Streets of Rogue – A Guide To Characters

Streets of Rogue – A Guide To Characters 1 -
Streets of Rogue – A Guide To Characters 1 -

Guide for Streets of Rogue – A Guide To Characters

New to the game and don’t know which character you should pick?
Going for big quests while wanting to do as little work as possible?
Wanna teach a friend but you’re too lazy to do so?
Want all the best tips from a streets of rogue pro?
This is the right guide for you!

Slum Dweller

The Slum Dweller is the first character you see, you even see him in the tutorial. 
Slum Dweller levels up quickly 
Extra traits to choose from when leveling up 
When leveling up a random stat gains a point 
Stats are relativity weak compared to others on start 
Doesn’t start with any weapons meaning you’ll have to engage in a few fist fights with someone who has more stats than you and a weapon at the beginning of the game meaning the start is a bit brutal 
Big Quest: 
Moving on up 
The Slum Dweller’s big quest is to make a payment of 50$ per level meaning it’s rather easy as you can sell items or kill enough people and take their money 
Shapeshifters help this big quest a lot as when you kill them they drop about 100$, a telltale sign is that people who are being controlled by a Shapeshifter is that their eyes are red, be careful because unless you have speed 4 or a gun it will be hard to kill, especially if they go off screen 
One thing to do when getting a weapon is to punch a guy with a weapon I.E a bat or a knife and have him chase you, when you find someone you think can kill him, maybe a shopkeeper with a goon, a group of gangsters or someone with a gun and walk right inside of him, wait for the person to punch whoever else you chose to kill him and watch them fight, once whoever you chose is dead pick up their stuff. 

The Soldier

The Soldier is one of the starting characters. 
Pros: Starts with a machine 
Able to sustain his amount of bullets with an item called Kill Ammunizer, every 3 kills you get replenishes a certain amount of bullets, a normal npc’s health ranges around 20-30 hp. 
Really to easy to play. 
Good through out the game 
Great Stats 
None that I can think of, leave a comment below if you can think of one. 
Stats: Endurance: 2/4. Speed: 2/4. Melee: 3/4. Ranged: 4/4 
Strategies: the machine gun works best with small burst when fighting 1-3 people, when you’re being chased by mobs of people you’ve pissed off I.E Cops (Especially on the last 3 floors) Just Spray and Pray, if your mob is big enough then you should be able to have the bullets replenish due to the Kill Ammunizer to help with killing. 
Big Quest: Power Struggle. Every sub floor there are generators, its your job to destroy all the generators, the quest gets harder in the 5th floor because there are upper crusters when they see and maybe hear the explosion will call the cops on you, cops and property owners will also get mad at you if they see you do it or near, which will be hard to avoid because lots of people are attracted to the very loud bang 
Tips: The two traits GP-Yes (the name is something like that) and Locked and Loaded will help you a lot, Gp-Yes will help you find the generators while Locked and Loaded will replenish a certain percentage of all bullets across all guns per sub floor 

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