Spinnortality – All Marketing Options and Their Cultural Values

Spinnortality – All Marketing Options and Their Cultural Values 1 - gameplaylists.com
Spinnortality – All Marketing Options and Their Cultural Values 1 - gameplaylists.com
Because the other guide only lists the marketing options’ major influences and not their minor influences.


Gene splicing (Law: Genetics)

Genestims (Max) 

  • Take your time (Convenience x2) 
  • The new way to be (Novelty x2) 
  • Free of the grind (Freedom x2, Spirituality) 
  • Quality sleep (Quality x2) 
  • Sleep is peace (Spirituality x2, Tradition)

Designer Organs (High) 

  • Nothing but the best (Quality x2) 
  • The body you want (Freedom x2, Convenience) 
  • Body armour (Security x2) 
  • Get in touch with your body (Spirituality x2, Novelty) 
  • Truly be yourself (Individualism x2, Freedom)

Birthclone (Mid) 

  • Sleep sounder (Security x2) 
  • Live longer, better (Quality x2) 
  • More you (Individualism x2) 
  • Maximum yield (Material wealth x2) 
  • All your eggs (Tradition x2, Security)

Death prediction (Low) 

  • Plan for the future (Security x2) 
  • Better budgets (Material wealth x2, Security) 
  • Live life to the full (Freedom x2) 
  • Don’t fear it (Spirituality x2, Collectivism)

Brain transfer (None) 

  • Invest in yourself. (Material wealth x2) 
  • Your life. Your rules. No end. (Freedom x2, Individualism) 
  • The fountain of youth (Spirituality x2) 
  • Never change (Tradition x2)


Business efficiency (Law: Business)

Business tracking (Max) 

  • Efficiency! (Material wealth x2) 
  • A new business era (Novelty x2, Convenience) 
  • Be part of something (Collectivism x2, Multiculturalism) 
  • Peace of mind (Security x2) 
  • Time to shine (Individualism x2, Freedom)

Task efficiency (High) 

  • Squeeze a little more (Quality x2, Material wealth) 
  • Modernise: systematise! (Novelty x2, Material wealth) 
  • A contented machine (Collectivism x2, Material wealth, Convenience) 
  • Money money money! (Material wealth x2, Collectivism) 
  • Quick as a flash (Convenience x2, Material wealth)

Employee nanny (High) 

  • Quality results (Quality x2) 
  • Looking after the family (Collectivism x2, Multiculturalism) 
  • Let it flow. (Spirituality x2) 
  • What are they up to? (Security x2, Xenophobia) 
  • Privacy and profits? They don’t mix. (Publicity x2, Novelty)

AI consultant (Mid) 

  • Rely on no-one (Individualism x2, Security) 
  • Affordable consultants! (Material wealth x2) 
  • Trust nobody (Security x2, Privacy) 
  • We’ll take care of it (Convenience x2, Material wealth) 
  • Nobody’s perfect (Quality x2, Material wealth)

Spyometrics (Mid) 

  • Caring for your employees (Collectivism x2) 
  • Push them to the limit (Quality x2, Material wealth) 
  • Rediscover your body (Spirituality x2, Tradition) 
  • Total surveillance. Total control. (Publicity x2, Material wealth, Security) 
  • At a glance (Convenience x2, Material wealth)

Self-regulating corps (Low) 

  • More time for you (Convenience x2) 
  • The smart option (Quality x2) 
  • More cash, less ha*sle (Material wealth x2) 
  • Work to live, don’t live to work (Freedom x2) 
  • What are your competitors upgrading? (Novelty x2)

Spycams (Low) 

  • Observe. Surveil. Control. (Security x2, Xenophobia x2) 
  • Efficiency efficiency efficiency! (Material wealth x2, Convenience) 
  • We are one (Collectivism x2, Publicity x2, Spirituality, Multiculturalism) 
  • Their best work (Quality x2, Material wealth, Publicity)

Hormone cloud (None) 

  • The end of crime (Security x2, Collectivism) 
  • One company, one life force (Collectivism x2, Spirituality) 
  • All like you (Xenophobia x2) 
  • Worker loyalty (Quality x2, Material wealth)


Careers and creativity (Law: Human rights)

Career advice (Low) 

  • Find your niche (Individualism x2) 
  • Everyone in their place (Tradition x2, Xenophobia) 
  • Get networking (Publicity x2) 
  • Quality work (Quality x2, Individualism) 
  • Flow (Spirituality x2, Freedom) 
  • Hand over fist (Material wealth x2, Security)

CV writer (Mid) 

  • Your career, your rules (Freedom x2, Convenience) 
  • In your own time (Convenience x2, Material wealth) 
  • Spend money to earn money (Material wealth x2) 
  • Looking out for number 1 (Individualism x2, Convenience) 
  • Broadcasting on all channels (Publicity x2, Individualism)

Auto apply (Mid) 

  • Job search made easy (Convenience x2, Spirituality) 
  • Get ahead of the pack (Individualism x2) 
  • A good fit (Collectivism x2) 
  • Do the world proud (Multiculturalism x2, Collectivism)

lifeScribe (Low) 

