Siralim Ultimate – Class Guide [Beginner friendly]

Siralim Ultimate – Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 28 -
Siralim Ultimate – Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 28 -

Guide for Siralim Ultimate – Cla*s Guide [Beginner friendly]

A beginner friendly guide to every cla*s in the game. If you are new and can’t decide on your starter cla*s or haven’t played with said cla*s and want to know it’s strengths and weaknesses, this guide is for you


Slava, dear reader. 
This guide will help you understand all of the cla*ses available in Siralim Ultimate (well duh), tailor made by me in order to either help you pick your starting cla*s or help you choose additional one. The guide itself will be updated as I’m progressing through the game and learn how to play each and every single cla*s myself, and will be split into different categories, which you will see in the table of contents to the right. Before we go on this journey, there are some things I need to make clear first, so buckle up and lets do this 



  • English is not my first language, and while I am speaking somewhat fluently, if you find a typo, dont type fast @ me. If you still feel the urge to point out every single misspelled word, pack it in. Kthixbye 
  • Every cla*s is viable. There’s no such thing as the best one. Pick one that you think sounds cool, or the one that will resonate the best with your playstyle 
  • This guide will not hold your hand. It’s meant to help, not to play the game for you. So if you are looking for game breaking combos, you will not find it here 
  • All that said and done, there will be a tier list of abilities for every single cla*s, with a short reasoning. Please be aware its subjective. 
  • As stated above, I am going to update this guide every time I feel like I familiarised myself with the cla*s enough. Its going to take time, please be patient 
  • I’ve played S1 and S2, never touched S3, although I might in the future. Gonna build this street cred somehow I guess 
  • I am not an aesthetic guy. This guide will not be fancy or beautiful. 
  • Critique is welcome, especially constructive one. I might not give a flying ♥♥♥♥ about typos, but I do give more than one in case I’m spreading misinformation.

All right, I guess I’ve covered every important bit, lets start the guide 

The basics

There are twenty five (25) cla*ses in total in Siralim Ultimate. Each and every single one behave differently. Your gameplay as a Reaver will change dramatically to the one as a Blood Mage. My role as a guide writer (guider?) is to help you get the basic understand on how the cla*s works and as such I will try to do so. There are a couple of core things you need to know before that though 
Number 1: Everything has a start(er)  
After picking your cla*s you will notice that you get a skin, a blank slate of cla*s perks and a starter monster. For the most part (there are a handful of exceptions), starter will help you to get the things going, don’t get too attached to this monster though. Siralim is first and foremost a game of synergy. If you find a synergy that you find fun or strong, you don’t have to keep your starter in your team. As stated above, there are exceptions to this, but for the most part, everything is fair game. On that note, if you are switching to something else, you won’t get a second starter. There are of course exceptions to this, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 
Alongside your starter monster you will get a secondary starter. This creature will always be an Unicorn Vivifier: 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
This creature is fairly strong early on, it’s ability is really useful too and in some cases – creates a backbone for your synergy. Before you’ll find your dream team I would suggest holding onto it, although its not really necessary. Just don’t dismiss it as “just a weak healing monster”. This thing can pack a punch if used correctly. 
Number 2: Mind the synergy  
I’ve been throwing this word around, and you might not be familiar with it, so here’s the quick rundown as I will overuse it later on: synergy is a positive or negative reaction between two or more things. So for instance, the aforementioned Unicorn Vivifier has this ability: 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
And its fine, and nice, and useful. But if we pair it with this: 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
This create a reusable bomb that can be used in your gameplay. Game is full of synergies, both positive and negative and cla*ses flesh those out. An ability that seems completely useless at first might be a backbone of your build if you take a specific perk from a cla*s you have chosen or an ability of another monster. Siralim is all about taking whatever means necessary and making yourself as godlike as possible. This might require some number crunching, please be aware of that. 
Number 3: This bad boy can hold so many abilities  
You can have at any given time up to 6 monsters in your party. That means you have six (6) abilities to choose from and build your team. While playing, you will unlock features which will let you rise the number of abilities up to eighteen (18) at least, possibly more depending on your luck. Keep that on the back of your mind when choosing. Just because your synergy doesnt work now, does not mean it’s not going to in the future. Maybe you are missing this one specific ability of a monster. Maybe you lack the perk, that you will unlock later on. Maybe your critters require more stats? As stated before, number crunching is real. But from my experience, everything you come up with is real too. And working. And probably strong, although thats up in the air. Remember, the end goal is to make yourself as strong as possible within the limits of what you have chosen 
Number 4: There is no first place. There is no last too  
I will hammer this from now until the heat death of the universe. Every cla*s is viable. Everything can perform exceptionally well on every step of your journey. There are no winners here, but also there are no losers. Everything I will talk about in later sections are tools. Just because you dont like a specific tool does not mean its bad. 



