Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon – How to Spider: or – How I Learned to Stop Spinning and Love the Web

Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon – How to Spider: or – How I Learned to Stop Spinning and Love the Web 2 - gameplaylists.com
Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon – How to Spider: or – How I Learned to Stop Spinning and Love the Web 2 - gameplaylists.com
And above all secrecy… But nobody ever said it had to be impossible to understand how to 100% the game, or that you had to dig up the answers totally by yourself! This guide is here to help you 100% Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon.



Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon - How to Spider: or - How I Learned to Stop Spinning and Love the Web - Introduction 
Welcome to the guide! This guide is intended to be a 100%, comprehensive walkthrough for Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon, a relatively simple puzzle platformer with a surprisingly deep lore. Much of this game revolves around the mystery behind Blackbird Manor, but the core gameplay has very little to do with that. Because of this, some achievements will be easier to get than others; some you can even grab during the course of normal play. Others will be much more difficult and require a little digging both in and out of game to grab; some even require knowing the phases of the moon and certain weather conditions to get them. 
Because of this, I’ve tried my best to organize things in this guide under a set of unifying ideas: Basics of the Game, Achievements, Edibles, Puzzles, and Secret Achievements. Each section will give you some idea of how to get those achievements at best and how to get to the right solution at worst. 
While I’ve had to do a lot of digging to get some of this info, I won’t reveal everything right away. A big chunk of this game involves secrecy and finding answers yourself. To preserve that, anything too ma*sively spoilery is put in spoiler tags. Much of the needed info is scattered around various forum posts and websites, making it very time-consuming to nab certain achievements. I certainly would not be able to do this guide without the hard work and dedication of various fine people around the internet, including on these very Steam forums, PS4 Achievement Hunter sites, and the like. Aside from their help, much of the work here is my own as is the writing. 
Please be aware this guide’s an ongoing Work in Progress! I’ve had to do a lot of research to understand what the game requires the player to do, and how to do it. If you think you can help in any way, please comment below and I’ll add it to the guide. 🙂 

Help! I’m Arachnophobic! :c

For the spider-haters in the audience or those with a fear of our arachnid friends, Tiger Style has created a workaround. There’s a Walrus skin for you that will eliminate the spider entirely. To access it, you’ll need to have the lightning rod activated – on a rainy night, during a thunderstorm. This is the same requirement as for the Gone, But Not Forgotten achievement (this is what unlocks the skin), so you’ll probably get both of them at the same time. 
If you can’t wait that long and don’t wanna get someone to do it for you, there is a cheat code that will unlock the skin from the get go. Just go to Save Sessions on the Settings menu, click on your current session and change your name to ROSMARUS. The next time you load the Estate Map, the Walrus should be unlocked for you. Yes, this really does turn you into a walrus. Enjoy! 

Gameplay Basics




Being a Spider is easier than it seems, if you are careful with how you proceed. In Spider, your goal is to trap and eat insects. Most can be caught in webs, but some will require a little extra work to get. There’s also a few gameplay controls you can use to do this. 

Doing Whatever a Spider Can:


The specific spider that you are, regardless of what skin you use, is one of the many varieties of jumping spider that exist in the Americas, specifically in and around Maryland in the USA as that’s where the game takes place. Jumping spiders in real life don’t spin webs much, but this is a video game so you definitely can. 
As a jumping spider, you can jump pretty far actually! The game will give you a projected vector before you jump if you hold the jump button, and if you zoom out the screen you can see the whole area for more precise jumps. This is crucial to playing well and getting high scores in Spider! It also allows for more precise web placement. Pressing jump in midair (but not while spinning a web) will let you double-jump. This is important for getting some places later without getting hurt or dying. Some bugs can only be eaten if you tackle them; others need to be tackled before you can get them stuck in a web. 
You actually have two jump buttons. One button is for jumping only, while the other one will anchor your web. If you don’t plan on spinning a web and just need to tackle a bug or get somewhere, don’t use the anchor-jump button! Doing so will waste your thread, and you only have so much precious silk, but you can get more by eating bugs. If you do run out of silk, you have a little bit of time before you starve to death to get an insect and save yourself. If you mess up too many times or find you don’t have enough silk to finish the level, you can also always just restart the level. Remember also that you only need to eat half the bugs in a level to succeed; if you can’t finish that’s alright. Just come back another time and try again. 
Spinning a web is easy, but you will need silk to do that. When spinning, you can draw any geometrical shape you like. It doesn’t have to be perfect so long as it counts as at least a triangle or higher polygon. In some cases, you don’t even need to finish a corner of the polygon, but in many cases this is the best policy. Play around and see what’s best for your play style. Your silk counter starts at 12, but it can increase to 20 maximum. Eating more bugs in a combo, or eating larger bugs, will give you more silk. You have two multipliers to do this – a web multiplier and a bug multiplier. Maxing out either or both will give you more silk per bug, so work fast! 

