Siren Head: Awakening – Full game guide

Siren Head: Awakening – Full game guide 1 -
Siren Head: Awakening – Full game guide 1 -

Guide for Siren Head: Awakening – Full game guide

Learn absolutely everything there is to know about the game.



First of all…
If you like horror games and are looking to be scared…. You won’t get scared…
Be prepared there’s a bug where sirenhead teleport’s in front of you. No matter where you are. Even if you’re running from him.

Map detailed info

First! The map:
The map..May seem large but its not. Its actually rather small..
There is the car (where you spawn.)
To the exact east you will find the gas station. The spark plug is always there. No notes.
To the west at the end of the road you will find a bunker note 4 can spawn here.
West, at the end of the road you will also find train tracks. On those train tracks along them are two train carriage’s (they are separated)
the car battery can spawn in either of them.
Going north up those tracks you can pa*s the secret bunker(that can be unlocked with the number found on the notes) the bunker is
found on the left when going up the tracks (The bunker is middle of the western part of the map) Next to it you can find the small bus,
that can have note 1 in it. Along the tracks further you can find a small singular house, on the chair outside you can find the oil canister
sometimes (it has two spawn points). Next to the northern train carriage you can find the big bus. This can also have the chance of
spawning note 1.
Along the pathway the bus is on you can follow that to most key points on the map (the train tracks, the car, the large housed area and the picnic area) The picnic area is the closest to the big bus and the gas canister has a chance to spawn here. Along the path pa*s the picnic area you will find the large housed area note 2 spawns in two different spots here and the gas canister spawns here. There are two houses with porches and you will find note 2 pinned up on the window on the one closest to the south, the second place is the house to the north along the porch there is a table, you will find the note on there. The gas canister has a chance to spawn between the 2 houses connected by a wire fence at the south part of this tiny “town”
The bunker south of this area to the west of that you will find two houses with little step up porches to their doors, on the western house’s “porch”. There is a chance of the oil canister to spawn.
To the east of the start of the first train carriage at the far west (at the end of the road). You will find the tower, inside the fence you will find note 3. Note 3 always spawns here.

Notes and items location

Note 1 has 2 possible spawn points
1. Inside of the big bus in the direct middle of the map, along the trail next to the car.
2. Inside of the small bus, found next to the secret bunker at middle west of the map.
Note 2 has 2 possible spawn points
1. On the table, on the porch of northern house in the large housed area at the north
eastern part of the map.
2. Pinned to the window on the porch of second southern house in the large housed
area at the north eastern part of the map
(on the western side wall)
Note 3 has only one spawn point.
1. It spawns on desk in compound of the radio tower. West.. Look up… You’ll see it.
Note 4 has three possible spawn points:
1. The bunker south west bottom left of the map.
2. The bunker north of the gas station in-between there and the multiple house area
3. The bunker at the top of the map fully north.
Secret note 5 spawn point:
Inside of secret bunker middle west. Collect all notes and the number in bottom right of
note in order is the code lock on bunker door.
Items, some info:
Car battery 2 spawn points:
1. Northern train carriage
2. Southern Train carriage
Oil canister 2 spawn points:
1. The 1 house camp north west. Next to northern train carriage
2. The 2 house camp to the east. Next to gas station
Gas canister 2 spawn points:
1. The picnic area, along the trail next to car.
2. In the alley in between two houses in southern area of the large housed area at the
north east of the map.
Spark plug 1 spawn point:
1. Inside on the table in the gas station in the bottom left of the map. South east. East of
the car along the road.


The Normal way: Collect the car parts, repairing the car and escaping.
The easy way out: Collect the notes, unlock the secret bunker and shoot self with gun.
Sacrificial but best way: Collect the notes, unlock the secret bunker, grab matches, collect the gas canister and bring it to the gas station, set it on fire and Blow up siren head killing him and yourself.
Master looter way: Collect all the notes, collect all the car parts and escape.

My opinions and viewpoint on the game.

I don’t think its scary at all, It think it looks hideous and as an huge horror fan. I recommend you to not play this if you’re looking to get scared.
Its so buggy and boring not a game i would recommend at all.
You can go see my review of the game…
A not recommend, a large, no recommend review.

Written by Jatne buir

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Siren Head: Awakening – Full game guide. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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