Stash – 099 Brand New to Stash

Stash – 099 Brand New to Stash 1 -
Stash – 099 Brand New to Stash 1 -

This guide was created for someone brand new in Stash. There has been a large influx of new players since the game went f2p in September 2017.


Then what happens when you get into the game?
These are just a few examples of common questions. It will become more so over time, but some information is better than none. Although the information has been likely written, it's not always available to new players. – []
– A good resource
It is important to slow down and investigate all options. What makes your character stronger? What equipment, skill, items, and crafting options? After a few hundred hours spent playing the game, it became clear that sprinting through it at a faster pace than it is a marathon is not an option.
This is a quick guide, not intended to be comprehensive.


Movement is similar in real life to what happens on a tabletop board game. Your counter will move in those directions based the path you select with the left mouse click. It will be a short route if you click close by. Click 20 squares, and it will take quite a while. Click a lot, and it will create a new path for you every time. It will be strange to anyone new to this game. Learn to click farther or follow the flow and click further away.


The Inn has everything you need, whether you are broke or brand new. Although it takes a while, it is very effective for mana and your health. That's it. To leave the Inn, press 8. Or look at your action bar. You will see a door. That's it.
After you have acquired some wealth, you can buy large quantities of food. After level 5, that food will also increase your stats. You will notice the difference in how it works at 6
Spells from Healer are also able to heal you during combat.
Different effects can be achieved by using potions. Some can heal, while others replenish mana. Others can do both. One example is that some increase stats in half an hour.


Death after level 5 comes with no exp debt. This occurs later, in more painful moments as you move up. If you die at Level 6, you might owe several hundred exp. If your death occurs at Level 10, you might owe more than 6,000.
This game is unique in that you can experience debt. Half of the exp that you gain will go towards debt. The other half can be used to progress you towards your exp goal. You can still move forward, even if you are moving slower, and you won't be discouraged.


The best way to increase your monetary wealth is to sell as much as possible early on. Certain items may not be available to your chosen cla*ses. Most likely, they can be sold for coin to purchase food. NPC's within the town can either sell your items or your Stall in your Base Of Operations, (BOO or).


Base Of Operations or "BOO" can be described as the place outside of (. For now, it is). This area allows you to create, farm, stockpile, and more inventory through your Stash. As the BOO gets larger, it will be possible to have more interior rooms as well as offer you many decorating options.
There is a Stash for inventory. The Stash also has an exterior and eventually interior space to hold crafting tables, processing station, etc., and there is also a sales Stall.


Partying allows characters the opportunity to work together, following one another. The leader of the party has the option to increase or decrease the difficulty level of Random Dungeons. This can be done through the Party Tab. The maximum party size I believe to be 6
After all members have accepted, the Leader will gather the people together. If the others leave, they are expelled from the party.
The Leader cannot enter combat unless they are moving the group.


So. . What are those Medallions, you ask?
They are in game purchases to keep your server running. Most of the purchases are bogus.
You can transform your appearance by adding paneling to your BOO.
They are not what they claim to be. They do not increase the leveling of your characters.
Early Release customers paid about $15 and got around 150 of these.
I then learned a second skill, a backpack, plus some modifications to me appearance.
I also had 4 Medallions for Early release at a 91 Capacity Stove. The first 90 were coins. I doubt many people will ever be able to use the additional 5-10 spots. You have the option to spend real money on medallions.
I could have done with coins to make the backpack and appearnce. Since then, I've bought around 5 inventory slots for varying amounts. They were cheap and once you reach a certain amount they get 40k to open them, 80k coin etc.


Written by Martakus

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