Weather and Moon Phases:


Spider is a smart game that knows your local weather outside and the current phase of the moon where you are. There are four possible weather conditions – day, night, rainy day, and rainy night. You’ll need to play in all of them, and you may find some conditions are easier than others in some levels. Every weather condition has a different mix of insects to eat, and some insects only come out during certain weather conditions, during the day/night, etc. If for any reason you can’t get certain weather to proc, you can use the weather machine, but this only changes either time or weather, and it recharges only when the moon is in its next phase. you can also turn off Location Settings in the options, which will set the weather to “Blackbird Estate” instead of your local weather, which could differ. 
Moon phases are important for some puzzles. On the map of the manor locations, you can see when some secrets are findable based on the moon phase next to it. Some bugs, like the Luna Moth, also only come out on nights of a full moon or on different moon phases. You will need to find out these for yourself for certain achievements. 



Spider has a number of hazards to deal with. Let’s talk about those now. 
Stinging Insects: You’ll know these when you see them; they’re bright red and will usually charge you. The insects you have to watch out for are fire ants and angry hornets; both of them will make you lose silk if you get hit by them so try not to be hit! These insects need to be tackled, but you will need to make sure that they are confused or you get the drop on them first. If the insect is going to charge, it will have an exclamation mark over it (!). If you dodge it, the insect will then have a question mark (?) over it, and will be stunned. You can only tackle these insects when they are stunned. There is a slight caveat for fire ants though – if they are crawling on a surface, you can tackle them from above, below, or behind without being stung. 
Slippery Surfaces: Some objects are too slippery for a spider to climb and will make you fall off. These objects have a sparkly glow on their surfaces. You cannot build webs on them, but you might be able to stand on the very top of them if they’ve got a top surface! 
Strong Insects: These bugs need an exceptionally strong web to capture them, otherwise they will break your web if they’re caught in them unless you free them quickly. There’s only a few insects of this type: Clusterflies, scorpionflies, and some larger moths and butterflies. Dragonflies are also strong unless your tackle them first. Don’t let them break your webs! Build strong webs – a strong web is just a really large web, and usually is at least four-sided. It can be done with a three-sided web, but you really need a large space to do it. You’ll know a web is strong if it says “STRONG!” after you build it. 
Smart Insects: Snakeflies are the only bug that won’t fly right into your web. To catch them, time their flight pattern to have them be stuck right as you finish building. It is possible to catch them in a very small area where they will blunder into your web, but this is not very common. Other insects like mosquitoes and june bugs need to be tackled or herded in. Honey bees and dragonflies also need to be tackled before they can be stuck in a web. Some of these insects will dodge you too, like the black hornet and jewel wasp, so you might need to plan ahead for them! 
Water, Fire, Acid, Electricity: These hazards will kill you on contact and are best avoided. In addition, fire and electricity will melt your webs and break them. Try not to build webs near fire or electricity if you can help it. 
Moving Objects: These can be built on, but will break your web when they move. Some moving objects can be ridden; others are hazards that can crush you. Don’t get stuck between moving objects if you can help it! 
Light Switches and Buttons: Not really a hazard, but usually a help. Moths and some other bugs are attracted to light, and some other things can be moved or turned on or off with these if you hit them. They can also help you find secrets if you jump on them. 

