you can now open Baal Shamin’s chest with Flame Shield and Ectoplasmic Shield. 

Crysalis Cavern

But you need another Infusion to proceed. 

Gargonda Cave

Map 1: Gold x7, Items x1, Magic Essence x1, Naturic Shielding 
Defeat the mimics to obtain Fossil, Monster Egg, Sapphire and Azure Blue Elixir. 
Map 3: items x3, Part of "Place of Origin" 

Huslu Mines

Map 4: Gold x1, Water Spiral 

Quetzacoatl’s Cave

Cave 2, NW corner, take the Gold x1. 
Cave 4, take the Azure Blue Elixir, you can heal at the red orb. 

Ekino Catacombs

Catacombs 5: Fish Tail 
Starts "New Wishes". 

  1. Sahaguin Camp: Digging Pickaxe (NPC) 
  2. Dothe Town, Dug-up Cavern: Toy Sword (Joshua) 
  3. Dothe Town, barracks: Prayer Book (child) 
  4. Old Chaac’s Shrine: Stable Tankard (NPC) 
  5. Dothe Town, Pirate Ship: Ceramic Coated Pot (Pirate) 
  6. Dothe Town, east district: Long Rope (NPC) 
  7. Huslu Mines 3: Engraved Pearl (NPC) 
  8. Dothe Town: Magically Infused Egg (Mayor Janettia) 
  9. Keithe Castle: Persephone’s Key (Persephone)

Unlock the Achievement "The Wishlist" 
Use the Key in her room and obtain the Nuclear Mageia. 

Teleporting Infusion Locations


Dothe Cavern

In the final cavern, teleports back to the town. 

Gorgonda Cave

In the Depths, teleports out of the cave. 

Huslu Mines

In the Depths, teleports out of the mines. 

Chrysalis Cavern

Teleports further in. 
You can donate 300 Gold to the Baal Shamin Statue to get rid of the random encounters. 
Items (Labyrinth 1): Gold x10, items x3 
Items (Deep Tunnel): Gold x11, Items x10, Magic Implosion 
Items (Labyrinth 2): Gold x13, items x1 
Items (Grotto): Gold x6, items x2, Magenta Crystal 
Items (super secret room): 5 Elixir B, Energized Hypershield 
Push the buttons to open gates. 
Boss Crystallum Voraginis: No real weakness or strenght. It can heal itself for app. 4000 HP. Try to apply negative status effects. 
Unlocks the Achievement "Chrysalis Explorers". 
Find the Super Secret Room #7 
Shattered Worlds - - Walkthrough 
Now teleport out of the cave. 


Catacombs 6, teleports out of the catacombs. 

Quetzacoatl’s Cave

Cave 2, NW corner, see Purification Infusion. 
Cave 4, teleports out of cave. 

Ekino Catacombs

Room 2, western stairs, teleports out of the catacombs. 

Purification Infusion Locations


Folde Forest

Items: Nature’s Old Sigil 

Chrisalys Cavern

Unveils a teleportation vortex. 

Old Chaac’s Shrine

Items: Gold x2, Secret Invisible Potion, Items x1, Cyan Crystal, Part of "Place of Origin" 
When you have found all parts of "Place of Origin", Thasala will be unlocked and you obtain the Tharsala Book. 
If you have both the Cyan and Magenta Crystal, use them further east. 
Items: Gold x6, Items x2, Patronum Elixir, Verdant Crystal, Wooden Cross 

Lapale Forest

When you return to the end of the forest, investigate the tombstone to obtain Calmess. 
Behind the vine you find: Gold x9 and Spiritual Spark. 

Gorgonda Cave

Down on the island of map 1. 
Items: Gold x9, items x1, Magic Grasp, Magic Essence x2 (you only need one more, so the other will vanish). 
Flip the switch and then go down to map 4. 
Now you can open Baal Shamin’s chest to obtain the Naturic Breath and unlocking the Achivement "Explorer’s Treasure in Gargonda Cave". 
Note: Once you unlock all skills in all 4 skill trees, you unlock the Achievement "Skilled Aetherweaver". 

Keith Castle

Behind the pond, get Gold x3 and Flare Aspis 

Dothe Town

Swamp: Aetheric Shielding 
Dug-up Cavern: Boss Shadow Dragon: Weak to light and magic. 
You obtain the Crimson Crystal. 

Quetzacoatl’s Cave

Cave 2, NW corner, collect Gold x3 
Use the Traversing Infusion and the Teleporting Infusion to reach the White Lightning. 

The Wooden Cross


Keithe Castle

At the pond –> Semi-energized Cross 

Gargonda Cave

Pillar in the Depths –> Nearly Energized Cross 

Astus’ Waterfall

At the foot of the waterfall –> Ascension Cross 
Unlocks the Achievement "Legendary Cross". 

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This is all that we can say about Shattered Worlds – Walkthrough for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!

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