  • Every cla*s has a different starter if you are, well, starting the game. Switching does not give that until i say so 
  • Game is all about building synergies 
  • You can get really broken builds if you try 
  • Everything you think of is fine, don’t get discouraged

Phew, The long beginning is long, because its long, but hey, I guess we are on the even field right now. Lets get down into the meat and potats of this guide: the cla*ses themselves 

Tribalist part 1



Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Tribalist is really straightforward as far as gameplay goes. The more creatures of the same race (or tribe) you have, the stronger your team is. Similar with the monster cla*s, although in lesser extend. So, what is this race/tribe? What is cla*s? Just what the ♥♥♥♥ are you talking about EnD? Well, I’m glad you ask. This section will help you understand ins and outs of a tribalist cla*s, some community specific jargon, maybe some fancy new words, overall we will have a good time. Time to shake this hive 
Tribalist core abilities, as stated above, revolve around race and cla*s of the monsters your have in your team. The more of the same, the better for you. So what are those parameters and where do I find them? Remember our good friend Unicorn Vivifier? We have met in the beginning section of this guide, but here’s a reminder: 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
What you want to see are those parameters in your bestiary: 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
The symbol and text on the left is the cla*s of the monster, on the right we have symbol and name of the cla*s. So our green friend has cla*s Life and race Unicorn. Simple enough. Those two parameters are the lifeblood of every tribalist. The more you have, the stronger you become. There is a softcap to this too, but we will discuss it around perk section. For now, as far as you know, you want your entire party filled with unicorns. 


Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Tribalist starter is a mediocre creature at best. His stats are almost all in the 20’s, with the olny exception being defence, which with 15 points is subpar at best. What makes this critter good is his ability: 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Sadly, this saving grace is fleeting. We won’t get any vaspid until around 20ish realm, which makes tribalist start awkward if you want to utilise the potential of this creature. Luckily, as stated in the beginning of this guide, you don’t have to. Unless you find huge ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ angry hornets cool, in which case, fair game. 


Tribalist have fifteen (15) perks in total. I will go over them in order from crucial to unimportant. Please be aware, this list will be subjective. Please also be aware, that you will get required perk points to max out your entire list regardless, so you might take this as a list of what to get first, and what to get last. 
1. We are pack 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Arguably the strongest ability in Tribalist arsenal. As long as you have 4 critters of the same race, everything in your team is concidered this race. This ability essentially opens up 2 slots for abilities that your tribe of choice just doesnt have. Now that said, you kinda need to have 4 monsters of the same race in your roster to begin with, and while there are some shenanigans to be had, which I wont spell out, figure that one youtself, you won’t get anything from this ability until you have those monsters. So get it as soon as 4 out of 6 creatures are of the same race. Otherwise move to the next position 
2. Transformation 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
So remember how I said that cla*s is secondary? Apart from the reasons I will state later down this list (very much later) this is one of the reasons. This skill lets you autocast morph, a fairly rare spell, for free at the start of the fight. What is morph? 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Free stats and a cla*s change at the start of the batle. If you happen to have one of those, I highly recommend spending points in this perk. Its just that good, synergies well with your kit and can push you one step further. That said, you have to have at least one of those to use this perk. If you dont have it, move to number 3 
3. Hybridisation 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
This is one of the core ablities, and sure its boring and whatever, but the stat gain is immense. Thats flatout 5% bonus to every single stat per creature. And did I mention it scales geometrically? That means 105% stats for first creature, 110% for the second, 116% for the third and so on. The gains on this perk gives you the edge and since its % based, it will get stronger, the more your critters level up and gain stats to begin with. Its crazy strong 
4. Forest Pact 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
So I want you to picture this. Read Hybridisation again, and then this perk. Yes, thats right. Read below points while you are at it. Uh-huh. This one inflate the amount of the same race you have artificially, more gains, more power, more breakage. Think of this as tribalist steroids. I can’t think of a clever way to make more jokes here and this ability speaks by itself, so lets move on 
5. Fluster 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Alot of “F”s at the top here. Coincidentally, thats what you can press for your enemies, and if you think this meme is outdated to ♥♥♥♥, I have way WAY more up my sleeves and nobody gonna stop this train. Back to the ability though. 5% per creature and its independent, which means if your monster doesn’t dodge for the first time, the game rolls again for dodge check 
6. Union 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Another very good ability, but it works best if you work towards specific stats on your team. Nothing much to say here though. 
7. Ties that bind 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
More of the same of Union, but with a cavieat. This time its damage alone, so you dont get utility of the stat. And the gain is lower. Its still pretty damn good, but isn’t as good as union, let alone anything higher. So it sits in comfortable spot just above smack dab middle of this list 
8. Overwhelm 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
The milktoasted of the milktoast, straight in the middle, run of the mill. A nice independent (meaning its a second roll, If you have forgot from the time I was saying about the Fluster) chance to crit. Nice to have, although I prefer defence over offence in Siralim. Dead creature won’t do you any good, its not Purgatorian after all. Still nice to have. 
9. Harbringer 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
This ability is seriously good. Great even. Broken? Possibly. So why so low? Well, not olny you need to have a spell, not olny you have to upgrade it in specific way, it also have to fire up. And since “cast on x” have pretty low chance in general, (19% with maxed out spell gem level), you wont get as much usage out of this as you think you would 
10. Feign Death 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Ressurect change eh? Fun, but I dont really want my creatures to die as Tribalist. So its a nice addition but as far as priority goes, it shouldnt be high on the list. Not in early game, not in late game. Still better than the options below 

