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Splitgate – Questions Answered 1 - gameplaylists.com
Splitgate – Questions Answered 1 - gameplaylists.com

Answering common queries about Splitgate in a question-and-answer format

Are the servers offline?

To receive status messages and to ask others about any issues, join Discord.
https://discord.com/invite/splitgate – [discord.com]

Are Splitgate players bots?

Splitgate is home to bots disguised as real players. You can do a few things to determine if a person is a bot.

  • If you can view the killcam, they have robotic-looking gameplay.
  • The way they play is a good indicator. A bot will often act totally unaware until you shoot it once and then lock it onto you.
  • You will be able to recognize patterns in avatars' names, badges, skins, and skins. Bots, for instance, have a lower level and may have strange skins.
  • Splitgate bots might have Twitch URLs. If you go to the Twitch profile, it will inform you that it's a bot.

Splitgate had a problem once when bots were the majority in a game. But, they've since improved their matchmaking and bots are much less common. They are often simply filling in for someone who has left mid-game.

Can Splitgate still be played offline?


Can Splitgate crossplay?

Yes, provided that the settings allow it to be enabled. There is an avatar for players on a different platform.

How do Splitgate referrals work?

Refer friends to get 50 Splitcoin. You'll also receive an item in the referral pa*s.
50 Splitcoin will be given to you if you refer someone. You can use mine if needed: IIRIZB

How does Splitgate rank work

An MMR number represents your skill level. Each game you win, the MMR number will go up. Every game that you lose, it will go down.
Based on your MMR you can get different ranks.

  • Unranked
  • Bra*s (0 – 999)
  • Bronze (1,000 – 1,499)
    Bronze I (1,000 – 1,099 –
    Bronze II (1,100 – 1,199 –
    Bronze III (1,200 – 1,299 –
    Bronze IV (1,300 – 1,399 –
    Bronze V (1,400 – 1,499 –
  • Silver (1,500 – 1,999)
    Silver I (1.500-1.999 –
    Silver II (1600 – 1 699 –
    Silver III (1.700-1.799 –
    Silver IV (1.800-1.899 –
    Silver V (1.900-1.999 –
  • Gold (2,000 – 2,499)
    Gold I (2,000-2,099 )
    Gold II (2.100-2.199).
    Gold III (2.200-2.299 –
    Gold IV (2.300-2.399 –
    Gold V (2.400-2.499 –
  • Platinum (2,500 – 2,999)
    Platinum I (2,500 – 2,599 –
    Platinum II (2,600 – 2,699 –
    Platinum III (2,700 – 2,799 –
    Platinum IV (2,800 – 2,899 –
    Platinum V (2,900 – 2,999 –
  • Diamond (3,000 – 3,499)
    Diamond I (3,000-399) –
    Diamond II (3.100-3.199 –
    Diamond III (3.200-3.299 –
    Diamond IV (3.300-3.399 –
    Diamond V (3.400-3.499 –
  • Master (3,500 – 3,999)
    Master I (3.500-3.999)
    Master II (3.600-3.699 –
    Master III (3.700-3.799 –
    Master IV (3.800-3.899 –
    Master V (3.900-3.999 –
  • Champion (4,000-5,000)

At the end each season, you will get weapon skins for every rank, as well as every rank below.

How does Splitgate Battle Pa*s Work?

It's very similar in gameplay to other games. You can earn XP from playing games or completing challenges to increase your Battle Pa*s. For every level you reach, you receive a free tier Item. If you pay for the pa*s, you receive both the paid and tier-free items.

Where is your pistol?

You might be wondering how to find the Pistol when you face a challenge requiring it. You will need to play a Gamemode with the weapon available, such as Pistol Swat, Team Fiesta and Sniper Frenzy.

How do I watch replays?

You can view replays in our careers tab.

How many Splitgate players are there?

Here's an excellent source of current data.
https://steamdb.info/app/677620/graphs/ – [steamdb.info]

Can I play on the PC with a remote controller?

Yes. You can turn on the controller in the options, but you need to choose if you want the mouse/keyboard and controller separately.

Can Splitgate be played with Steam?

No. However, it can be played on Playstation and Xbox.

Did Splitgate die?

Yes and no.
Splitgate is available now. The servers can be accessed online, there are enough players to find games quickly, and there are some future content plans.
The developers have now announced that Splitgate won't be receiving any content updates until the next season. This is because they are working on their next game.

What was Splitgate famous?

Between July 2021 – October 2021. An all-time high of 67.724 players was reached on August 8th 2021.

What is Splitgate’s current age rating?

The website lists a T rating from the ESRB, for Teens, with bloody violence. There is also a notice regarding In-Game Purchases (IGP) and User Interaction.


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