Star Valor – Using a Controller

Star Valor – Using a Controller 1 -
Star Valor – Using a Controller 1 -

Star Valor is able to support partial controllers. This article aims at documenting it a little.
It is limited support. The mouse/keyboard will also require have.


Star Valor has partial controller support, so you will have to use the mouse for menu interactions, and the keyboard for some things, but it's possible to limit that, and this guide suggests how. I am disabled and can only play games with a controller. Also, my right hand is swollen so I cannot use my mouse for menu interactions. Rebinding keys is essential.
I'll attempt to use the Xbox Controller button names, although I still use an 8bitdo Nintendo Switch controller. Windows a*sumes that all controllers can be used as Xbox controllers. However, there are some quirks with non-Xbox controllers that make Laious' life difficult. You're also told by the game that you should use Xbox named buttons.
LStick/ RStick: left stick / right stick
RStick button: right stick button (press the stick until it clicks)
LTrigger/ RTrigger: left trigger / right trigger
LBumper / RBumper: left bumper / right bumper
select: the button to the left in-between the sticks
start: the button to the right in-between the sticks
The game does not use custom pointers and observes Windows accessibility mouse settings. For example, my mouse pointers have a large size so I can see them. However, the game also has large mouse pointers that make it super-easy to find. This is wonderful. Thank you, Laious!

Targeting and shooting

RTrigger button: Target enemy.
RBumper: Fire the starter laser.
LBumper: Fire the starter mining laser.
To target an enemy: RTrigger button
To turn on the starter laser: RBumper
To ignite the starter mining laser, LBumper
By default, when you add a weapon to your ship, and it's a good idea to do that ASAP because the starter weapons are miserable, it's bound to Mouse0. This must be changed and, for now, you can't change it (making it default controller is on Laious long list). Select the new weapon from the list and press the 'Change key button' button. You just need to press the button to shoot that weapon. For me, the RBumper & LBumper buttons work well.


Rstick: turn the ship to face the direction of the right stick, indicated by the pointer
LStick: apply thrust in the direction of the stick
D-pad down: come to a stop
It's easier to turn a small boat than a large one. To increase your turning speed, use large gyroscopes. Thrust can also be increased with speed boosters and thrusters. Mk II, III boosters will be suitable for larger ship types. If the ship faces a different direction than the thruster, (larger) side thrusters can be used.

Energy Efficiency

D-pad Left: increase thrusters
LTrigger + D-pad Left: decrease thrusters
D-pad Up: increase shields
LTrigger + D-pad Up: decrease shields
D-pad Right: increase weapons
LTrigger + D-pad Right: decrease weapons
'Increase' goes up from 0 to 5 pips, gives you more thrust/shield/damage, but it's less energy and heat efficient. The right side displays the percentage increase on energy cost. By default, it is 200%. The maximum benefit, however is only 100%.
'Decrease' conversely reduces the number of pips, gives you less thrust/shield/damage, and it's more energy efficient.

Maps, Inventory, Docking

X: dock at a station / inventory elsewhere
Y: open/close the sector map

My changes

The remappings and mappings I've done make my life a lot easier.
Target enemy: RTrigger
Target friend/neutral: RStick button
Galaxy map: start
Cloak: select

This is a mistake

Leave a comment. I'm here to help! Seriously, I'm terrible at seeing errors and you can never edit yourself. I'm not at my computer right now, and I don't know if I have any defaults.

Things I'd Like to See (or may Already Exist, but I Don't Know How)

This game was developed by one person. Expecting too many accessibility features to be released is a recipe not to get a game released.

  • LTrigger modifies a sector map's D-pad. AFAIK, however, doesn't modify ABXY buttons. It's possible to have that happen with LTrigger. Y opens a Sector Map, and LTrigger+Y would make the galaxy map more accessible.
  • Keyboard bindings can also be used to indicate your skills, knowledge or faction rep.
  • If a controller's used, the galaxymap should pause your game. Although being able to warp safely is a vital and common practice it is also important. However, not pausing for accessibility is horrible. For most able-bodied
    People say that it takes less then a second in order to warp to safety when the system has been selected, and much less if it's not. Clicking with the mouse can be slow or difficult for controller users. My reactions are slower then normal. I have a tremor and am visually impaired so it can take several second to warp.
  • Being able access the dock/inventory display controller. I could only imagine:
    LBumper/RBumper navigates to the tabs in the station (and I would help distinguish the active tabs by giving the inactive tabs a darker background and light gray text).
    LTrigger/RTrigger navigates between the tabs within the active column. It can either show me what's aboard my ship, or what's stored in my hangar. I don’t know if there is any use for the tabs ever being different, so maybe will just sync them.
    Use the Dpad or LStick to move between columns or up and down a column. Ignore the buttons.
    A: equip/unequip (+LTrigger for all)
    B: deposit (+LTrigger for all)
    X = Sell (+LTrigger all)
    Y: destroy (+LTrigger for all)


Written by Ironcinder

And here is the end of the post, i hope you enjoy Star Valor – Using a Controller . If you believe we mistake something or we forget to add some content on the post let us know via Comment. The original post can be found here

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