Incredible Edibles

Here’s a list of every insect in the game, and how to catch them. 



Insect: Marshflies and Lightning Bugs 
Traits: Easy, Hoverer. Lightning Bugs are Light-Seekers 
Location: Everywhere/anytime, but Lightning Bugs only come out at night 
Strategy: Build a web around it. Lightning Bugs can be attracted with light. 
Insect: House Fly 
Traits: Startles, Tackleable 
Location: Almost always indoors, but can be outside 
Strategy: You must tackle these from a distance, otherwise they will fly off and dodge your attack. 
Insect: Clusterfly 
Traits: Large, Strong, Hoverer 
Location: Everywhere/anytime 
Strategy: Build a strong web around it. 
Insect: Gnat 
Traits: Tiny, Cluster, Tackleable, Hoverer 
Location: Everywhere/anytime, but is less common 
Strategy: Always appear in a cluster. You can catch these in a web, or try to tackle all of them in a cluster at once. Tackling an entire cluster of five is how you get the achievement Gnatural Born Killer. 
Insect: Lacewings and Mosquitoes 
Traits: Easy, Follows a Pattern, Mosquitoes are Dodgers 
Location: Everywhere/anytime 
Strategy: Build a web and let it fly into it. It follows a set pattern so this is easy. Mosquitoes move back and forth along a horizontal line and will back away if you get too close. You’ll need to herd them into a previously placed web to catch them. 
Insect: Snakefly 
Traits: Smart, Easy, Follows a Pattern 
Location: Everywhere, at all times. Seem to be more common indoors. 
Strategy: This bug won’t fly into your web, so you will need to build a web as it flies by. It follows a set pattern so this is easy. You can also, sometimes, box it off so it has nowhere to go but into your web, but this is rare. 
Insect: Scorpionfly 
Traits: Large, Strong, Follows a Pattern 
Location: Everywhere, at all times, usually where you don’t want them to be. 
Strategy: Can only be caught with a strong web. It should blunder right into it on its own. 
Insect: Dragonfly 
Traits: Large, Tackleable, Hoverer, Escape Artist 
Location: Outdoors during the day; sometimes inside during rain 
Strategy: You must tackle a dragonfly before it can be caught in a web. Any other time, it will simply escape and may break the web. Even after tackling, dragonflies will break free eventually, so eat them fast. If you tackle a dragonfly into a hornet, you will get the Fantasy Strike achievement. 

Butterflies and Moths:


Insect: Common Butterflies 
Traits: Easy, Startles 
Location: Anywhere during the day 
Strategy: Startle, then let them fly into your web. They will only land one of a few places. 
Insect: Swallowtail Butterfly 
Traits: Unique, Large, Strong, Startles 
Location: In the very top of the greenhouse on a clear day, in a hidden area. 
Strategy: Startle, then let it fly into your large web. They will only land one of a few places. 
Insect: Common Moths 
Traits: Easy, Startles, Light-Seeker 
Location: Anywhere during the night, sometimes during the day 
Strategy: Startle, then let them fly into your web. They will only land one of a few places. You can draw them closer with light. 
Insect: Coelophora Moth 
Traits: Unique, Large, Strong, Startles, Light-Seeker 
Location: I have only ever seen them at night in the Temple and Laboratory. They’re far easier to catch there and in the lab and seem to favor rainy nights. 
Strategy: Startle, then let them fly into your web. They will only land one of a few places. You can draw them closer with light. 
Insect: Luna Moth 
Traits: Unique, Large, Strong, Startles, Light-Seeker 
Location: I have only ever seen them on clear nights during a full moon in the Treetops, but they may be elsewhere on a full moon. 
Strategy: Startle, then let them fly into your web. They will only land one of a few places. You can draw them closer with light. 
Insect: Atlas Moth 
Traits: Unique, Large, Strong, Startles, Light-Seeker 
Location: I have found this guy on rainy nights either in the lab, by the lightning rod outdoors, or in other more open areas. I found it in the hidden between the walls part of Manor North’s hallway. Someone else found it in a hidden Courtyard spot. 
Strategy: Startle, then let them fly into your web. They will only land one of a few places. You can draw them closer with light. 
Insect: Death’s Head Moth 
Traits: Unique, Large, Strong, Startles, Light-Seeker 
Location: Can only be found on a rainy full moon night in the Well, which is unlocked by a certain puzzle. 
Strategy: Startle, then let them fly into your web. They will only land one of a few places. You can draw them closer with light. 

