Sheltered 2 – Key Bindings

Sheltered 2 – Key Bindings 1 -
Sheltered 2 – Key Bindings 1 -

There aren't many, but they are there.


In Gameplay
LMB = Select highlighted text (.
RMB = Open interaction menu (when hovering above a shelter object)
Q/E = You can cycle through shelter characters
W/A/S/D = Camera panning
Left CTRL = Toggle camera zoom
Left SHIFT = Increase speed
Tab = Slow down
Sheltered 2 - Key Bindings - Control`s - A764693
G = Open/Close Statistical bar and Resource bar
C = Cancel a*signed job
M = Open map
SPACE = Focus on selected character / Confirm shelter re-arrangements
HOME = Toggle character automation
R = Accept incoming radio transmission


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