Stardew Valley – Shane Guide

Stardew Valley – Shane Guide 18 -
Stardew Valley – Shane Guide 18 -
This is a guide on everything you need to know about everyone’s favourite Desperado… Shane!!!
This guide covers his: Schedule, Relationships, Likes & Dislikes, Heart Events, Marriage, And Dialogue!
If there is something missing here or anything wrong with this guide PLEASE TELL ME!!! Enjoy!



Stardew Valley - Shane Guide - Information 

Birthday:Spring 20
Location:Cindersnap Forest
Family:Marnie (Aunt) Jas (Goddaughter)
Best Gifts:Beer 
Hot Pepper 
Pepper Poppers 



Shaneis usually found at JojaMart on weekdays from 9am to 5pm, He spends most of his evenings at The Stardrop Saloon. (If it rains on the weekend he will go to work at JojaMart.) 
Spring ☘️ 
– Egg Festival: 13th 
– Flower Dance: 24th 
Summer ☀️ 
– Luau 11th 
– Dance of the Moonlight Jellies 28th 
Fall 🍁 
– Stardew Valley Fair 16th 
– Spirit’s Eve 27th 
Winter ❄️ 
– Festival of Ice 8th 
– Night Market 15th – 17th 
– Feast of the Winter Star 25th 

Interests & Gifts

You can give Shane 2 gifts per week. Gifts can raise of lower your friendship level depending on his Interests. You can give him 1 extra gift on his birthday, Birthday gifts are worth 8 times more than average gifts. There are 5 types of Interests, Love, Like, Neutral, Dislike, and Hate. 


“Oh wow, (Name)! How’d you know this is my favorite?” 

BeerThe Stardrop Saloon, KegWheat
Hot PepperFarming
Pepper PoppersCookingHot Pepper, Cheese
PizzaThe Stardrop Saloon, CookingWheat Flour, Tomato, Cheese



“Thank you, This looks special.” 




“Oh, you got me something? Thanks!” 

Goat MilkFarming              



“I don’t really like this.” 



“Why are you giving me your garbage?” 

Common MushroomForaging
Magma CapForaging
Purple MushroomForaging
Snow YamForaging
Wild HorseradishForaging              
Winter RootForaging
PicklesPreservatives JarVegetable



Everything you need to know about Penny’s movie Interests: 
🟢 = Love 🟡 = Like 🔴 = Dislike 

Stardew Valley - Shane GuideThe Brave Little Sapling🔴
Stardew Valley - Shane GuideThe Journey of the Prairie King: The Motion Picture🟡
Stardew Valley - Shane GuideMysterium🟡
Stardew Valley - Shane GuideThe Miracle At Coldstar Ranch🔴
Stardew Valley - Shane GuideNatural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World🟡
Stardew Valley - Shane GuideWumbus🟢
Stardew Valley - Shane GuideIt Howls In The Rain🟢
Stardew Valley - Shane GuideThe Zuzu City Express🔴