Ants, Bees, and Hornets (Hymenopterans)


Insect: Black Ant and Fast Ant 
Traits: Tackleable, Fast Ants are Fast 
Location: Usually crawling on surfaces anytime; most common in top down segments 
Strategy: For the large ones, you can tackle them or just run up to them. You might need to chase them down a bit. Fast Ants are smaller and move quickly. You’ll need to chase them down and might need the help of a Pharaoh Ant to get them. 
Insect: Fire Ant 
Traits: Dangerous, Tackleable 
Location: Usually crawling on surfaces day or night; most common in top down segments 
Strategy: These guys will either charge you with an ! over them and then get confused if you dodge them, or be crawling about and won’t bug you so long as you charge them from any angle that isn’t the front. If they do sting you, you’ll lose two silk. 
Insect: Pharaoh Ant 
Traits: Slow, Power-up, Tackleable 
Location: Usually crawling on surfaces day or night; only in top down segments 
Strategy: You must tackle them to eat them. Once you do, you will get a speed boost – you can run faster and jump further after eating one! 
Insect: Flying Ant 
Traits: Dodger, Tackleable 
Location: Usually crawling on surfaces day or night; only in top down segments 
Strategy: You’ll need to tackle them, possibly with the help of a Pharaoh Ant, however they can fly away and some of them are smaller and faster. You have to come from behind, I’ve found. 
Insect: Hornets and Black Hornets 
Traits: Hoverer, Tackleable; Black Hornets can Dodge 
Location: Everywhere, at all times, especially in nests 
Strategy: You must tackle hornets.Try not to miss the black ones. 
Insect: Red Hornet 
Traits: Dangerous, Hoverer, Tackleable 
Location: Everywhere, at all times, especially in nests 
Strategy: If they sting you, you lose two silk. You must first make them charge, then dodge, and then tackle them when they are confused. Can be a huge nuisance in closed spaces. Tackling three in a row without taking any damage nets you the Zorro achievement. 
Insect: Jewel Wasp 
Traits: Fast, Dodger, Tackleable, Hoverer 
Location: Usually outside, often at night 
Strategy: Good at dodging and very fast, you’ll have to chase them down and tackle them, there’s really not a better way. Good luck! 
Insect: Honey Bee 
Traits: Startles, Tackleable 
Location: Daytime only, usually in areas with many flowers like the Greenhouse 
Strategy: You have to tackle them out of the air and then crawl over and eat them. You can also tackle them into webs. Leave them stunned too long, and they will fly off, though. 

Other Bugs


Insect: Gra*shoppers and Crickets 
Traits: Startles 
Location: Gra*shoppers only come out during the day, and crickets only come out indoors or at night 
Strategy: Startle them so they jump into a web above or close to them. 
Insect: Ladybug 
Traits: Bait-seeker, Escape Artist 
Location: Outdoors, usually during clear days 
Strategy: Bait them into webs with other bugs or yourself, then quickly eat them. Ladybugs can escape webs! 
Insect: June Bug 
Traits: Large, Hoverer, Tackleable 
Location: Everywhere/Anytime, often indoors 
Strategy: Big bouncy bugs that you have to tackle into webs. Very fun! 
Insect: Inchworm 
Traits: Immobile, Startles 
Location: Hang from above on silk strings, usually during rain 
Strategy: Cut the strings and let them fall into your web. You can also sometimes startle them into webs close to the ground. They won’t be caught any other ways. 