Tribalist part 2

11. Survival Instinct 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Well. This ability would probably be my number one if not for the fact, it checks for dead creatures and adds power according to that. Thats bad on tribalist on so many levels. Its a crutch skill and should be treated as one. I mean maybe it has so use if you are running a team thats constantly dying for any reason, but then again, Ive stated this list is subjective as 7 blue balls of Azathoth, so lets move on 
12. Battalion 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
So wait, buffs are nice, so why are they so low? Well, for starters those are random and they can range with anything, from gamechanging to inconsequential. Then theres a cap of 6 which is not really all that good if we remember we have from talents alone 9 critters of the same race in our party. And then theres thiis thing that buffs tend to expire, gets dispelled and otherwise doesnt last too long. So its an eh from me 
13. Purebred 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Well, thats just about the same as Hybridisation, so why so low? Cause its cla*s dependant, not race dependant. Unless you have something really specific in mind or are running morphs, which you should, its not really all that great, and even if, the amount of stats gained is nowhere near Hybridisation levels 
14. Familiarity 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
Unsuprisingly, two of the abilities that are low cost are the two of the weakest ones and should be priorities last. I mean damage to and against your own cla*s can be nice, but you have to remember it depends on so many small things, its not even funny. This one is second to last olny because it increases your survivability rather than damage output 
15. Cogence[/i 
Siralim Ultimate - Class Guide [Beginner friendly] 
See point 14 for reference. Those abilities aren’t bad, but I would say that getting them first is a waste of points 
And there you have my tier list of perks. Please remember, this list is subjective, you might find We are Pack trash tier, and Cogence the best thing ever. Let’s move on 

Prefered creature abilities

Well I said I wont spill the beans on how to build, but I might give a hint. So below is the list of rough estimation of perks you might want to get, but then again dont have to do so. You do you. Let nobody tell you, your build is bad, because it probably isn’t. Unless you are making negative synergies. Anyway, below are rough estimations of what you want to look for 

  • Abilities that checks for certain type of race 
  • Race changers 
  • Shared abilities 
  • Might want to snipe for a certain Master

Im trying to be as vague as I can here, hence the list is so short. Lets move on to the final section of this guide 

Strategy and gameplay

Tribalist is probably one of those cla*ses that win the battle in summoning room of your castle. As long as you summon specific stuff and set it up nicely with artifacts and such, maybe throw in a macro or two, and the rest is pretty much up to wherever you were lucky or not. My own Tribalist team can overcome and even overwhelm floor 139 as of now (instability 5) with sheer attack command alone, but Ive spend the better portion of my playtime tinkering with my setup until Ive found the golden paintrain. And pretty much everything works. That said, this cla*s is rather prone to wall up on certain enemy compositions. You learn to dread confusion and curse rather quick. 



  • Creature race is king 
  • You can’t get wrong with it, unless you really try hard to do so 
  • It’s not the most engaging 
  • It’s prone to wall


Thanks, kisses and changelogs



For reading this piece of ♥♥♥♥ 


For feedback. For rating. For enjoying 


23.03.2021 – Added Foreword, Tribalist and Thanks, kisses and changelogs 
Thanks again for reading and have a nice one. Buh-bye 

Written by EnD

Hey there, thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about Siralim Ultimate – Cla*s Guide [Beginner friendly] helped you. If you believe we forget something to add or want us to add extra on the post, please let us know via comment below. Thanks, and see you soon!

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