SOLASTA Crown of the Magister – Solasta Achievement Guide (WIP)

SOLASTA Crown of the Magister – Solasta Achievement Guide (WIP) 1 -
SOLASTA Crown of the Magister – Solasta Achievement Guide (WIP) 1 -

Guide for SOLASTA Crown of the Magister – Solasta Achievement Guide (WIP)

A WIP achievement guide for Solasta, now that achievement hunting is finally possible! Will be updated as I get more achievements and find out what to do to get them. Will probably get an overhaul once the game is fully released (i.e., icons will be added etc).


Hello there! Welcome to my achievement guide for Solasta – Crown of the Magister! This guide is built during Early Access and based on the achievements that were only just implemented with the latest update. This guide is a WIP and will be updated whenever I find out something new that belongs here. This will not only contain an explanation of all achievements, but also tips on how to obtain them. 


You need to create a character of each playable cla*s in the character creator. You do not need to play with them, the achievement is rewarded at the end of the creation. 
Beat ‘Em Up 
Create a Fighter 
They fight. What more is there to say? 
Deus Vult 
Create a Paladin 
Paladins are an excellent choice in this game. Not only are they they tanks and heavy hitters, they can also use spell scrolls of Revivify! 
I need healing! 
Create a Cleric 
Usually I’m the staunchest supporter of “Clerics are more than just healers!” and while I love to dish out damage with my Sun Cleric here as well, you will need their healing powers. Also, they can revive dead party members either through spell scrolls or the spell Revivify (unlocks with level 3 spells). At the same level, the Cleric can also learn Create Food which can help if your rations are ever waning because the party failed to find food on their way yet again
It’s rogue, not rouge 
Create a Rogue 
Recommended for picking locks and disarming traps but you can also give your ranger Thieves’ tools proficiency instead. At least their sneak attack damage can be nice and the equivalent to the Arcane Trickster is neat, but the best subcla*s (Swashbuckler) is, of course, missing. 
Yer a wizard, Henry 
Create a Wizard 
Absolute must-have party member in my humble opinion. Either main damage dealer or main support/crowd control, the one that will do (and maybe even succeed) on most of the knowledge skill checks. Also the one who can identify your magic items and potions (this can only be compensated by the spellcasting Rogue subcla*s iirc if you have a go without a wizard). 
You bow to no one 
Create a Ranger 
I know everyone loves to drag Rangers as the most useless cla*s of D&D. But here, they can be an absolute GAMECHANGER! There is no druid cla*s, but the Ranger can learn the Goodberries spell which will provide rations for your travels. The likelihood of your party starving to death and being unable to finish long rests sinks dramatically with a ranger! 


A battle of wits 
Kill 20 enemies using Psychic Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal psychic damage 
Cantrips: Shadow Dagger 
1st level: – 
2nd level: – 
3rd level: – 
4th level: Phantasmal Killer 
Ah, sweet toxicity! 
Kill 20 enemies using Poison Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal poison damage 
Cantrips: Poison Spray 
1st level: – 
2nd level: – 
3rd level: – 
4th level: – 
Aditionally you can coat your weapons in poison or use poisoned arrows! 
Death Adder 
Kill 20 enemies using Necrotic Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal necrotic damage 
Cantrips: Chill Touch 
1st level: Inflict Wounds 
2nd level: – 
3rd level: Vampiric Touch 
4th level: Blight 
Every problem looks like a nail 
Kill 20 enemies using Bludgeoning Damage in a single campaign 
Weapons that deal bludgeoning damage: Dwarven Thrower, Mace, Quarterstaff, Unarmed Attacks, Warhammer 
The 4th level spells Black Tentacles and Ice Storm also cause bludgeoning damage! 
Fire at will 
Kill 20 enemies using Fire Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal fire damage 
Cantrips: Fire Bolt 
1st level: Burning Hands 
2nd level: Flaming Sphere, Scorching Ray 
3rd level: Fireball 
4th level: Wall of Fire 
Ice Ice Baby 
Kill 20 enemies using Ice Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal cold damage 
Cantrips: Ray of Frost 
1st level: – 
2nd level: – 
3rd level: – 
4th level: Ice Storm 
Kill 20 enemies using Radiant Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal radiant damage 
Cantrips: Sacred Flame 
1st level: Divine Favor, Guiding Bolt 
2nd level: Branding Smite 
3rd level: Spirit Guardians 
4th level: – 
Paladin’s smites also deal radiant damage! 
Measure twice, cut once 
Kill 20 enemies using Slashing Damage in a single campaign 
Weapons that deal slashing damage: Battleaxe, Greataxe, Greatsword, Scimitar 
Melting pot 
Kill 20 enemies using Acid Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal acid damage 
Cantrips: Acid Splash 
1st level: – 
2nd level: Acid Arrow 
3rd level: – 
4th level: – 
Shish Kebab 
Kill 20 enemies using Piercing Damage in a single campaign 
Weapons that deal piercing damage: Dagger, Javelin, Longbow, Longsword, Morningstar, Rapier, Shortbow, Shortsword 
Kill 20 enemies using Lightning Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal lightning damage 
Cantrips: Shocking Grasp 
1st level: – 
2nd level: – 
3rd level: Lightning Bolt 
4th level: – 
That’s a lot of magic missiles! 
Kill 20 enemies using Force Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal force damage 
Cantrips: – 
1st level: Magic Missile 
2nd level: Spiritual Weapon 
3rd level: – 
4th level: – 
Kill 20 enemies using Thunder Damage in a single campaign 
Spells that deal thunder damage 
Cantrips: – 
1st level: Thunderwave 
2nd level: – 
3rd level: – 
4th level: – 


