Stash – New Player’s Guide

Stash – New Player’s Guide 1 -
Stash – New Player’s Guide 1 -

A step-by-step guide for players new and experienced in Stash.

Basic UI Options – Movement and Basic

Stash - New Player's Guide - Movement and Basic UI Options - 229880E
You're now a little girl in the wild Primordiax.
First, know that you have two options to move: click or use the WASD key.

Who would've thought?
Let me now guide you through this interface menu. This button is located at the bottom right-hand corner. It should look just like this.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Movement and Basic UI Options - DB36CB2
Let's keep our attention on the essentials for now. We can get into the details later in this guide.

  • 22A0824327272A: Will bring up a character sheet. (shocking?) This section shows you your character, stats and gear. Your bag space can be found at the bottom of the screen. It costs 5,000t for you to expand to the next space. Additionally, you'll get a free 6-slot bags to use in that area. Additional bags can also be purchased through the "Medallion Shop", as well other useful utilities. This menu is also accessible from the inventory button. Or by pressing 'i'
  • Party can also be accessed via pressing 'p'. This is where you will see any other players in the party if they are invited. (Click on a player to see their names in chat. Then, select Invite to Party. If you're solo, the leader(appears at the top.) can modify the time limit for combat, difficulty of the dungeon or the loot regulations. Loot Master determines who gets the loot. Anybody can take what theirs or Loot-and-Go is: Each player will receive random loot at the end of the encounter.
  • Social. This is where you can see and ignore your friends, grant access to your Base of Operations, (BOO) and see who's given access to their BOO.
  • Stats. You can see your character’s stats. To the right are your crafting skills and gathering abilities.
  • Tasks. This menu displays all the quests/tasks you have accepted as well as their objectives. You can always go back to the one you were on. Tasks are completely optional and provide no direction. They are just an extra challenge for loot/exp.
  • System Menu. This menu allows to you to change your game options or change characters. You can also exit the game.
  • Help This opens a menu with information that will help you get started in the game. It also contains two important links. This is where bugs and other issues can be reported. The top link will take you to the Wiki pages for the game.
    . This menu is also accessible by selecting the? You can also access the menu by clicking the?

Congratulations, you now know how move and see things.

First Objective: Combat

First, you should go to the starting dungeon, beat a few animals, and steal all their traids X14Y currency X17Y and loot. This section will detail how combat works and the reasons we fight.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - A37B589
To enter the dungeon, it is necessary to walk directly onto its square.


There are four types available for dungeons. Private and World. Random Private, Random World.
Private dungeons must be accessed only by you or your party. Only one encounter is allowed. These dungeons are easy to modify via the party menu. These dungeons are fixed and can't be moved. You can see the one you are currently in in the picture above.
World dungeons can easily be accessed and contain a boss. This dungeon's difficulty cannot be changed because each encounter has its own level. (to determine which encounters will be of your level.
Random dungeons will simply mean that they will move to a random place in the universe on a timer of one hour. These can either be private or public, and can be on any scale.


Let's get started on beating up something. Let's move on to the square that we saw in the first encounter. It should be white text, with a white border and white text. This means it's at your level. Here's a chart to help you identify which colors represent what.

Color Level
Grey Below are 5 or More Levels
Green Below are 3-4 levels
Blue Below: 1-2 levels
White same level
Yellow 1-2 levels below
Red 3-4 levels Above
Purple 5 or higher levels

Once you are on the square of encounter, a battle will begin.