Heart Events

Two Hearts 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter Cindersnap Forest Between 8pm and Midnight 
Shane shares a beer with the player on the dock of the pond while talking about his depression. He expresses his optimism for the player’s future and warns against drinking heavily. 
Three Hearts 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
After you’ve reached three hearts with Shane, he will send you a recipe with a note attached in the mail. He will also become slightly less rude to you during dialogues. 
Recipe: Pepper Poppers 
I found this recipe in a magazine and I thought it sounded interesting. Feel free to give me a taste if you make it, hehe. 
Four Hearts 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter Marnie’s Ranch at any time 
Shane is pa*sed out in his room, surrounded by empty beer cans. Marnie asks you to do something, so you use your watering can on his head to wake him up. Marnie says that all he does is mope around and drink beer. When Marnie asks him what his plans for the future are, Shane says that he hopes he “won’t be around long enough to need a plan.” Jas overhears and runs away crying; Marnie follows her while Shane falls to the ground and cries while apologizing. 
Six Hearts 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter Cindersap Forest between 9am and 8pm while storming or raining. 
Shane is lying on the floor at the edge of a cliff, again surrounded by beer. He tells you that he is miserable and asks why he shouldn’t just roll off the cliff: 
🟡 – “Because there’s so much to live for!” (Doesn’t Affect Friendship points) 
🟡 – “Jas needs you. You’re like a father to her.” (Doesn’t Affect Friendship points) 
🟡 – “It would be a sin.” 
🟡 – “The decision is your own. Just know that I’m here for you.” (Doesn’t Affect Friendship points) 
Shane’s response will vary. Regardless of your response, Shane will suggest you take him to the hospital. Dr. Harvey treats his physical wounds, and expresses that he is more concerned about his mental health. Dr. Harvey says that he is going to refer Shane to a counsellor in Zuzu City. 
The next day Shane arrives at the farmhouse to tell you that he intends to go to counselling. He then apologies for the incident at the cliff: 
🟢 – “I’m glad I was there to help.” (+10 friendship.) 
🔴 – “You needed a serious wake-up call.” (-10 friendship.) 
🟢 – “I’m just happy you’re still here.” (+10 friendship.)  
Sven hearts I 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter Marnie’s Ranch while Shane is home. 
Shane enters the ranch where Marnie is standing behind the counter. He tells her that he’s been feeling happier than usual. Jokingly Marnie asks if there was a sale on beer. Though slightly annoyed, he responds by saying he started drinking sparkling water instead. He then says that he’s realised there are people in his life he can rely on and that doing so doesn’t make him weak. He then walks over to Jas in the kitchen, and gives her a present. She opens it to find a pair of expensive shoes that she wanted. When she asks Shane how he could afford it, He replies that it;s because he cut back on his expensive habit of drinking beer. 
Seven Hearts II 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter the town between 10am and 4pm on a sunny day. (Also requires 2 hearts with Emily and Clint.) 
You will find Shane filming a scene starring Emily and Clint. Shane explains that Joja is holding a contest to create an advertis*ment for the newest Joja Cola, the winner is awarded 💰10,00g. He asks you to walk behind Clint and Emily as they act so the scene feels more authentic. When it’s over, he thanks you for helping out. 
Seven Hearts III 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
After reaching 7 hearts with Shane, he will send you a recipe with a note attached in the mail. 
Recipe: Strange Bun 
I found this recipe in a magazine and I thought it sounded interesting. Feel free to give me a taste if you make it, hehe. 
Eight Hearts 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter Marnie’s Ranch While Shane is home. 
When you enter the ranch, Jas leads you through the coop door in the kitchen that is normally locked. Inside, Shane is painting a sign that says “Fresh Eggs.” He’s surrounded by his flock of special blue chickens and his favourite white chicken, Charlie. Once he finished painting, he picks up Charlie and briefly talks talks to her about his ambitions and struggles. When you and Jas enter the room, Shane talks to you a bit about how he is trying to pa*s on the chicken knowledge to Jas so she can continue the tradition if he ever moves out. (After seeing this event each chicken that the player purchases from Marnie and each egg that hatches in the incubator now has a 1/4 chance of being blue. Aside from appearance, the blue chickens are identical to white chickens.) 
Ten Hearts 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Exit your house before 6:30am, then walk to the Bus Stop between 4pm and 6pm. 
Shane invites you to go see the Zuzu City Tunnellers (a gridball team) play in their stadium in Zuzu City. You take a bus into the city together and the scene changes to a grimy stadium with you and Shane in the stands. While cheering on the Tunnellers, Shane thanks you for sticking with him through his struggle with depression and anxiety. He then asks you what you think of your first gridball game: 
🟡 -“Noisy… It makes me appreciate how peaceful it is back home.” (Doesn’t Affect Friendship points) 
🟡 -“Fun… Pelican Town seems really boring in comparison.” (Doesn’t Affect Friendship points) 
Shane’s response will vary. Regardless of your response, Shane will kiss you but then back away in embarra*sment. He apologies for getting carried away. After a pause, you reply with a kiss and allay his fears. The scene fades to black 
Fourteen Hearts I 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter the town on any day but friday between 8am and 5pm. 
1st Day: Marnie, Jas, and yourself are outside of the saloon. Shane comes out of the bar, saying that he hasn’t had a session like that in a while. Marnie looks worried and asks you to talk to him next time. 
Fourteen Hearts II 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter the town on any day but friday between 8am and 5pm. 
2nd Day: Shane comes out and you confront him. Shane gets upset at the suggestion that he’s been drinking and runs home. 
Fourteen Hearts III 
Stardew Valley - Shane Guide 
Enter the town on any day but friday between 8am and 5pm. 
3rd Day: Marnie and you are waiting outside the saloon, and Shane goes in. You try to catch him in the act of drinking, but he is instead standing in front of an arcade machine. Marnie is confused and asks about the cans on the floor, and Shane explains that they’re Joja Cola cans. He also explains that playing video games helps him calm the urge to drink. 
🟡 -“I’m sorry, I should’ve believed you.” 
🟡 -“I was worried!”  
Shane’s response will vary. Regardless of your answer, Shane will say that you and Marnie must have been confused to see him in front of the arcade machine. The scene fades to black. 


Getting Married💍 
To get married you will need to first A. Have the kitchen upgrade to your home, And B. Have a 10 heart relationship with Shane. You can find information on how to do that in the Heart Events section of this Guide. Once Shane appears on your social tab as (Boyfriend) and has a 10 heart relationship with you, You will be able to buy a “Mermaid Pendant” from the Old Mariner for 5,000g. He can be found on the beach across the bridge that costs 300 wood to repair. Giving this to Shane will act as a proposal now labelling him (fiance) in your social tab. He will tell you that the wedding will happen in three days and all the other characters you were dating will return to normal friends. Once you are married Shane will move into the farmhouse with you and that’s when things start to change. you will unlock a new room to the right of the bedroom, This room acts as Shane’s “Space.” Shane also makes use of the section north of the farmhouse by making a little garden there. Penny will sometimes help on the farm by: Feeding the animals, Filling pet water bowl, Watering the plants, and Repairing the broken fencing. Shane will occasionally offer food items including: Beer, Large Egg, and Pepper Poppers. 


Thank you so much for reading!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 
Please let me know if I missed something or if there is something wrong with this guide, I’m still getting the hang of it! If you came from my Penny guide and enjoyed this one do me a favour and comment: Lewis. Thanks! If you liked this guide sty tuned because next up is everyone’s favourite emo… Sebastian! 

Written by Temari

This is all that we can say about Stardew Valley – Shane Guide for now. I hope this post helped you. If there is anything that we should add, please let us know via comment below. See you soon!