The Mysteries and Puzzles

All puzzles in this section can be found during the course of normal play, if you’re paying attention and looking for all the clues. Clues are not the same as secrets! Secrets just unveil a bit more plot, and occasionally help with other later puzzles. You don’t need to finish a level once you find a clue, and you don’t always need all the clues to solve the mystery. Secrets help with game completion or give hints. 
This topic has been explained way better than I can by Gamezebo for most of the puzzles; www.gamezebo.com – https://www.gamezebo.com/2015/08/11/spider-rite-shrouded-moon-tips-cheats-strategies/. Scroll down to “Mysteries Walkthrough” and use that. It does not explain the harder puzzles (I’ve put those under the achievements section) or the Well Puzzle though, so I’ll explain the latter here. 
To solve the well puzzle, you will need to already have the code (Which changes every month) from the mechanical blackbird in the treehouse. You will also need to have found the triangular object in the Captain’s Quarters on the Ship and have every level unlocked. You may have noticed that on the estate map, there’s Roman numerals for each level as well as moon phases. If you go to those levels during that phase of the moon (usually it’s listed next to the Nighttime score quadrant with a little magnifying gla*s that has a question mark in it), you should find the numeral you seek. You will need all of them. 
Once you have found the triangle and the Roman Numerals are all active, you will notice a little triangle on the upper left of the estate map. Activate that with the appropriate button and now the spider is able to connect silk lines between the estate locations. Simply copy the patterns from smallest number to largest, as given on the triangle, and you should unlock the well. They are in the forms of three separate triangles, not just connecting all the numbers in ascending order, so bear that in mind! 
Once you have the Well unlocked, you will need to beat it at least once. There’s an area on the well to enter the code, and a hint above the bird that mentions the Gargoyles. You must enter the mechanical bird code you have into this area (but be aware it’s mirrored from the one you have written down!) on a rainy night during a full moon. Entering the correct code makes the blackbird glow and opens up the rest of the well, also giving access to the Death’s Head Moth for the Immortality achievement. If you enter an incorrect but still valid code here for the wrong month, it gives you the Wrong Month achievement. You can abuse your computer’s system clock to get this puzzle working. There’s also a plaque in the well where you can get the Third Purpose achievement too. Finish the game by building he web, and enjoy the bittersweet credits. Just don’t forget there’s more to the game to solve, so don’t go away just yet! 

Easy Achievements

All of these Achievements are easy to get by just playing the game. 

  • Entrapment: Tackle a hornet while jumping between webs. This one you should be able to get through normal play, but just in case one good place to do it is in the Butler’s Quarters during the day. I got it by making two smaller webs in that level, close to the area where the bust is. One on either side of the hornet (crawl, don’t jump) is fine. Remember if you need to, you can zoom out to aim better! 
  • Ride the Lightning and Fly Swatter: You just have to tackle 33 fireflies and 50 house flies for these, you should get them as you’re playing anyway. 
  • Hexagon: Just build a six-sided web anywhere. The first time you do it this achievement will pop up. 
  • Morbid Fascination: Die four or five different ways. You can die by: crushing, starvation, fire, drowning (in water or acid), and electrocution. 
  • Squaremaster: Just build a bunch of four-sided webs and this achievement will eventually pop up. You’re likely to get this one as you’re playing. 
  • Traveller: Play in every weather condition at least once. You’re likely to get this during normal play. You can change weather if you live somewhere with no rain by using an option on the main menu, when looking out the window. 
  • Up the Water Spout: Just go up the spout on a clear day or night in the Terrace level. You can’t do it when it’s raining.


Git Gud Achievements

These achievements can only be obtained by being skilled at the game and getting high enough scores. In other words, if you want these, you need to Git Gud! Usually this means pulling off tricky moves or maxing out your multipliers. 
You have two multipliers. The first is the web multiplier, from eating bugs in a web. The second is the bug multiplier from eating bugs on the ground or tackling bugs in midair. The higher the multiplier, the more points the next bug eaten will give you. With webs especially, always try to eat the bugs from the smallest to the largest, and don’t eat all the bugs immediately as soon as you capture them. You want to build webs that are efficient at catching loads of bugs in one go! 