Now, we're in an incidental encounter with some mobsters. Here is where turn-based fighting takes place. You will find the queue list listing who has what turn and when it is over. The timer counter is located underneath. It slowly depletes each turn until you finish your turn. The upper right has your health bar and your mana. Some abilities consume the mana. You are also affected by mobs.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - AD99B34
Now, at the bottom of this screen, you will see your in-combat attack bar. You can adjust the buttons by hitting shift-a(. This will bring up your actionbar loader. From here, you can choose where to put your skills in combat or out.
1. Your movement skill. Each player can only do a limited number of movements per turn. This is the first thing you do every turn. (Once an action has been chosen, you cannot move.) The position of an attack is very important.
2. This is your attack abilities. This will open a second set with all your current actions. As you gain more experience, you'll automatically receive new ones.
3. to use items saved to this account that can be used to fight. Potions to restore health or mana.
4. This is to gather resources or to bury a corpse. Sometimes resources will appear as you begin an encounter. If you are unfortunate enough to be trapped in a mob, you can burry the body to free yourself.
5. is Brace. This will cause your character to attack the next mob moving toward you.
6. ('s delay action button is not functional/bugged.
7. skips your turn
8. Attempts to flee from battle. "You run away bravely!"
Remember when I said that placing matters? It is because of Flanking', the Surrounded' and the Pinned'. What does this all mean?
Flanking. An enemy is flanked if you or your ally are in the opposite grid squares.
Surrounding: At least 2 enemies must be within a grid square adjacent to you to be considered as surrounded. This can limit your ability attack and lead to a -10% injury penalty. Each enemy you have around you receives an additional 10% damage penalty (to a maximum level of -70%).
Pinned means that an enemy can be found in melee range with you and there is an obstacle in their grid space. They are pinned. They do 10% less to you if they attack.
Here's a poorly drawn illustration to visually illustrate the point.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - C608F75
Let’s see it in action now that you know how to fight. First, I'll walk right next to the bat with the horrible disease.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - 71704B4
Next, I will swing it with my big knife. A blue grid shows you the area that you can use an ability. But I want the bat to go.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - C2DDCDF
After a few rounds, it should be dead. A chest appears somewhere on this grid.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - 1FD4A32
This chest can also be clicked from any other place on the grid. The loot menu will be opened.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - 318344F
You can choose to drag each item into your inventory. You can also select all and click done to retrieve all of the items. It displays your experience and the number of triads you stole from that horrible rotten mouse. Triads can be described as Stash's currency. It is important to have lots of them.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - 956D846
You can see the EXP Bar in the above photo. The percentage will be displayed in the tooltip if the mouse is hovered over it. Once the BAR has filled up with experience, it fills a DIAMOND. Once all the diamonds are filled, you will level-up by filling the bar one more time.
If you do happen to be the victim of a diseased or defenseless bat beating you up, don't worry. You are not subject to any penalty until you reach level 5. Your BOO will respawn with full health. Once you reach level 5, you will receive an EXP debit. This bar must be filled up with EXP to allow you to continue your normal progress. EXP is active but only half of what you earn is converted to debt.
Another thing to remember about combat: If you see someone fighting another person in combat, such as in the following photo, that means they are currently fighting someone else. You won't be allowed to enter that encounter.
Stash - New Player's Guide - First Objective - Combat - 3CAD1DD
Congratulations! You have successfully beaten a sick animal to death and taken all its possessions. Let's do it a few more times, until our inventory runs out, and then move on.

Sub Section – Partie Combat

Party combat is very easy and very similar to solo fighting.

Step 1

First thing is to invite someone!
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Party Combat - 2402392

Step 2

Hopefully they'll accept, and then your group will be formed. Pressing p> will open the party menu. Here you can adjust turn timers, loot rules, dungeon difficulties and more. You can also view your party members and your current party bonuses EXP%. That's right! Bonus experience can be earned by fighting in a party. You can also see yourself and your party members on the right side of the screen.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Party Combat - C39E7D9
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Party Combat - 33E0AB9

Step Three

To move as one party, simply place all party members in the same square. Once the leader is able, the rest of the party will follow. Talk about pack-mule.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Party Combat - BE64CCF

Step 4

Once the leader starts to drag all the party members, they can take the whole party into a maze and then into an encounter. Everybody must be "attached to" the leader in order to participate in the encounter. Otherwise, anyone who isn’t following the leader in the encounter will be left out.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Party Combat - 7668918

Step 5:

Combat is almost identical to solo combat once in the encounter. Only that your allies will have their turns in the queue for move and attack. Fighting as part of a party will give you more exp and more loot. When the chest appears at end of fight, the player who clicked the chest to open must be the last to do so.

City as Second Goal

Now that you have defeated multiple animals and other different creatures, you can now take their loot. You have your backpack filled with the treasures. You should probably leave the dungeon exactly the way you entered. (. Or, if you're lazy and don’t mind a 1 hour cooldown choose the number 2 to teleport directly to the city entrance.)
Move a few steps up to reach the great city of Askagard. Below is a second poorly drawn'map of the city' with a legend.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Second Objective - City - C40FE00
(, see the map section for more information on each NPC.

