Stationeers – Sorting – Fetching – Smelting (Setup Guide)

Stationeers – Sorting – Fetching – Smelting (Setup Guide) 5 -
Stationeers – Sorting – Fetching – Smelting (Setup Guide) 5 -
This setup combines my other two builds with a single interface to control the silos and the furnace with a single interface.



In this guide I will go through how to setup the advanced furnace build and the sorting build together with a single interface (linked below), I will skip some of the setup steps since I have already when through it in my previous guides. 
The first part is going to be about how to setup this particular furnace ICs so we could operate it on its own and in the 2nd part I’ll explain how to hook up the sorting system to the furnace. 
I highly recommend checking out my 2 previous guides before going into this one because I’m going to be building up on them. 
Furnace Setup Guide: 
Sorting Guide: 

The Furnace

The furnace now uses a buffer tank to store ignited fuel to better control the temperature inside the furnace also to get rid of pressure spikes inside the chamber. That means we’ll need 3 tanks, a fuel tank, a coolant tank and a buffer tank. 
A pump between the fuel tank an the buffer tank will be controlling the pressure inside the buffer tank, the buffer tank has to be primed with some fuel then ignited, I used an AC to do so but you can pretty much use anything to get that pipe to over 32 C, you only need to do that once unless you run out of fuel in your fuel tank. 
Stationeers - Sorting - Fetching - Smelting (Setup Guide) 
Orange Tank: Fuel 
Red Tank: Buffer 
Blue Tank: Coolant 
The Buffer pipe goes to the fuel pump and the coolant pump goes to the coolant pump, no changes there. 
To run the furnace without the sorting system we will need to setup the following devices: 

  • Advanced furnace 
  • 4x ICs 
  • Led light 
  • Botoon 
  • 2x Dials 
  • Led Display 
  • Console with a hash display

Stationeers - Sorting - Fetching - Smelting (Setup Guide) 
The highlighted devices is what is needed for the furnace to run without silos and sorters, if the silos ICs were to be connected with the rest, upon selecting an ingot to be smelted the ores required for that ingot would requested from the silos and sent through. 
An override lever can be used to disconnect the furnace from the sorting system to allow for manual input to the furnace. 

Assembling the electronics.

Stationeers - Sorting - Fetching - Smelting (Setup Guide) - Assembling the electronics. 
1) Override IC: Used to control the buffer pump and to disconnect the furnace from the sorting. 
d0 – Pump between fuel and buffer tank. 
d1 – Buffer tank 
d2 – (Optional) Override Lever 
d3 , d4 , d5 (optional) Sorting ICs 
2) Memory: stores ingot setting. labeled smem. 
3) Hash IC: Controls the interface. 
d0- Selection Dial 
d1- Button 
d2- Memory 
d3- The amount dial 
d4- The amount led display 
4) Furnace IC: Control furnace operations 
d0- Advanced furnace 
d1- Coolant pump 
d2- Fuel pump 
d3- Memory 
d4- Hash IC 
5) Control IC: Manages the other ICs and controls the indicator led. 
d0- Advanced furnace 
d1- Memory 
d2- Amount led display 
d3- Led light 
d4- Hash IC 
d5- Selection Dial 
6) Selection Dial: Used to select ingot. 
7) Amount Dial: Used to dial the amount to be made. 
8) Button: To confirm the selection. 
9) Led Display: Display the amount of ingots to be smelted. 
10) Led Light: show the furnace’s state. 
Green: Ready to use. 
Yellow: Running. 
Red: Error, usually means there is not enough ores in the silos to fulfill the request. 
11) Consol: displays the current selection. 

Adding the sorting system

Follow my sorting system guide to learn how to setup the Silos with sorters I will skip that step here, it is fairly straight forward. 
Stationeers - Sorting - Fetching - Smelting (Setup Guide) 
To hook up the sorting system to the furnace we need to add 3 ICs on the same network as the other ones, if you need to have them be on a different power network then you could use logic mirrors to copy the memory state and the amount state to set them as pins for the sorting ICs. 
Painted grey in the layout photo the 3 sorting ICs will each be covering 3 silos except for one that handles 4. 
Refer to the sorting guide for the pins on the 3 ICs they are the same, however the code is not the same, you can’t use the same code here. 
You can add a lever and the sorting ICs to the Override IC to disconnect them from the furnace Controls by using the lever, Pulled=disconnected. 
Important Note: You must use these IC codes not the ones from the previous guide. 

How to operate

Use the selection dial to choose the ingot you want to make and the amount dial to set how many of that ingot you want to make, hit the button to confirm the selection and the amount. if the sorting system hooked up the ores needed will be requested from the silos if they are not hooked up and in manual use you can use the lever to eject the content of the furnace and reset the operation or otherwise the furnace will auto eject when the correct amount inside the chamber has been reached. 
The indicator led light will be green indicating that its idle and ready to use and yellow when its operating and red if there is not enough ores in the silos to run the selected amount of ingots. 
the override lever can be used to stop the silos from sending ores to the furnace and allow for manual use. 

End Notes

It is very important that you use the codes provided here and not the ones from my other guides since I made significant changes to all of them. 
I have not tested this setup thoroughly with all possible scenarios, if you have any issues with it let me know and I will fix them. 
This is by far not the only way of doing it, I hope this setup is simple enough for anyone to use. therefore the furnace control IC does not use any equations to operate it runs on logic just to keep things within a small number of ICs. If you want an accurate build check out Nillso’s Co2 furnace or Elmotrix’s complex furnace setup. 
Huge Thanks to Risu for helping out with the codes. 
Example World save file: 

Written by Barsiel

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