  • Architect: Create a web that has six sides or more without touching the ground at all. This is easily done in areas that let you build triangular webs first that you can jump between. The web doesn’t need to be strong, just hexagonal. You can also unlock the Hexagon achievement at the same side if you build a six-sided web. 
  • Best Laid Plans: Build a web while maintaining a 5x web multiplier. This means you need to eat at least 5 bugs that have been caught in a web, then build another web. The best way to do this is to build two nearby webs, ideally ones that share a vertex with each other, and then jump between the two while also spinning. This should net you the achievement. 
  • Dedication: Gain the Scholar rank or better in at least 30 levels. To gain higher ranks than Keeper, you need to make sure you’re maintaining at least one multiplier as much as possible and eat as many bugs as you possibly can in one go. You will need to have patience; the best way to do this I have found is to wait until you have caught many bugs in several webs, then jump from web to web maintaining the web multiplier as you eat from smallest bug to largest. If you’re going for The Eternal Knight, you should be able to get this achievement, too. The levels do not all have to be in the same conditions, so long as you have the Scholar rank on 30 of them altogether. 
  • Daily Double: Max out both multipliers at the same time. The best area one person found was the hallway level – pa*s by the ants, go into the area where there is room to make a web, trap five insects, then go back and eat five ants. You get the speed boost from the yellow ants, so use that to be quick and get to the web before the multiplier ends. Your web multiplier resets whenever you land on a non-web surface, so you’ll want to have your tackle multiplier be maxed first. Save bugs caught in webs for later, be patient, and try to eat them smallest to largest (least to most points). I haven’t gotten this one yet myself – good luck, little spider! 
  • Dessert: Eat 10 bugs in a combo, then tackle a hornet. The best way to do this is to either find a spot with a lot of bugs and boost your tackle multiplier, or to catch ten insects in a web and eat them, then tackle the hornet last. Hayloft at night is good for the first option, and anywhere with many bugs (ideally while going for Ten by Ten) and a hornet to tackle is good. One player got it in The Hallway during the Day. You have to actually keep the multiplier to get this achievement, I believe. I’d recommend doing this in a level with tons of bugs, or especially if you’re good, tons of hornets. The timer lasts 10 seconds without eating any bugs in between. Good luck! 
  • Gnatural Born Killer: Tackle all five gnats in a swarm at once. This just requires timing. The best I can tell you is to find a spot you can get close to one easily, time it so they’re all in a central cluster at once, and then just go for it! 
  • Knighted: Get a Knight rank on any level. Literally any level. I’d choose a level that already has loads of bugs in it you can easily get, then just make sure you max out your multipliers. I got mine on the Hayloft at night, with all of the hornet nests and ants, and just made very sure to move quickly while tackling hornets. 
  • The Eternal Knight: Get Knight ranks on at least 30 levels. To gain higher ranks than Keeper, you need to make sure you’re maintaining at least one multiplier as much as possible and eat as many bugs as you possibly can in one go. The levels do not all have to be in the same conditions, so long as you have the Knight rank on 30 of them altogether. I believe the threshold for getting a Knight rank is 32,500 points in a level, but I may be incorrect. 
  • The Golden Knight: Earn 50,000 points in less than 15 seconds. I am honestly not sure how to get this one myself, but if you can max out your multipliers for a web or for tackleable insects, you might be able to if there’s TONS of bugs. One player had success in The Well on a rainy night of a full moon by catching the Death’s Head Moth, leaving to trap more moths, keeping the multiplier, and eating the Death’s Head last. 
  • The Solar Knight: Earn 32,500 points eating only marshflies. The Smoking Room on a rainy day has them. Eat all the bugs in the first room then catch all the Marshflies in the second room. You have to eat them all in one shot without touching the floor to net the achievement, so build loads of webs and be careful! 
  • Serpent’s Seven: Catch a snakefly in a seven-sided web. I got mine totally accidentally, anywhere with a snakefly will do so long as you make the web seven-sided. 
  • Straight Eight: Build an octagonal web that isn’t strong. The Guest Bedroom on a clear day in the second section of it should give you enough room in one spot to build it. 
  • Mighty Nine: Catch three clusterflies at once in a nine-sided web. The Captain’s Quarters level on a clear day has the requisite marshflies, just be careful how you make the web. 
  • Ten by Ten: Catch ten insects at once in a ten-sided web. In the Laboratory level on a clear day, eat the hornets in the nest at the top first. Then slowly work your way around the room clockwise to build the web. It might take a little time, and be careful of the obstacles that move! 
  • What’s the Rush?: Eat all of the bugs in a level within 30 seconds or less. The Gargoyle level at night in the rain has few enough bugs to make this work, if you’re fast. Work from left to right and make sure you have eaten all insects. 
  • Zorro: Tackle three angry hornets in a row without taking any damage. You don’t need to get them all at once, but you cannot be stung at all. This one might be tougher than it looks. The best spot I’ve found is inside the tomb level, in the stone sarcophagus with the dirt inside during the night. There’s three red hornets in there, and if you move fast you should be able to get them all. Some skill required here!


