Spelunky 2 – My strategy to get Low Scorer Achievement

Spelunky 2 – My strategy to get Low Scorer Achievement 1 - gameplaylists.com
Spelunky 2 – My strategy to get Low Scorer Achievement 1 - gameplaylists.com

You will need to be familiarized with the levels and can quickly move through the game without paying attention to what's in front of you. This achievement requires that you rewire and rewire your brain so that you can approach the obstacles differently. Gold is as dangerous as death. You need to move slowly to avoid enemies who could push you into taking gold. You don't wish to waste your precious resources by backtracking.

Basics and dwelling

Always keep any item in your possession. It is better to have a human body. But even a small rock will work. You can even move some of your gold around and kill some golden scarabs. Always go for the Udjat. It will be a tremendous help later to move up the levels and finally to kill Tiamat. I strongly advise against robbery at level 1-2, 3, or 3. First, you may accidentally grab a nugget of gold. Then you will rush to get out. The next level can have a shop that has an HR. This can allow the HR to wander around and help you pick gold.
You don’t need a jetpack and extra bombs, however tempting it may sound. It is the same for all other temptations: altars, hard to reach containers, etc. Don't. You'll find other opportunities later. Don't let the resources go to waste. If the flame is not visible, do not use it. Throwing the torch only once is a waste of time. You can always light another fire and make money. The same applies for the camera. Its flash does not kill the golden scarabs. However, it adds them into your bank account. Quillback isn't worth killing if you don’t have spike boots or any gun (other than plasma of course). Bombs should only be used in extreme situations, unless there is an alternative.


I know this region better than many others. It's not nearly as claustrophobic than Jungle… so the choice is clear. Here, you have to be more invisible. Avoid making platforms fall or triggering robots. Use the drill, and you can obtain your crown and red capse. Don't be too concerned about getting to Van Horsling. You will be blessed with a cursed treasure if you don't mind him throwing it at your face. If it is too difficult to reach, don’t waste ropes.

Olmec’s Lair

The easiest level of the game, and the most important for our purposes. It is unnecessary to try for the ankh. The only thing you need to do is move one level down. However, don’t rush it like you did beneath him. Better to create a larger hole by making a jump from left-to-right. Sometimes, a little bit of gold might drop at the end of the hole. Don't be afraid to try and beat him.

Tide Pool

This is where it gets a little more difficult. Take your time and jiang shi's. They will be lured to safety, and then they will be killed. Panxie the (crabman) don’t kill him. Just avoid. It will drop some jewels. No matter what you do, it will drop some gems. The gems will bounce right back at you. Even though it isn't very bad, if you get poisoned it won't be too serious. It's a better solution. We're not going Sunken City. You don't need to jump to death in 4-3. Be aware of spikes. They can hide some precious gold.

Ice Caves

Similar to Volcana. There are many things you can throw gold at. Try to descend quickly so you don't get noticed. You don't have to go into the back layers. Just descend and stay clear of UFOs.

Neo Babylon

Here it comes. The final area. This is the most hated area of the game. This is where you have to take your time when approaching obstacles. It's not as glamorous as the other levels. But this is the point where you can get so stressed out that you might even die or make a silly mistake. Lama*su doesn't need to be killed. It drops gems. When trapped between two forcefields, with some gold flying around, throw a rope. The sword can be used to kill the bodyguard at 6-3 While you may not have many bombs, the shotgun will kill Tiamat. Here it is. You've done it. It's possible to fail a few times. Waiting for the perfect RNG.


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