Step 1

So now that you are in Askagard head to the right where there are the profession masters. You can choose any, but only one at a. You can always change your mind, but you'll lose all of the experience from your previous profession.

Step Two

Once you have chosen your profession let's move on to Zieri. This is the number 1. Sell anything that is red (. You can't use). Any other items you don’t want. Essences can be used in many professions. You can keep these items if you like. Any building materials (nail, planks shingles, planks bricks, stone blocks, and shingles) you need to keep, DO NOT GIVE UP. These will be necessary, and lots of them. Click and drag items from your inventory onto the merchant’s inventory.
This merchant sells items to help you choose your profession while you're here. Hopefully, you'll have enough money in order to purchase the crafting station and tools of your chosen profession. A chef would buy a stove and a spoon. This merchant also sells all tools needed to gather. I recommend that you purchase all of these tools because it's always nice and convenient to have all the resources. You won't always need all the materials you need for your career. (, see next section for more information on gathering and crafting the)

Step Three

Let's now go to the left and get into the inn. This is where your and other characters can use buffs in combat. Buffs are very powerful and allow you to do a lot more damage. This is also where pa*sive healing can be done for free. Let's have a chat while we heal. Maybe you can give everyone a big "hello everyone!" I'm following Carazan’s guidelines! I love to make new friends and have fun chatting with new players. You might even meet people who are willing to party with and join you in your quest for friendship!
Stash - New Player's Guide - Second Objective - City - 4FCCA88

Step Four

Once you're fully healed, press 8 to exit the inn. Then, let's head south towards merchant Milawe (number 4, on the map). You can find food here to replenish your health and mana and keep you going while traveling. You can't use food during combat, so you'll need to recover from each encounter. I recommend buying any remaining trinities now to avoid having to go back later. Certain foods can increase certain stats when you're at level 6. But they will not have any effect until then except to regain health and mana.

Sub Section – Harvesting/Gathering

Harvesting or gathering is the process of collecting the various materials around the world. There are several types of materials: ore; wood; gems; leather; cloth; and herbs. The following table shows the correct tools required for each resource.

Resource Tool
Gems Pick
Ore Pickaxe
Wood Axe
Herbs Shears
Leather Knife
Cloth Scissors

Anyone can harvest anything. All that is required is to have the appropriate tool. You can have up to two tools at once and you can change them as long your are not in combat. If you want to harvest a resource in combat, make sure you have the right tools at your disposal before you start fighting.
There are two options for finding'resource points' such as gems, wood, ore. You can find them in the open land and enter them like you would a fight. There won't be any mobs so you can freely move around this encounter. To harvest the node's treasure, move right up to it and press 4.
If stars appear above the resource notde, as in this image, it is likely that another player is in the encounter.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Harvesting/Gathering - 7AE6925
The other way to go is during a combat encounter. Occasionally, a resource node will be found on the grid during combat. If you're willing, you can harvest it during combat. At least one mob must be alive to receive bonus resources. (The harvest will give you 2 resources.) If you succeed, you'll get 2 resources. This will only yield ONE resource for each harvest.
Only combat (is allowed for leather and cloth harvesting. Sometimes a mob’s corpse may sparkle when it's dead. This means it can be harvested, and can yield either leather (or cloth). Goblins and other skeletons are able to give you cloth while animals can give leather. As mentioned, harvesting while a mob exists will give you additional resources. You can also wait until the end to receive regular resources.

Step One:

Equip your toolbox (I have an) axe and pick to collect wood and gems.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Harvesting/Gathering - FF6D53F

Step 2

I found a resource node and it was carbonyx. It is a precious gem. You can then move onto it and enter the encounter.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Harvesting/Gathering - 3752763

Step 3

Move up to where the node is, then place your feet on solid ground.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Harvesting/Gathering - 70E6056

Step Four

To harvest it, press 4. Repeat until it's gone. For the exit, press 8
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Harvesting/Gathering - 5955411

BOO & Crafting – 3rd Objective

You can go ahead and leave the same way that you came in. If you look to the right, this is what you will see:
Stash - New Player's Guide - Third Objective - BOO & Crafting - D4B3FE4
This is your BOO! This is where all your crafting, farming, interior decorating, and selling will be done. It should be barren now with only a bed, sleeping bag and cart.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Third Objective - BOO & Crafting - E0F0251