Secret Achievements

And Above All, Secrecy… 
These achievements are the absolute most infuriating to uncover because of that little quote above. They all require substantial extra digging to uncover, and very few have obtained them as a result. Usually, they require doing some alternate code or poking at something elsewhere in the mansion, or must be done at a certain time, under certain conditions, during certain lunar phases. Because most of these are spoilers, you should try and figure it out yourself with the clues here first before you unveil the solutions. I really do urge you do to this on your own first, it will make the experience better if you do. If you really can’t wait or cannot do this, then this section is for you. 
The first four require solving puzzles in the mansion, and you should get them through normal play if you’re looking for clues. The clues are around the mansion, and you should be able to get them easily as a result. How to solve them is detailed in the walkthrough linked in “The Easy Puzzles”. 

  • What Have We Here: Discover a secret in the Vault. To do this you need to open the Vault, and then look at the Orb that’s in there. See the Vault Puzzle for more info. 
  • Under Scrutiny: Discover a secret in the Study. There’s a hidden space in the Study you will need to unlock, so go there and look at the photos in that space to get this. See the Study Puzzle for more info. 
  • The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth: Find something in the Captain’s Quarters. You will need to solve the Ship Puzzle to do this, then look at the Orb in the Captain’s Quarters. Check that puzzle for more info. 
  • Gone, But Not Forgotten: Witness an event in the Laboratory. You’ll need to complete the Laboratory Puzzle for this one, and it’s quite tricky. See that puzzle for more info.

These last seven are based around extra digging. There’s not much online about any of them, often being redacted. To preserve that I have left the outright solutions in spoiler text and kept most of the information as close to secret as possible, with hints being given instead. I really do urge you to try and solve them yourself first before going for the secrets behind spoiler text – half the fun is the hunt anyway, right? 

  • Third Purpose: Well, Well, Well – what have we here? Some sort of memorial engraving? You just need to figure out the Well Puzzle to get this one. There’s a plaque in the Well with the words “Third Purpose” on it, so jump in front of it to get the achievement. 
  • Op. 47 I. F Minor: Music is sweet, yes? Maybe a Sheet of paper could help. This one has to do with the Organ you used for the Vault Puzzle. You need to play a very specific song to make it work. Play it, and the achievement should happen. The proper sequence is: A B C D C B C B A A B C C C D B G F F A B C D C. Thank you to user Dermodis on the Steam Forums for this answer! 
  • USTAEL: Don’t make too much Hay about this one, or Mill about more than you actually need to. Sometimes all that glitters IS Gold… Easy enough to do, just go to the Inside the Mill level and find that gold box where you poked around before. Once there, enter the following with the levers: up, up, down, up, up, down. 
  • Bonds: If you’re in Ship-shape and willing to dig, this one’s easy. Who knows what the Knights buried? Perhaps this shall help you Gaze Into Gazophylacium Subterraneum: imgur.com –, found by the people over at the Playstation Trophies Forums for this game. Start from left to right to left to right just like with the Ship Puzzle before. 
  • Effulgence: Harry wasn’t the only one who found a Secret Chamber, and it’s not that special anyway – Spiders know many things, the least of which is where hidden things are… Just make sure you’re there on Time! There’s a sequence to lighting the candles in the Temple, and it’s on the same papers as the solution to the Bonds puzzle. Number the candles 1-6, starting from the leftmost. The proper sequence, going from left to right with the candles, is: 316524. You are not timed, so don’t worry. After you do this, the screen will flash red and you will need to go back to the fire ant den. Go into the area with a hole in the wall and go through; this will take you to the secret chamber. Jump upwards when you are in the middle of that room on the floor. 
  • The Scepters of Emprise: Look to Sol and Luna, and their endless dance. For eternity they’ve moved, sometimes covering each other, and sometimes not. A good Leader knows this well, and Follows their directions. Timing is everything… You just need to visit the First Purpose Plaque in the Study on a clear day during a Solar Eclipse. You also must have finished The Well. 
  • The Stones of Resplendence: Vault Boy has nothing on this little arachnid or the Knights, that’s for sure… Perhaps Time is of the essence? You just need to visit the Second Purpose plaque in the Vault on a clear day during a Solar Eclipse as with for Scepters. However, you have to have completed the Well for the Achievement to work.