An easy victory 
Finish a fight with only one character alive 
‘Alive’ can sound misleading here. The other three do not need to actually be dead, they just need to be unconscious, as in needing to make death saving throws. 
Close shave 
Have a character stablize with 2 failed death saving throws 
After dropping to zero HP, a character will start to make death saving throws, which are CON saving throws against a DC of 10. There is room for three successes and three failures. After three successes, the character stabilizes naturally. After three fails, the character dies. A CRITICAL FAILURE WILL IMMEDIATELY MARK TWO FAILURES! For this achievement, you need to wait for a character to be at two failed death saves to either heal them or use your Cleric’s action to cast the cantrip Spare the Dying (which is a touch-based spell, so the Cleric needs to stand next to the downed party member) to stabilize them magically. 
Critical Thinking 
Land 50 critical hits in a single campaign 
This will happen through natural progression. Luck can be pretty rotten for me in this game, but fifty crits sounds very likely. 
Death is only the beginning 
Resurrect a fallen character 
If a character goes unconscious, they need to fail all three death saving throws. This happens way more easily than I’d like but hey, that’s D&D. After they die, a counter appears in their character’s icon – that is the amount of rounds left in which you can resurrect them. You need to have a Cleric or a Paladin in your party and standing. They can use a scroll of Revivify (or cast Revivify if they’re a Cleric that has access to level 3 spells and has Revivify prepared) to resurrect their party member. 
How do you want to do this? 
Kill an enemy with a critical hit 
Guaranteed to just happen. It’s RNG which is annoying because the RNG in this game can feel very punishing. But I can guarantee you that at some point you will land a critical hit that becomes a killing blow. Some feats can allow characters to crit on both a 19 and a 20 if you have the need to make it easier. 
It’s just a flesh wound 
Take a critical hit without going down 
Very likely to just happen. The RNG in this game can be off the charts crazy and annoying, so crits should happen for your enemies more than enough. It’s basically sheer luck because the enemy needs to crit and the targeted character needs to have enough HP to not go unconscious. 
It’s Super Effective! 
Deal the appropriate type of damage to an enemy with vulnerability 
Some enemies have damage resistances, some have damage vulnerabilities. For example, skeletons are vulnerable to bludgeoning damage. Find a vulnerability and use a spell or weapon that deals that damage to get a bonus. 
Not on my watch 
Kill an enemy during their turn 
Either doable with spells that have a damage effect when enemies start their turn (such as Spirit Guardians) or by using your reaction for attacks. This is, for example, done with opportunity attacks when an enemy tries to leave your melee range or with some skills, such as the Ranger’s Marksman subcla*s feat that you can use your reaction to counter a ranged weapon attack with one of your own. 
Watch your step! 
Have an enemy fall to their death 
It’s more than likely that you will obtain this in the tutorial because it teaches you how to shove enemies off high points during the fight with the wolf pack. 
Worth it 
Damage a friendly character with a spell 
Easily done with AoE spells such as Fireball, Lightning Bolt and so on. Just cast it with one of your party members within the affected area. 


Crafting happens during the travel time. Do not forget to pause the party, click their icons and a*sign crafting tasks. You will need enough ingredients for this but it should not be too difficult if you loot all ingredients instead of selling them. 
Proficiency with some kits is required, most of them really benefit from a high Arcana bonus as well. 
Deadly to the touch 
Use the Poisoner’s Kit 20 times 
You need to learn posion recipes for this. Then, craft 20 poisons or poisoned ammunition. 
Enchantment? Enchantment! 
Use the Manacalon Rosary 20 times 
You need to find and learn recipes for enchanted items for this. Then, let your wizard enchant 20 items. You need the marked-as-ingredient items for this. You can recognise them from the little blue icon in their picture. 
Stop complaining about the taste 
Use the Herbalism Kit 20 times 
You need to learn potion recipes for this. Then, craft 20 healing potions. 
What a spellcaster truly needs 
Use the Scroll Kit 20 times 
You need to learn scroll recipes for this. Then, craft 20 spell scrolls. 