Step One

First, you need to open up your Stash. It is located in the chest at the right. This is vital for any type of building or crafting within your BOO. Let's start by putting all of the building material into your stash. The bar at its top should be visible. This will display which items you own. Additionally,
Place any crafting items that you have just bought in the stash. The crafting station and tool.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Third Objective - BOO & Crafting - F8C0EBA

Step 2

Close the stash. Click 1 to enter building mode. The stash inventory should now be visible and you should see the grid. If you can see your crafting station in inventory, then you are able to place it into the grid. If you don’t find it, it must be placed INIDE. You don't even have an inside yet! You'll need to upgrade your BOO to level 2 first.

Step 2 again

If you have chosen a profession that requires that you build your crafting station indoors, such a chef stove, then you will need to go back in a dungeon for more building materials. If you press 6 while at the (button below), then you can choose Upgrade Boo. It will let you know how much of each item is needed to upgrade the level.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Third Objective - BOO & Crafting - 51B8662

Step Three

You can now start crafting! To exit the build mode, press 1 once more and select the crafting station you have just placed. This will bring up the crafting menu. Mouse over the recipe and you will see the ingredients. Make sure you have all the ingredients for crafting this in your stash.

BOO buttons

The BOO action bar can be found at the bottom.

  • 1. Toggles enable you to build mode.
  • 2. Toggles BOO Stash.
  • 3. Unusable
  • 4. Accesses your Stash.
  • 5. Access your Cart (. See the section below)
  • 6. Toggles Upgrade action bar
  • 7. You can access or leave your interior.
  • 8. Don't boo your boo

When you toggle the Upgrade button, you can upgrade your boo and stash as well as your cart. Certain materials are required to upgrade these items. It's crucial to preserve the materials we have earlier.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Third Objective - BOO & Crafting - 9C2AFE8
Stash - New Player's Guide - Third Objective - BOO & Crafting - 6504F42

Cart and Newspaper

The cart on the left is where other players can sell items via the paper. Drag an item out of your inventory and place it in carts inventory. You can then price the item however you wish. Once you have an item in your shopping cart, right click it and select "place AD". You can only do it once every five mins, and other players will be able to see that item in the newspaper.
Press control + n for the newspaper to open. This is where all the items that other players have for sale are displayed. You can select from one of the categories at top of the menu. Selecting an item will take to your cart where you'll also be able to see all their items. Double-click an object to purchase it.


If you see Merchant Verkosh and Task Master Erynne, you can get a small barn, tiny orchard, or coop. You can also buy seeds, animals, and saplings if these items have been purchased or received. Place the building and items in your stash. You can add animals and seeds to the building and collect the items they produce. Check out the
Farming Wiki []
Learn more about farming.

Sub Section – Farming

Farming begins in your BOO. To make farming more understandable than just dumping information, I will walk through the steps necessary to get started.

Step One

The following resources are needed to help us complete some tasks. You will require
3 balacoks; 3 carbonyx; 2 meleniumore; and a chef's knife (spoon) can be purchased through Merchant Zieri. Plus, 2,000 triads.

Step 2

Take a stroll into town to meet Task Master Erynne. For this guide, we will be setting out a tiny greenhouse and a tiny coop. You're welcome to pick any TWO you want. (They are available for purchase at Merchant Verkosh.) Orchards are able to grow saplings, gardens have seeds, and tiny coops can be used to house pokka.
Once you've found your way to Erynne take the following tasks: "Gardenscapes" or "Need a Coop?" ", "Seedy Agreement" and "Animal Husbandry". After all this, you should have a tiny vegetable garden, a tiny chicken coop and a carrot seed. Everything you need for getting started!
Verkosh will then help you buy an egg or vegetable processor. (For these processors to be placed, you will need a space in your home.)
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - 52B6DA4

Step Three

It's back to the BOO! Once you've returned home, open up your stash. All crafting and farm items must be in your STASH to be placed or cultivated. This applies to everything inside your boo.