Oddball Achievements

Achievements that do not fit anywhere else go here. Usually they’re ones with special requirements that don’t have anything to do with a puzzle or the actual gameplay. You might need to dig a little deeper. 

  • Ascetic: Trap all bugs, eat none. What it says on the tin. Easier on areas with one large area, no tackleable bugs, and few insects. It would appear that Windmill Sails on a clear night is the best spot. Make two 4-sided webs on opposing sides large enough to pick up all bugs and wait a moment for the sails to rotate picking the last few up. You could probably get this on a Rainy Night too since the wheels turn forever on that one. 
  • Atlantean, Case-Bearing, A Cool Drink, Lunar, Immortality: These all require you to eat specific insects, see “Incredible Edibles” for more info. 
  • Equilateral: In the Temple, in the room with the fire ant nest that goes underground, you should be able to find an area at the top of the room. There’s three symbols in that alcove. Just weave a triangular web in that alcove and you’ll get the achievement. 
  • Fantasy Strike: Tackle a dragonfly into a hornet. What it says on the tin, use zoom-out to project a path more easily. This is also a good way to get Shish-Kabob at the same time. 
  • Midnight Rider: Eat a bug exactly at midnight. It means midnight by your computer’s clock, not by the game’s clock. You’ll just need to play the game around midnight to get this one and be sure you’re constantly eating bugs. The best place to do that is anywhere with a top down section, or anywhere with loads of bugs in it. 
  • Juggler: You need to bounce a cricket or gra*shopper several times without it touching the ground, into a web. There’s several places in the game you can do this; I got mine in the Temple at night with two crickets. I think you may need multiple insects for it, but I am not positive. 
  • Savior: Tackle a bug before you’re about to die of starvation. It wants you to do this during the countdown. Use all your silk and then go for a hornet or something, but be fast so you don’t die! It’s easier if you leave a hornet alive for later, ideally a black or regular one. 
  • Shish-Kabob: Tackle two or more insects at once. Easier said than done in some cases. Try lining up to catch two hornets or ants at once, that’s how I did it. 
  • Wrong Month: Enter an incorrect but valid code into the blackbird puzzle. The code changes every month. You can adjust the date on your computer for this, or you can do it by waiting another month and entering the same code. This one just takes a lot of waiting… 
  • What Have We Here, Under Scrutiny, The Sun The Moon and the Truth, Gone But Not Forgotten, and all Secret Achievements: All of these require finishing puzzles to solve. Check the puzzle sections for more info.



Special Thanks and Credit Go To: 

I am more than willing to credit anyone here who comments if they’re willing and the info is useful. Best of luck, little arachnid! 

I hope you enjoy what we shared today about Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon – How to Spider: or – How I Learned to Stop Spinning and Love the Web. If there is anything, you want us to add, please let us know via comment below! See you soon! And thanks!

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