  • You rock. We know. (Individualism x2, Publicity x2) 
  • Remember diaries (Tradition x2, Spirituality) 
  • Sharing with others (Collectivism x2, Publicity) 
  • Story of your life (Publicity x2, Individualism, Novelty)

Interview robots (Low) 

  • Save time with a second You! (Convenience x2, Freedom) 
  • Free from the system (Freedom x2, Convenience) 
  • Your life, your boundaries (Privacy x2, Individualism) 
  • Human. Machine. Together. (Novelty x2, Spirituality) 
  • Your God-given right (Privacy, Xenophobia)

CreativeShop (None) 

  • Fame and fortune (Individualism x2, Convenience) 
  • Writer’s block? (Convenience x2) 
  • The works of the future (Novelty x2, Spirituality) 
  • The perfect oeuvre (Quality x2, Individualism)

Auto career (None) 

  • Reach your potential (Individualism x2, Freedom) 
  • Some are just better (Xenophobia x2, Tradition) 
  • Make good choices (Spirituality x2) 
  • Good investments (Material wealth x2, Individualism)


Social: online (Law: Social)

Social media (Max) 

  • Stay up to date (Novelty x2, Material wealth, Publicity) 
  • Never been easier! (Convenience x2, Collectivism, Publicity, Novelty) 
  • Never alone (Collectivism x2, Spirituality, Multiculturalism) 
  • Post post post! (Publicity x2, Material wealth) 
  • One world (Multiculturalism x2, Collectivism)

Public user data (High) 

  • For shame (Tradition x2, Xenophobia) 
  • Total friendship (Publicity x2, Collectivism) 
  • A better cla*s of ad (Quality x2) 
  • In all our glory (Multiculturalism x2, Collectivism) 
  • Stay safe (Security x2)

Posting tips (High) 

  • Put yourself out there (Publicity x2) 
  • Keep a little back (Privacy x2, Security) 
  • It’s your right (Freedom x2, Individualism, Publicity) 
  • Soul freer (Spirituality x2, Tradition) 
  • Just one click (Convenience x2, Material wealth, Publicity) 
  • Echo chamber (Xenophobia x2, Tradition)

Gift suggester (Mid) 

  • Happiness, codified (Collectivism x2, Spirituality, Publicity) 
  • A world of treasures (Quality x2, Multiculturalism) 
  • Gifts: timeless (Tradition x2, Collectivism) 
  • Grow by giving (Spirituality x2, Collectivism) 
  • The easy way out (Convenience x2, Material wealth)

Autoposter (Mid) 

  • Free time works for you (Convenience x2, Publicity) 
  • Never bare again (Privacy x2, Individualism) 
  • Free at last (Freedom x2, Spirituality, Tradition) 
  • Back to basics (Tradition x2, Collectivism) 
  • Talk, don’t listen (Xenophobia x2, Tradition)

Autoshopper (Low) 

  • Buy with no clicks (Convenience x2, Material wealth) 
  • Think of the savings! (Material wealth x2, Convenience) 
  • An art, not a chore (Quality x2) 
  • Never shop online again (Tradition x2, Convenience) 
  • How we shop now (Novelty x2, Material wealth)

Profile chatbot (Low) 

  • Connect to your clan (Collectivism x2, Spirituality, Publicity, Convenience) 
  • Trololol (Xenophobia x2, Individualism, Convenience) 
  • Chatting like old times (Tradition x2, Collectivism, Spirituality) 
  • You’re a chat machine! (Publicity x2, Convenience) 
  • Helpdesk? Yes. Employees? No. (Material wealth x2) 
  • The best chatbot yet (Quality x2, Novelty x2, Publicity)

Sentient profile (None) 

  • Never check your profile again! (Convenience x2) 
  • A new life is born (Multiculturalism x2, Spirituality) 
  • The net is thinking (Novelty x2, Collectivism, Spirituality) 
  • Better than human (Quality x2, Novelty)


Social: offline (Law: Social)

Metafriendship (Max) 

  • Find your tribe (Collectivism x2, Spirituality, Publicity, Convenience) 
  • Buffer zone (Security x2, Collectivism) 
  • No more expensive meets (Material wealth, Collectivism) 
  • No more unlikeables (Xenophobia x2, Security) 
  • Soul to soul (Spirituality x2, Collectivism)

Social optimiser (High) 

  • The new wave of friendship (Novelty x2, Collectivism) 
  • Turn back the clock (Tradition x2, Spirituality) 
  • The friend factor (Collectivism x2) 
  • Keep them at a distance (Privacy x2, Individualism) 
  • Your life, optimised (Convenience x2, Collectivism, Material wealth)

Smalltalk chip (Low) 

  • Don’t be shy (Collectivism x2, Privacy) 
  • Speech? No: Poetry. (Quality x2) 
  • Appropriate to every culture (Multiculturalism x2, Collectivism, Convenience) 
  • Making it easy (Convenience x2, Individualism) 
  • Keep them to yourself (Privacy x2)

SimuFriends (None) 

  • Feel the love (Collectivism x2, Spirituality, Convenience) 
  • Just like the movies (Tradition x2, Individualism, Spirituality) 
  • A friend just for you (Individualism x2) 
  • Unleash the fetish (Privacy x2) 
  • Perfection (Quality x2)


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