Step Four

Press 1 to enter build mode. While outside, place the coop/garden wherever you like. You won't have the ability to add a third farming structure until you are at boo level 5. However, you can modify the order of buildings you have previously placed. If you decide you want an apple orchard instead of a chicken coop, you can take the coop down and place an apple orchard.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - 3B73894
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - 52E5ED6

Step 5:

Once the buildings are in place, exit build mode. Select the garden. You should now see your carrot seeds on the right. This will plant the carrot seed. If you hover your mouse over carrot SEED, you'll see it say level 1 in the tooltip. This is your farming level required to plant the carrot SEED and harvest it. You are only level 1 because you are new and you will need to increase your farming to plant any higher than lvl1.
This will give you an idea of its current life span by hovering over the freshly planted carrot plant. If the timer is set to 0., it will wilt or die.
Over time, the carrot plant will grow carrots for you. To harvest all produced carrots, you can use the collect all button at bottom. These will place them in your stash. You'll need access to your stash to move them into your inventory if they're for sale or trade. You also have a "harvest” button. If you press this button at the end your plant's life, you can turn it into a seeds and replant.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - BDB966C
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - D0A35CC

Step Six

Let's now make our way to the tiny chicken coop. Let's now move the pokka over to the coop. It also has its lifetime. However, you'll want'slaughtering' it towards the end of it’s life. Additional resources such as pokka leather or meat can be obtained.
Over time, this pokka can produce pokka eggs. These eggs can also be collected in the exact same way as carrots.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - 04DA33D
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - 86998E8

Step Seven

Let's get these eggs & carrots ready to use in our cooking! If you go inside, you should be in a position to place the two processors purchased earlier. Each one takes 2 squares. It may feel cramped if there aren't many upgrades.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - 0039564
Once they have been placed, you are able to place the items in each one and then process them. Over time, they will turn into their final form. Pokka Eggs to Big Raw Eggs and Big Carrots to Mixed Vegetables.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - A883688
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - DB06B18
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - F4340B1
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Farming - 1494239

Step Eight:

PROFIT! You can either keep the items that you have made for cooking or sell them on to other players to generate a steady stream.
Now you're familiar with the basics. These steps also apply to all other farming types, but with different items. Hope you enjoyed.

Sub Section – Trapping

Trapping serves an extremely important purpose. Trapping can save you money on buying farm animals for your coops or barns. Pokka and other farm animal will eventually die so you'll need to have a steady supply. I will demonstrate how to trap pokka. The same method can be used to trap any other animal.

Step 1

Head into town and buy a ragwood-trap and some pokka from merchant Thraka.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Trapping - C6EB260

Step Two:

Take a walk outside and place the trap next to your boo. Press 4 and select "Ragwood Trap", then press the button. The trap will appear underneath you.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Trapping - 97598B5
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Trapping - D61DFFC

Step 3

Move back a space and then onto trap. This will take you to an "encounter" which contains only your trap.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Trapping - 077A8CD

Step Four

Click the trap to bring up a new menu. Click and drag your pokka meal into the trap. Close it out by pressing 8.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Trapping - 02001D5

Step 5:

You will find your trap still standing after you have left the encounter. However, it now says "BAITED." Once something has been successfully captured, the trap will begin to bounce about. If the trap doesn't catch something, the "BAITED” will disappear and it will simply be there. You can then add more feed to the trap and enter it again. After a while, however, the trap will completely disappear. You'll need a new trap. At trapping Level 1, you can only have one trap down at a stretch.
Stash - New Player's Guide - Sub Section - Trapping - 6E1020B

City Map

Stash - New Player's Guide - Second Objective - City - C40FE00

  • 1. Merchant Zieri offers all items related to crafting and gathering.
  • 2. Merchant Thraka sells basic food
  • 3. Laylia the Task Master hastasks.
  • 4. Merchant Milawe has advanced food.
  • 5. Merchant Tybalta sellstraps.
  • 6. Aramir, Task Master, has tasks.
  • 7. Squaknaut Baboo allows for the purchase of asurname
  • 8. Reginald lets you create aclan.
  • 9. Task Master Erynne currently has farming tasks.
  • 10. Merchant Verkosh sellsfarming items.
  • 11. Merchant Roklaf sellstraps.
  • The Amazing Salvage Machine. Place your crafting disasters there to get rare, fabled and famous materials.
  • Inn: You can come here to regain health or mana and get/give buffs
  • Profession Masters, learn a new profession from one


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