STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ – An Easy Guide of Understanding

STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ – An Easy Guide of Understanding 1 -
STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ – An Easy Guide of Understanding 1 -
This will basically be a guide to easy stuff in KOTOR 2 that some people still don’t know about.



I just wanted to note some easy things that you might wanna know for your playthough of this game. There are too many guides loaded with stats, cla*s tables and all sorts of other dnd-esque stuff that the average player wouldn’t care about. 
If you’re here just to experience KOTOR 2 for the fact that you liked the first, or just have it on your bucket list and wanna get it over with, then this guide is for you. 

Jedi Conversion

Okay so this is a big thing in KOTOR 2 that some people don’t know about, hell I didn’t even know about it until around 100 hours in. 
First lets look at Atton Rand. Bother the living hell out of this guy, and take him to Nar Shadaa. In the refugee sector, walk around until 2 twi’lek refugees come to you and talk ♥♥♥♥ about Atton. Then bother the living hell out of him some more and kiss his a*s. Eventually he’ll start babbling about his past and he’ll want to become a jedi sentinel. 
Bao-Dur is probably the easiest to convert. Kiss his a*s on Telos and go to Nar Shadaa, where you’ll find a broken speeder in the swoop race area. Let him repair it and compliment his work each time he does so. Talk to him some more and he’ll babble about Malachor until he wants to become a Jedi Guardian. (honestly he’ll be mostly blaster focused by now so I just use him as a healer) 
Mira is a little harder. Kiss her a*s until you come to a dialogue roadblock and then take her to the big ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on Nar Shadaa. Walk around until you bring up the force in the planet and she’ll wanna become a Jedi Sentinel. This one is only hard because she has a confusing dialogue tree. 
Brianna the Handmaiden is the hardest to turn. You have to beat her in the battle circle, which is difficult as hell to do early game, unless you just refuse to level her up. Even then, its still hard as balls. Kiss her a*s until she spills the beans about her past and she’ll wanna break her oath to become a Jedi Guardian. 
The Disciple is nowhere near as hard as the Handmaiden, so if you play female then you’re in luck. Just kiss his a*s and help people on random planets, helping the Republic now and then, and he’ll wanna become a Jedi Consular. 
Most of these are kissing a*s. 
The 2 here that are necessary are Atton and Brianna. On Nar Shadaa, Atton will end up fighting the Twi’lek twins by himself and later he’ll be stuck fighting through to the Refugee pad with Mira and T3. T3 can be useful here, but is easy to die, and Mira is still new to the party but can be equipped with some nice blasters if you had the time to grab them. 
Brianna ends up fighting her sisters and Atris late game, due to the dialogue tree leading to her being close to you. If she doesn’t have the force, you have little to no chance fighting a Jedi Master with only vibroblades and grenades unless you stock up on thermal detonators. 

Early lightsaber

one of the most annoying things in the early game is using vibroswords as a Jedi. You wanna use a lightsaber, and its actually quite easy to find one without doing much yet. 
Fly to Nar Shadaa and go to the little apartment complexes, you’ll find a room where two people are talking and you cannot walk in without them telling you to screw off. Instead, use a stealth field generator and walk near them. You’ll hear them talk about Juma Juice being used to put kathhounds to sleep. This is necessary. 
Next, go to the bar and order some Juma Juice. You’ll see a twi’lek in there looking for a cute girl to dance for Volga the Hutt(i think thats his name). Have one of your female companions (or yourself if you’re female) dance for the Twi’lek and the Hutt. Once the Hutt is asleep, poison the Kathhound food with the Juma Juice to put them to sleep, and you can unlock his secret stash. Included within this stash is a lightsaber. 
This is the only lightsaber you can find in the game that doesn’t require any sort of fighting past Telos. 

The 2 best cla*ses in the whole game

Okay so it took me a long a*s time to even know that prestige cla*ses were a thing. 
When you hit level 15, talk to Kreia and she’ll let you become one of 3 prestige cla*ses. These cla*ses can be chosen for any of the 3 base cla*ses that you started with. For example, you could combine with: 
Sentinel-Weapons master 
There are 3 prestige cla*ses, with minor changes between light and dark. 
Jedi Weapons Master – Sith Marauder 
Jedi Watchman – Sith Assa*sin 
Jedi Master – Sith Lord 
Weapons Masters – Marauders 
These guys are like the big versions of the Jedi Guardian. They boast one specific feat tree change that makes the game a cakewalk, and thats superior two-handed fighting. Usually, two weapon fighting skills only lessen the debuff of using 2 weapons. In this case, however, the highest level of two-weapon fighting for this cla*s actually gives you a buff from using 2 weapons. That means anything you hit with 2 lightsabers has no penalty, and actually dies faster. 
Watchmen – Assa*sins 
Honestly these guys are only good with being paired with Sentinels. They specialize in skill upgrades, but unless you’re trying to max out your MC, there really is no point. They can learn force stealth, but its just using stealth, which you can buy at almost any merchant in the game and use infinitely anyway. 
Masters – Lords 
These a*shats are overpowered. With the force regen feat, these guys almost never run out of force power. You can launch 10 force storms and maybe it’ll dent your force meter. This prestige cla*s combined with Consular is basically pressing the win button. Every time you walk into a room full of bad guys, even if they’re all sith, they’ll just fall to their knees from the 20 damn force storms you shoved up their a*s. 
Now, why is this section called ‘the 2 best cla*ses’? Well because there are 2 prestige combinations that make the game way too easy. 
Jedi guardians specialize in feats early game, and can build up your character in physical power. Once you go Master or Lord, you combine that buffed up jedi with super powerful force abilities, making use of both sides of the cla*s list. 
Consular/Weapons Master-Marauder 
Its the same as the previous entry, but reversed. You bulid up your force powers early on, building up a force meter and getting force regen early on, and later building up your lightsaber strength in order to fight off the Sith Triumverate. 

Written by Silcona

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