You will need at least two playthroughs for this since the party size is four characters, so that is the maximum amount of background quests you can complete per playthrough. 
I spy with my little eye 
Complete the Spy Background Quest 
Justice is blind 
Complete the Lawkeeper Background Quest 
Let me see those coins 
Complete the Lowlife Background Quest 
My faith is my shield 
Complete the Acolyte Background Quest 
My sword is yours 
Complete the Sellsword Background Quest 
My tailor is rich 
Complete the Aristocrat Background Quest 
The quill is mightier than the sword 
Complete the Academic Background Quest 
To be or not to be 
Complete the Philosopher Background Quest 


So far, I have not unlocked any of these yet, so I can only a*sume it’s for maxing your relations with the respective factions. To do that, you need to bring the historical items and artefacts you find to the factions you want to get closer to. At this moment, afaik it is not possible to max the relationships with all factions. This might change when the full game is released? I will keep you updated! 
Champions of the Antiquarians 
Champions of the Arcaneum 
Champions of the Circle 
Champions of the Principality 
Champions of the Scavengers 
Champions of the Tower 


Beware the spoilers! 
I swear. 
Deputy of the Council 
Unmissable. Follow the main quest. Finish the tutorial missions and go to the council to get sworn in. 
The plot thickens 
Find out what happened to Captain Henrik 
Unmissable. Follow the main quest. Travel to Caer Lem and meet the survivors. 
Believe us now? 
Show proof that the Soraks are real 
Unmissable. Follow the main quest. Go kill some Soraks in Caer Lem and bring back a Sorak head. 
Crown of the Magister 
Obtain the Crown 
Unmissable. Follow the main quest. Travel to the ancient library and finish the dungeon. DO NOT GIVE THE CROWN TO YOUR CLERIC OR YOUR PALADIN! IT CAN BE USED TO CAST REVIVIFY SO GIVE IT SOMEONE WHO CANNOT DO THAT NORMALLY! 
We are friends, not food 
Negotiate with Aksha 
This one might be missable? I’m not sure. It unlocked for me after persuading Aksha to let my party through to see Mardracht without having to fight her. 
Back in my days… 
Negotiate with Mardracht 
This one might be missable? I’m not sure. It unlocked for me after persuading Mardracht to let my party obtain the Gem of Necromancy without having to fight him. 
Master of Necromancy 
Obtain the Gem of Necromancy 
Unmissable. Follow the main quest. Follow the Crownbearer’s intuition to the first possible gem location. Meet Mardracht and get the gem from his room. 


Everything else. 
Gold makes Solasta go round 
Have 20,000 gold in your inventory 
Pretty sure this will occur through natural progression if you’re not very careless with your funds. You get tons of loot to sell. Most of the gear you find – especially magical items – are much better equipment than what you can buy anyway, so don’t bother with buying weapons or armour. Be aware that transcribing spells (which you definitely SHOULD do with your wizard for every wizard cla*s scroll you come across) costs money and gets more expensive, the higher the spell level! I’d advise saving the game before attempting transcribing just to save yourself from some frustration. 
Finish the game with no character ever dying 
Not obtainable as of yet. You will have to wait for the full release for this one. 
Monster Hunters 
Unlock new information in the Bestiary 100 times 
Should occur through natural progression. I’m not sure if the Survival skill checks after fights influence this in any way. 
Stay awhile and listen 
Identify 20 magic items 
Should occur through natural progression. Just don’t forget to regularly cast Detect Magic to find magical items in your loot (usually labelled as ‘magnificent (armor)’ or similar descriptions. After casting Detect Magic, the items that can be identified have a little question mark in their upper corner. Just cast Identify to find out what properties the items have. Do not forget to cast both Detect Magic and Identify as rituals exclusively to save your spell slots! 
Why can’t I hold all these magic items? 
Have one character attune to 3 magic items 
Some magical items need to be attuned to have an effect. To attune an item to a character, let the group take a short rest. Just fill all three attunement slots of one character with items (THE CROWN DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS THIS ALTHOUGH IT IS DESCRIBED AS ATTUNED!) 


Yeah. I don’t know what these are or what you need to do to get them, yet. I will update these and put them in their responding categories as soon as I do find out. Just keep an eye out, if you’re looking for anything specific. 

  • Climbing the ranks 
  • Give me a real challenge 
  • Heroes of Solasta 
  • Humpty Dumpty 
  • I cast fist! 
  • I have my doubts 
  • I’m not paid enough for that 
  • Into the Breach 
  • Legendary 
  • Master of Abjuration 
  • Master of Conjuration 
  • Master of Evocation 
  • Mutinous thoughts 
  • Perfectionist 
  • The cla*sics 
  • The Old Guard 
  • Traitors! 
  • Wasn’t me 
  • We don’t negotiate with monsters 
  • Where do you think you’re going? 
  • You get nothing! Good day sir!


Written by LEO3_l

Thanks for checking our blog. I hope the information you found about SOLASTA Crown of the Magister – Solasta Achievement Guide (WIP) helped you somehow. If you believe we forget to add something or update the post with more information, please let us know via comment below! See you soon!

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