Soulworker – How to fix crashes (Win10)

Soulworker – How to fix crashes (Win10) 1 -
Soulworker – How to fix crashes (Win10) 1 -
Tired of the game crashing?



If any given fix does not work, I’m sorry, and I hope you can find a solution! If you do, please let me know so I can add it to the guide! If a specific fix worked, please tell me so I can tally it, I would like to order this by what worked most. 
Currently, fixes are ordered in how long it would take on average to try, and what I think has the highest chance of working. 
You can find the game’s location by browsing the local files for the game. 
(Right click in library>Manage>Browse Local Files) 
You will need to know where the game is for most of these fixes. 
I hope this helps someone 🙂 
Support Link – 
It can take quite a long time for them to get back to you. Please mention in your ticket this guide and which fixes you tried to help save time for both of you. 



Fix #1: Run in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode

Right click the game’s exe (SoulWorker.exe) 
At the bottom, click properties 
Click “Compatibility” in the middle 
Check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows 8. 
Make sure to click Apply and then OK at the bottom! 
Run the game 

Fix #2: Run with Admin

Right click the game’s exe (SoulWorker.exe) 
At the bottom, click properties 
Click “Compatibility” in the middle 
Click “Run this program as an administrator” near the bottom 
Make sure to click Apply and then OK at the bottom! 
Run the game 

Fix #2.5: Experiment with Above

Try above fixes running at the same time, or try different versions of windows in the compatibility options. 
You may also want to try running the compatibility troubleshooter, though you will have to accept the changes it makes before running the game, so keep track of what it messes with! (Click the test button, wait, accept changes, then run through steam) 

Fix #3: Verify Game Integrity.

In the local files tab of the game, (go to properties on right click) press the verify integrity button. If it did not report any missing/corrupt files, do not bother running the game to check, it did nothing. 

Fix #4: Disable most Security (be careful)

Turn off any antivirus. (Bit Defender is troublesome) 
Turn off windows defender. (Many people do not know it’s on) 
Give SoulWorker.exe full permission to everything in your windows firewall options in the control panel. 
If this doesn’t work, I highly suggest reverting these changes. I’m unsure if giving the game permissions through the antivirus will make it work as that is likely heavily dependant on what is making it crash in the first place and likely differs between antiviruses, so just disable it. 
If this fixes the crashes experiment with giving the game exceptions in your antivirus. 

Fix #5: Speedrun Character Creation / Starting Menu

It’s a possibility that the game’s opening menu is what’s causing the crashing. Try to make your character before the game crashes. I can understand if you want to skip this though, as it can take a while to load the game. Depending on your pc performance, you might be better off trying the next fix and keeping this in mind for later. 

Fix #6: Reinstall the Game.

Self explanatory. 

Fix #7: Update your Drivers

Go into the windows search bar, and type in “Restore Point” and create a restore point 
Open this guide on your phone unless you’re okay with getting here again due to a restart (happens in later step) 
Look up “Snappy Driver” or go – 
(Download the 5MB one) 
Run the installer, run the app, install your drivers. 
Restart your pc 
Run the game 
If there are any problems, restore your pc from the restore point! 
The next fix will work if done right, but it will take a long time to setup and is generally not advised as you may be able to find a fix in a much shorter time, let alone the space this takes up, the potential impact on performance, etc. 
Fix #8: Setup and Configure a Virtual Windows Machine to run the Game 
If you seriously want to play the game, I don’t see how it could crash in this environment. 

Written by Veeyu22

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Soulworker – How to fix crashes (Win10). If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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