Stash – Catch me if you can – Fast-leveling

Stash – Catch me if you can – Fast-leveling 1 -
Stash – Catch me if you can – Fast-leveling 1 -

Fast leveling requires a determined attitude. Do not attempt it at home. (Not necessary, just a quick guide about optimizing levels, with exp rate tabs on monsters and great images you can color with watercolors.
Welp. I'm not. Please send me help.
Jokes aside! This is a fast guide to leveling up! This guide will show you how to achieve the first 10 levels of leveling or to do it in the fastest possible way. Although it won't really be useful beyond lv5, we still aim for the stars.

First and foremost: QUESTS

Stash - Catch me if you can - Fast-leveling - First and foremost: QUESTS - 3919C46
These are these big sprites. No? It's not true for me. They are just invisible people in need of help. And they're not just invisible. Get all the quests you can from them and be sure that you check these out.
Stash - Catch me if you can - Fast-leveling - First and foremost: QUESTS - D0D2E8A
These quests are not repeatable and can give you 1500 exp and some cash. These can all be done right away without any tools or fighting. Follow the instructions to complete the quest. Click on the (quest item and press Tasks. Once the quest item activates, right-click on the quest items and return to the NPCs.
Level 2: Good morning!
If you still have exp or wish to level up to actually you should grab a weapon along with some armor and get into combat. Refer to
Carazan’s awesome Guide – []
to do that, then follow her lead of bashing poorless pets. Ooohh! Your first dungeons! Is it a rotting corpse? Uuuhhh… HYPE!
Stash - Catch me if you can - Fast-leveling - First and foremost: QUESTS - 0B32790

The magical List for Zero to Hero

(you are a boastful la*s,)

  1. Until level 5 you can't get XP Debt. You can get a free renewal every 60 seconds, giving you full hp/mana and reviving you immediately. This is better than buying food. Up to Level 5, all your stats are maxed and you don’t get stat growing from food. Don't feel death, embrace it, become one with it.
  2. If you're part of a group, press P to change loot methods to "Grab N Go". Items will be randomly divided between party member as soon as the last blow is dealt. You can also trash any items you don’t use later, so you can save some time.

    About the party


    Contrary the popular opinion on the market, having a huge party with Stash may not be a good way to level up. The bonus exp formula looks like this:

    Party size Bonus Exp
    2 40%
    3 80%
    4 120%
    5 160%
    6 220%

    However, it is important that you consider the potential dangers of moving around with larger people.
    – Slower turns. Everyone takes their time deciding the move. You can reduce the Party window time, but this could cause you to miss other members' turn. We're in hurry, and we can't let this thinking stuff jeopardize mission. A human?
    – There are various monsters available and they have added XP bonuses, making them more difficult than normal.

    Type of monster Reward XP
    Normal 100xp
    Lieutenant 150xp
    Elite 200xp
    Hunter/Champion 400xp
    Boss 1000xp

    These baddies often appear more frequently the higher the party levels and the greater the number members in the party. Anything above Lieutenant hits like an ambulance, and Hunter monsters can activate buffs on them. It is important to keep this in mind when you travel.
    I recommend traveling in 2-3 persons, max 4, with one healer. This will allow you to use stuns and heals as needed. Also, avoid unrequested attacks (hunting at you Hunters *l *).

  3. High risk, high profit: The following table shows the bonus exp granted to each encounter colored:


    Face Color XP-Bonus
    Grey No XP, Loot or Loot
    Green -50%
    Blue -25%
    White DefaultXP
    Yellow +25%
    Red +75%
    Purple +100%
  4. Boss farming: Boss farms are not a big deal for Stash. They also drop great loot and offer high exp. You can't solo these bosses unless your damage is high and your hp pools are large/huge (. If you're a member of a group of 2, consider killing the boss once every 20 minutes. Be sure to flank the boss and plan your turns well. The most efficient parties are able to take down the boss within four turns, or roughly 40 seconds. Or, you can sip on the delicious blood from a killed giant. Exquisite.
  5. Flee: this can be used when you feel that the battle against you is not in favor or in ambushes. No penalties. Stash - Catch me if you can - Fast-leveling - The magical list for Zero-to-Hero - 6121DE6 If you're far from mobs, your chances of fleeing are higher. However, I found it to be a little help.
    It takes courage for someone to try and outrun monsters.
  6. Quality gear is worth the investment. Spend some time buying (or, if you're really lucky, loot drops of). Higher damage means faster leveling. A faster leveling rate means more money, and easier things.
    Press CTRL+N, and you can start buying. (tips: Recipes, Boss, House!): Is this the best stall?
  7. Red is the best color to solo. If your gear quality isn't at least 90% and you don't have any good armor, you will probably waste a lot of time. So focus on whites.
  8. Once Level 5 is complete. Do. Not. Die. You get reduced xp if you have XP debt. It took me hours to clear 24k of xp loans. It took atleast two days. I won the sympathy many parties. I attached myself to them constantly, however.


Exp zones

You could say that it is. These are just a few tips to help you increase your efficiency.
Always remember that pressing the P key and changing the difficulty will allow you to continue to expend in private dungeons with yellow/red/purple monstrous, then log in when you're done, and keep exping non-stop. You have the option to continue exping.

  • Up to lv5: Stay around Askagard. On east you will find 1-3 Dungeons ((). Do them until your level 3 – then head east to Mossy Ranes. They are near the mountains. (3-5 World Dungeons ()): go there. Or just keep resetting your 1-9 Private Dungeon. It's also possible to kill the boss while you're a member of a party.
  • Level 6-8, go to Ruined Barracks. It is located south of BOO. If you're a Warrior/Healer and want to stay there until lv9, 8 or 9, go to Ruined Barracks. If the worlddungeon becomes crowded, you may use private dungeons. Monsters can be easily defeated by groups of up to three people.
  • Level 9-10: Place yourself in the Gobbo Hole (8-12, West-south Askagard. You can only have four party members. You will encounter many Elites and LTs.

  • Level 10-13

  • Level 13-15

  • level 15-17

  • 17-20

  • Level 20-23

  • Level 23-25

  • level 25-27

  • 27-30


Potions & buffs

These cool items/buffs can be expended a lot faster.

  • Xppots: (toadd : from Shop and from players from leaderboard rewards e17Y
  • Exercise of the founder's bonus cloak
  • Mounts are available in the shop at the medallion: they increase how fast you can move, which helps get back to work or to return to your exping.
  • Greediness. It's possible to be more patient and less greedy while ignoring the drops. You can just place some stackable objects you really don't want missing in your inventory. Stackable objects can be salvaged by dumping endless loot into the Void.

Important: You can get rid of XP debt by purchasing a Lemon Cookie in the Medallion Shop. It will chop away some of the XP Debt you have, roughly the equivalent of one death.

The End

Ombretta aka Inbetween, or Nikole. The guide will be regularly updated with new helpful findings. You can add it as a favorite or modify it without notice.
Send me dosh at payp… Not the right section

Stashers, I'm looking forward to seeing your in space


Written by Gnagnao

And here is the end of the post, i hope you enjoy Stash – Catch me if you can – Fast-leveling . If you believe we mistake something or we forget to add some content on the post let us know via Comment. The original post can be found here

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